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NFL Week 2 2009

By: Nick Popyack

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       After an offseason of shifting and shuffling among rosters and coaching staffs, we finally saw which teams hit and which teams missed. Actually, there were few teams that looked convincing in their wins. Though these first few games may tell nothing about the season as an entirety, it certainly hints at what will happen next week. Here’s Week 2.

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans
[Sunday 1:00]

       After struggling against the Ravens-esque defense of the Jets, things won’t get much easier for Matt Schaub and the Texans. The Titans showed that their defense hasn’t lost much with the departure of Albert Haynesworth, and nearly beat the Steelers in the season opener. The Texans face another powerful rushing team, and whether or not they can stop it will decide the outcome of this one. I like the team that’s had a few more days to prepare for this game.
Tennessee Titans

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles
[Sunday 1:00]

       Drew Brees was on fire against the Lions. Oh, maybe THAT’S why he threw for 358 yards and 6 touchdowns. The league’s best passing team in 2008 was one of the more impressive teams last week, though it should not be overlooked that they were playing against the worst defense in the league. They’ll have a much more difficult time matching up with the Eagles defense, lead by Sean McDermott. The Eagles defense looked spectacular against a good offense, but their own offense may be in trouble. Their success hinges on how well McNabb can play with a fractured rib, or how well Kolb will do stepping in. Oh yeah, and if Kolb doesn’t execute, he has 4-time Pro Bowl QB Jeff Garcia ready to take his place. If the Eagles defense can keep Drew Brees contained, the Eagles will win. For now, however, with the Eagles quarterback position in question, I’m taking the Saints.
New Orleans Saints

Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars
[Sunday 1:00]

       The NFC champions from last year sure didn’t play the part in their loss to the 49ers. They scored only 16 points in their regular season debut after sweeping the division last year. However, they did a great job on the defensive side of the ball, holding a mainly rushing team to 21 yards on 25 attempts. That is good news for Cardinals fans and bad news for Maurice Jones-Drew and his team. If the Jaguars can’t run the ball, I doubt David Garrard will be able to help them out. The Cardinals should rebound next week.
Arizona Cardinals

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs
[Sunday 1:00]

       I think everyone was surprised by both of these teams last weekend. If you stayed up to watch the Raiders play on Monday, you saw them completely dominate the Chargers on both their offensive line and their defensive line. If you watched the Chiefs play, you saw their back up quarterback have a near perfect day against a very tough Baltimore defense. Needless to say, it looks [after the first week of play, that is] like both teams are headed in the right direction, despite them both losing. This makes it very hard to pick a winner to this game. Ultimately, I think it’ll be decided by the play of the quarterbacks, and I don’t think Jamarcus Russell will be able to consistently make good throws in a game that he will need to do so.
Kansas City Chiefs

Cincinnati Bengals @ Green Bay Packers
[Sunday 1:00]

       What a terrible way to lose a game. A deflected 87 yard pass for a touchdown gave the Bengals their first loss of the year, and Carson Palmer didn’t look like himself until his final drive. The Packers, however, got a great lift as their 3-4 conversion appeared to be a success, and surely would have won by a larger margin if not for a blown call on defensive illegal contact. Their defense harassed Cutler for the entire night, and Palmer will certainly have his hands full. The defense that gets to the quarterback will win the game for their team, and right now, I feel good about Packers.
Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions
[Sunday 1:00]

       Well, what did you expect from a team that didn’t win a single game last year? Now their streak extends to 0-18, dating all the way back to 2007, and it doesn’t look like they’ll get much of a chance against the Vikings. The Saints, definitely not known for their rushing game, ran for 157 yards against the new, not very improved Lions defense. Give them time, though, and they’ll find their stride. Not against Adrian Peterson, however, who ran for 180 yards and 3 TDs last week.
Minnesota Vikings

St. Louis Rams @ Washington Redskins
[Sunday 1:00]

       If you followed my posts last year, you might remember me saying I thought the Rams were the worst team last year; worse than the Lions, even. They did little to convince me otherwise against the Seahawks, and failed to score a single point. On top of that, their defense didn’t do anything impressive besides intercept a quarterback that’s still getting back into the rhythm of his offense after missing 9 games last year. The Redskins, on the other hand, had flashes of brilliance against a good team, but couldn’t make it happen in the end. This week, they’ll get their offense back in sync.
Washington Redskins

New England Patriots @ New York Jets
[Sunday 1:00]

       This game should be interesting to say the least. Against the Bills, the Patriot defense was overwhelmed by a no huddle attack, and only a Bills miscue on a kick return saved the Patriots from defeat. As for the Jets, they had one of the more convincing wins last week and shut down the high-flying Texans offense. Mark Sanchez looked good and so did their running game. There’s no doubt that Rex Ryan is following the formula that made both Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan successful as rookies, which means a lot of running the ball and play-action passing. I sincerely think this is going to be a close one, but I’m going to go with defense this week.
New York Jets

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons
[Sunday 1:00]

       Jake Delhomme has given Panthers fans few reasons to believe he deserved that five year, $42.5 million contract extension. In his last two games, he has turned the ball over 11 times [9 interceptions, 2 fumbles] and has a quarterback rating of 31.0. I know the Panthers aren’t known for their passing game, but this is ridiculous. Even Steve Smith looked out of sync, and their running game couldn’t produce either. Atlanta, on the other hand, clicked on all cylinders and soundly beat the Dolphins. Facing a confused Panthers team, I expect their offense to dominate again.
Atlanta Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Buffalo Bills
[Sunday 4:05]

       Here we have the first meeting of two teams that fired their offensive coordinators in the days leading up to the ’09 season. What I didn’t expect was how well they’d do not having them, as the Bucs gained 450 yards and the Bills no-huddle attack provided long drives. The defense for the Bills looked great as well, besides in the final two minutes against the former MVP. This’ll be a close one, but I like the defense of the Bills in this one.
Buffalo Bills

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers
[Sunday 4:05]

       All of a sudden, the NFC West is a competitive division! Both teams are coming off of division wins, and both hope for another in this contest. While both teams won, there were more impressive things from the 49ers, as they went toe-to-toe with the NFC champion Cardinals and sustained a 4th quarter drive and preserved a 4th quarter lead to win the game. The Seahawks, though they shut out the opposing offense, played the Rams… Not as extraordinary. Both teams look to make a run at the playoffs this year, and this game could be crucial later on. I think this one will be a close one, and I like the play of an experienced quarterback in close ones.
Seattle Seahawks

Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers
[Sunday 4:15]

       The Chargers nearly lost a game that many, including myself, thought wouldn’t even be close, but came alive at the end of the game. Now, let me address the whole running back issue that has lit up the internet. While Darren Sproles certainly got more work towards the end of the game, he and LaDainian Tomlinson finished with the same number of touches [14], excluding kick returns. The reason Sproles got so much work at the end of the game was because he’s a better back in the accelerated offense the Chargers were running at that point in the game… And maybe LT was injured a bit. He’s still the guy in San Diego, but he might not play in this matchup. This brings up a strange matchup of the Chargers offense against the Ravens defense, which didn’t look good against the lowly Chiefs, a team that won only 2 games last year. This one is tough to determine, because the Ravens defense didn’t look good, but neither did the Chargers’. On pure gut, I’m going with the Chargers winning a close game.
San Diego Chargers

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Chicago Bears
[Sunday 4:15]

       Well, neither of these teams thought they’d be in this situation after the first game. The Madden curse has already taken Troy Polamolu for a few weeks, and Brian Urlacher is out for the season. On top of that, Jay Cutler threw 4 interceptions against the Packers. If you thought he’d perform better, just remember that Cutler was behind a better offensive line and had better receivers in Denver. Just saying. Anyway, the 3-4 scheme had Cutler out of sync all day and I expect the Steelers to keep him out of rhythm. Also, the Bears pass defense looked terrible, and Roethlisberger proved he was a capable quarterback when his running game was nonexistent. Both teams will keep going in their same respective directions.
Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Browns @ Denver Broncos
[Sunday 4:15]

       Pure luck won Kyle Orton his first game as a Denver Bronco. Without that play, there’s no way his team would have prevailed. But that’s all in the past, and we’re looking forward. The Browns really didn’t look good either, and this game looks like a low-scoring contest all the way. I honestly have no idea which team will do better, but I’ll say this: The Browns scored 20 points without any freak plays, and the Broncos scored 13 with one.
Cleveland Browns

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
[Sunday 8:20]

       After both these teams lost their best offensive playmakers in the offseason, they won their season openers with both offense and defense. Well, the defense of the Cowboys could use some work. They allowed 174 yards on the ground and failed to sack the quarterback after leading the league in sacks last year. The Giants defense, however, dominated and looks like an elite group. While the Cowboys usually do really well early in the year, I expect the Giants to thoroughly dominate on both sides of the ball. If they can’t get to Tony Romo on defense, however, it’ll be a different story. Right now, I’m going with one of the deepest defensive lines in the league.
New York Giants

Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins
[Monday 8:30]

       Neither of these teams showed any signs that they were worthy to play on Monday Night Football last week. Last year’s MVP only produced 14 points, and the most exciting offense in the NFL a year ago produced only 7. Needless to say, both teams need to get back on track fast. Both teams will need to protect well on offense, as the Dolphins have Joey Porter and the Colts have Dwight Freeney. Which ever team can pressure the quarterback more will win this game. I’m going with Peyton Manning to shine in the spotlight as he most usually does.
Indianapolis Colts

Last week’s winner: Pat [13]

Season totals:

Pat: 13
Nick: 12
Kavik: 11

       Every week, I participate in 610 WIP’s “Suicide Pool”, in which you must pick a team every week that you think will win. The only catch is you can only pick each team once the entire season, meaning, if you last the entire season, you will have picked 17 different teams. Last week, my pick was:

Week 1 Suicide Pick: San Diego Chargers

Fantasy Football: The story of Team Nate Kaeding [0-1]

       Alright, this is an embarrassing story that is too good to keep to myself. As you may know, I play fantasy football. Minutes prior to the live draft, I decided to put the top 5 or so players I’d want to get in each position in this “queue” that the ESPN draft allow you to have, in this order: RB, QB, WR, TE, D/ST, K. The queue is really handy so you don’t forget about players and if you want to rank players yourself, and will automatically pick the top player in your queue if you do not draft another player in your time slot.
       Anyway, I had just finished putting my kickers into the lineup when my pick, 9th overall, was next. The text above my queue read: “Auto-pick would be RB Chris Johnson”. So what did I do? I clicked “Draft Player”. Foolish me.
       I was completely shocked, as were the rest of the people in the draft room, when Chris Johnson was still on the board, and K Nate Kaeding wasn’t. In the heat of the moment, I had forgotten to deselect the kicker I had just put into my queue. And so, Team Nate Kaeding was born. Below is the rest of my draft, and I’ll update my success [or lack of] each week.

Week 1: Started Shaub instead of Ryan, and didn’t start Ward. It didn’t matter, as I lost, 131-39.

Draft Order
Round 1: K Nate Kaeding [SD]
Round 2: RB LaDainian Tomlinson [SD]
Round 3: RB Steven Jackson [STL]
Round 4: WR Roddy White [ATL]
Round 5: QB Matt Schaub [HOU]
Round 6: TE Greg Olsen [CHI]
Round 7: QB Matt Ryan [ATL]
Round 8: WR Santana Moss [WAS]
Round 9: RB Derrick Ward [TB]
Round 10: WR Antonio Bryant [TB]
Round 11: WR Lance Moore [NO]
Round 12: RB Le’Ron McClain [BAL]
Round 13: RB Fred Taylor [NE]
Round 14: D/ST Redskins [WAS]
Round 15: WR Josh Morgan [SF]
Round 16: D/ST Texans [HOU]

       For those of you unfamiliar to my blog, I post every week on Eaglesmix and my Facebook page. Thanks for your support!

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