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Vick Signing a Good One

By Billy Gallagher
I want to fire off a few quick thoughts this morning about the new Mike Vick signing.
1) All the animal rights activists need to calm down.  Yes, what he did was terrible and I wouldn't want to be Vick's best friend but he served his sentence in prison and paid his debt to society, so leave him alone!  If commissioner Roger Goodell, who has been very tough on other NFL bad boys like Adam 'Pacman' Jones, Tony Dungy, one of the best people to come through the NFL in years, and Andy Reid believe Vick has changed, then so do I.
2) To all the fans who worry that we don't need another distraction, I think the amount of drama people think this signing will generate has been grossly overestimated.  PETA and other animal rights activists will probably make a lot of noise this week and the first week of his debut; other than that, I would not expect a circus all year.
3) In every free agent signing, you try to improve the team while not overspending or committing to too many years.  This was the perfect contract length for the Eagles.  It is not much money and is only one year with an option for a second year.  If Vick is in football shape and brings a new dynamic to the team, he could be a great weapon this season and either a great weapon next year as well or a trading chip for the offseason.  If he plays badly or is a distraction, the Eagles financial commitment to him is so small they can afford to bench and/or cut him.
4) For anyone out there who is worried about how this signing will affect Donovan (because we all know little Don-Don can get sensitive), check out this quote: “I pretty much lobbied to get him here,” McNabb said. “He’s no threat to me, not for Kolb. We had the opportunity to add another weapon to our offense.”  Notice McNabb said "weapon" not "quarterback".  No one can guess yet how Vick will exactly be used this year, but I think it is safe to assume he will not be standing under center and dropping back as a conventional QB.  The Eagles may choose to use him in the Wildcat formation, they may adopt a 2 QB package, its not quite clear yet.  But any situation in which the Eagles could spread the field with McNabb, Vick, Brian Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, and Jeremy Maclin would be incredibly difficult to stop.  The Birds will have so much speed on the field, and with two mobile quarterbacks in the backfield and speedy receivers, they can keep the defenses guessing all day.  This could even improve our goal line situation, where space is limited and having two quarterbacks could throw defenses off just enough for McNabb or Vick to either run it in or toss a TD.  It definitely improves our big play capability and for a very low risk, this is a great signing.

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