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Eagles Sign Sean Jones

By John McClain

The signing of safety Sean Jones over the weekend is two faced as is much of what the Eagles do. Congrats, you have replaced your safety position. First, looking at the deal isolated from everything else; not bad. Sean Jones is a nice player. He’s third in the league over the last three years among safeties with 14 picks and definitely has some talent. Former Georgia Bulldog, former Cleveland Browns second round pick Jones has done some nice things and hopefully will continue to do so with the Birds. He will presumably take over the spot vacated by Brian Dawkins.

Looking at the deal in contrast with this front office history and the melodrama of this off season it’s just blah. None of this is the fault of Sean Jones but he will be expected to come in and replace a legend. To replace a future Hall of Famer who has been the leader of this defense for the past thirteen years. Fans will expect him to produce and play like Dawk immediately and consistently.

The deal was unnecessary. If you feel that Sean Jones is the answer for the future more power to you. Make the move the benefits the team. Jones got a one year deal for about 3 million. How does one year of Sean Jones make the Eagles closer to the Super Bowl versus having Dawkins for another year or so? It is hard to believe that Dawkins would not have accepted 2 years 8 million from the Eagles.

The flip side is that if Sean Jones excels he is likely to jump ship for a multi year deal the following off season, so a stop gap none the less. Jones signed a similar deal to what Sean Barber did in 2002. Coming off an injury, and not getting much attention in free agency he signed a one year deal with hopes of performing and parlaying it into a multi year deal. Barber produced and got years and guarantees from Kansas City the next year. The Eagles aren’t likely to resign a 28 year old free agent who is likely to command big dollars on the open market which is what Sean Jones will be after a successful year.

Why does it seem like Andy and company go through this song and dance every year?

There is no urgency, not in the games or the off season to get to the next level. The way they run a two minute drill is the way the Eagles approach everything. One of the premiere players in franchise history is a free agent. Not a big deal. The Eagles just put a band aid on it. Both offensive tackles are free agents. The Eagles sign Stacey Andrews and prepare to let both Jon Runyan and Tra Thomas walk.

The frustration that comes with following the team comes from the lack of urgency this organization show. And it’s nothing new. Hugh Douglas, Carlos Emmons, Jeremiah Trotter, Ike Reese, Sean Barber, Jermaine Mayberry, Terrell Owens. All these players were let go for various reasons, whose positions were replaced a year late or filled with various stop gaps and band aids.

Sean Jones is the newest Eagle. The next Brian Dawkins, Sean Barber or Dhani Jones.

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