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Eagles have long way to fly

By Benjamin Baney

Pre-Season Review

Like most pre-seasons I've watched, I really have no idea what to expect from the Eagles this year. Football is one sport where it's so hard to predict from week to week due to the fact that your exposure to the team is limited to one day of the week. Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey all play multiple times a week so you can see both upward and downward trends over the season. But football the ability to improve is limited only to practices and not the games. And so even between now and game time the Eagles can get vastly better without us watching it happen. That said, my expectations for the first game are not particularly high.

At first glance I have been expecting an extremely explosive and high octane offense, with plenty of speed at the skill positions. McNabb completed just 60% of his passes, not a particularly great number when most of his throws should be easy completions under 10 yards. LeSean McCoy had a long rush of 16 and averaged just 3.3 yards a rush.

The defense seems to be even further behind. New England and Indianapolis, who both granted have fantastic weapons absolutely just put on clinics against our starters. I thought Asante Samuel was getting beat too easily by players who I would have assumed he'd eat for breakfast.
The defense had moments where you could see them being a great unit but they aren't there yet.

Week 1 Preview

In this first matchup against the Panthers, who run the ball behind an outstanding offensive line and have an up and coming running back in DeAngelo Williams. The Panthers failed to win a game this pre-season but are notorious for flying under the radar and physically just beating up a team.

Look for the team that gets an early lead to hold on to it. If the eagles get off to a good start and pull ahead by two or three scores Carolina doesn't have the firepower to keep up. However if the Eagles offense sputters and there are one or two 3-and-outs in a row the running game of Carolina will probably tire out the Eagles defense.

In the end I still feel that the Eagles have just too much firepower for Carolina who at this point I just see as too old and slow in the passing game.

Final Score

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