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Eagles Need Guidance Before They Fly

I expect great things from the Eagles this year, just like I have the year before this, and the one before that. They have about as talented a roster as I can remember. They are extremely explosive, with newcomers Maclin and McCoy not letting opponents catch their breath when DeSean Jackson and Brian Westbrook come off the field. The offensive line remains sturdy and huge. The defense has one of the best shut down corners in recent memory in Asante Samuels. Trent Cole and Darren Howard are tenacious in their pass rush, and the linebacking core is solid. McNabb has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league for the past decade.

But they lost one part that could be vital. Brian Dawkins. The intense unquestionable leader of a defense that was feared throughout the league is now in Denver. It leaves possibly the only void that we need filled.

After watching the NBA finals I realized what change came over Kobe Bryant to take a step forward and win the title. He became a leader. He was intense, he seized moments instead of blaming teammates or falling into the background. It’s what Tom Brady has done in New England; it’s what Michael Jordan used to do in Chicago. To become great is to be accountable, and right now the Eagles need someone to keep them accountable. It doesn’t necessarily mean calling them out publicly, as we’ve seen that as a destructive behavior (read: Terrell Owens), but it does mean that other players hold each other accountable in the locker room. To expect greatness from each other and themselves.

Donovan McNabb should and still can be that leader for the Eagles. For too long he’s been an immensely talented player that has allowed other’s on the offense to make drops and seem okay with the result. He would rather just get another receiver like Boldin or a Houshmandzadeh. The receivers on this team will be just fine if you expect them to be great, make them accountable. McNabb needs to get on his O-Line if they’re failing to protect him, or failing to open holes. There are no excuses with this much talent. It’s his team, and if the Eagles are to fly, they need him to become the intense passionate leader he’s capable of, or else they’ll stay grounded.

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