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Are Eagles fans really the worst?

Philadelphia Eagles fans have always had a nasty reputation. But why is that? Why is it that throughout the country, fans of the Eagles are regarded as nasty, mean, and as bad fans?

I am horribly offended by his idea that we have the worst fans in all of sports. In no other city do people root as hard, cheer as loudly, or invest as much in terms of time and emotions into their sports teams as do the people of the great city of Philadelphia. When the Eagles lose, the city goes into a week-long depression until the next game starts the following week. Aside from the Chicago Cubs, who have gone over 100 years without winning any sort of championship, what other team's fans have endured as much hardship and hard times as the Eagles' fans have over the last 60 years, since their last title (which wasn’t even called the Super Bowl at that time)? How many fans have stuck by their team, not just through the winning seasons, but through the losing ones as well? I ask you, how many people in New England gave much of a damn about the Patriots before they won their first Super Bowl seven years ago? Even more, how many people cared about them the year between the Super Bowls, when they went 7-9 and failed to even reach the playoffs?

I will concede that over the years, a few rowdy fans have given Philadelphia a bad reputation. There are certain things in the past that have not in any way been acts of good sportsmanship. But tell me this: Are we the only city in America that has ever done something stupid? Why hasn't Detroit gotten a bad rep after the infamous NBA incident a few months ago? Why is Philadelphia singled out every time as being the worst, most classless fans and the dregs of the sports society?

Well, let people think what they want about Philadelphia. Those from this great city know the truth and know that they would do anything and everything if it only meant a victory for their favorite team.

The "worst fans in all of sports" don't really care what anybody else thinks. They also happen to have the thickest skin of any sports fans in the nation and amongst all the criticism we have received over many, many, many years, nothing will ever end their love for their sports teams. Nothing.


  1. Fans from Phili are the worst. I dont care what others say, they are brutal and flat out obnoxious. Hate going to Eagles games to watch the Packers play.

  2. "How many fans have stuck by their team..." I don't consider consistently booing your own team "sticking by" them