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No Boldin? No Problem

By: C.J. Hecht

Despite the majority of the Philadelphia Eagle fan population clamoring for the team to make a move to acquire disgruntled WR Anquan Boldin, sometimes the moves that aren’t made prove to be the difference makers. Recently, it had been reported that the Eagles offered a third round pick and disgruntled CB Sheldon Brown to the Cardinals in exchange for Boldin. That’s a reasonable a deal; maybe a bit of a low ball offer, but still not a bad starting point for negotiation. The Cardinals refused the Birds’ proposal, however, and the Eagles will be thanking themselves in the future that discussions never went any further.

 Despite how much of a playmaker that Boldin is, he also comes with plenty of baggage. It’s not every day that you see a wide receiver pleading to be traded from a team that came within seconds of culminating an improbable season with their first Vince Lombardi Trophy and first NFL Championship since 1960.

Philadelphia saw how Terrell Owens worked out for the Eagles. Initially, there were a lot of results, and at the end there were a lot of sit-ups and badmouthing. Now Boldin isn’t a mirror image of Owens because no one could every come close to T.O.’s distracted personality and antics, but he’s the same type of player with similar problems.

In 2004 the Eagles acquired Terrell Owens and the team fell to the New England Patriots 17-14 in Super Bowl 41. In 2005, the team stumbled to a 6-10 finish highlighted by the controversy of Owens with QB Donovan McNabb. As we all know, the team went on to suspend him only a couple of games into the season and released him months later. Although the signing of big time playmakers can be beneficial at first, problems almost are sure to come. Just ask the New York Giants, the latest victim of the playmaking receiver trap.

                The Eagles originally had possession of two first round draft picks, one being at 21 and the other at 28. The 28th pick was packaged together to acquire Pro Bowl LT Jason Peters from the Buffalo Bills. Jason Peters does not make spectacular 75 yard touchdown catches, but anyone football expert also knows that if you have a choice between a Pro Bowl offensive lineman and a Pro Bowl receiver, you take the lineman. The offensive line is the anchor of your squad.

                The Birds were then left with one remaining pick in the first round after the trade with Buffalo and would not budge for Arizona’s delusional demands for a first round pick in exchanged for Boldin. It had even been rumored that they may have been seeking two first round picks, leading many to think the organization was creating an insatiable trade offer. This way they are able to tell Anquan Boldin and company that they tried, and still hold on to their to caliber receiver to play alongside perhaps the NFL’s best wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

 Say the Eagles packaged Sheldon Brown, a first round pick, and a fifth round pick to Arizona for Boldin. That would leave the Eagles without WR Jeremy Maclin, and perhaps TE Cornelius Ingram depending upon which fifth round pick the team traded; a steep price tag for the services of a player who demanded a trade from a team that reached Super Bowl 44 last year!

Recently, the situation got even more complicated as Boldin fired his agent Drew Rosenhaus. Ironically, Mr. Rosenhaus represents Terrell Owens as well. The simple inconvenience of dealing with Rosenhaus and his cantankerous reputation also had to be a consideration when the Eagles were deciding how much they were willing to give for Boldin. Perhaps Rosenhaus’ firing will make a trade to Philadelphia more likely, but I imagine the Eagles are completely content in beginning the season with their current roster. The team seems confident enough in their free agent signings and draft selections to move forward without acquiring a playmaking wide receiver yet again. This is not to say that the team would not jump at the opportunity to trade for Boldin if the price tag were to go down or, for example, make a move for Cleveland WR Braylon Edwards. These moves likely would have occurred already if they were going to be made.

                  With the Philadelphia Eagles now 4 years removed for the T.O. saga, the team is still struggling to find consistency after he shattered the chemistry of a talented locker room. Just now does it finally seem that the organization is regaining that chemistry, consistency, and swagger it maintained throughout the early years of this decade.

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  1. Good article, but I have to point out a couple things. The Super Bowl the Eagles lost to the Patriots was 39. The score was 24-21. I'm sure these were innocent mistakes. I'm just doing my job as an Eagles fan to make sure the story is completely accurate. :)