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Eagles state of the franchise

By: Doug Martin

My thoughts today on the eagles are very sporadic as the organization may be going in a number of different ways. The eagles are very confidential, so it’s practically impossible to know what they are really thinking. There is one very trusty media source in the NFL and that is Mr. John Clayton. He claims the Eagles are going to pull off a blockbuster deal within the next 2 weeks. Reason being: they simply have way to much cap room and draft picks to just sit pretty. So I’m going to speculate here as to what Clayton might be talking about. Let’s start with the most important position on the field, the quarterback.. Thru my eyes I see Donovan as the 7th best quarterback in the N. F. L. This is two slots behind Denver’s Jay Cutler, who came out last night and requested a trade. However, Denver does not want draft picks for Jay. They want a solid quarterback who can play right now. Donovan is exactly that guy and he could be reunited with Brian Dawkins and General Correll Buck halter. Obviously the Kevin Kolb situation than becomes very iffy and is pretty much a waste of an early draft pick. However, we as eagles fans have become very accustomed to wasting early draft picks so this is no big deal right? In addition to Donovan though Denver is going to want something else. Maybe Omar Gaither or Winston justice (haha) or possibly they’d settle with us throwing in a 3rd and fifth rounder in this year’s draft. Sounds pretty good to me. We trade the aging Mcnabb and some picks for one of the best up and coming quarterbacks in the league.

Now that we have the quarterback position locked down for the next 8 or 9 years so let’s look at what other positions need some improvement. Since this is Philadelphia of course next we will talk everyone’s favorite position: wide receiver. My solution to this age old problem is fairly simple. One of the greatest wide receivers of all time was cut by the St. Louis rams a few days ago and I think this is exactly what we need. Torry holt is a crafty veteran position receiver who keeps his mouth shut and gets the job done. He also catches every ball that’s thrown his way. With the addition of Holt, we would have 3 of the top 35 receivers in the league ( Desean Jackson and Kevin Curtis would be the other 2 ). This would shape up our core very nicely and we would still have hammerin’ Hank Baskett and Mr. 3rd down Jason Avant.
The other glaring holes are a blocking tight end, Westbrooks successor at running back and a fullback. We might as well forget about the fullback position as Reid and Co. don’t value the position at all. Some people are probably screaming right now, “What about the offensive line?”. Well I’m choosing the optimistic approach and banking on the health of the Andrews brothers. So how do we address the 2 remaining holes? With the two 1st round picks we have. We take Knowshon Moreno at 21 and than Brandon Pettigrew at 28. Pretty simple, case closed.

I feel like on defense were pretty much set as the Eagles were the 3rd best defense in the NFL. The offense is what needs to be improved. It’s a shame because the Eagles have the cap room and draft picks to make all of this happen but we all know that they won’t go out and do all these things. Come opening day we will still have a few glaring holes that good coaches will expose. Management will continue to give us the same old, “We are just a few players short of a championship” speech. The difference between my philosophy and the eagles is simple. What is your ultimate goal? My ultimate goal along with the hundreds of thousands of fans that bleed green 365 days a year is to win as many games as possible including a super bowl. The Eagles ultimate goal being the corporation that it is to make as much money as possible. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about this, as these are always the main incentives in a capitalistic structure. So I think I’ll just go have a cheese steak and hope for the best. E - A-G -L -E- S EAGLES!

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