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Beast of the Least?

By Benjamin Baney

Well two conference games in and a third tonight have left many Eagle fans still wondering; are the Eagles this good, or are the Giants and Redskins that terrible? The Washington game seemed to be full of mistakes and left many opportunities for the Redskins, who then failed miserably to take advantage. For a team that is going to compete for a championship it was hard to watch some of the sloppy play. That being said, the talent difference was clear and it was still a relatively easy win. At no point did I think the Eagles were not in control and could not sure things up.

Following that was a complete demolition of the Giants who seem to be lost on defense letting DeSean Jackson roam free often. Yes DeSean is fast, and ran a heck of route to get open on the 54 yard bomb he got but that safety was completely out of position to allow a player in the NFL to slow up and still not have anyone within ten yards of him. I was excited however that they kept a downhill running back from going downhill. Jacobs, with the exception of his first run, was almost a non-factor. They played physical and dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides. averaging nearly 8 yards a play on 49 plays speaks to the fact that the giants defense could neither defend the run or pass. In the NFL, you need to at least have the ability to shut down something, and right now NY is struggling with everything on defense.

This week brings Dallas, who I believe could be trouble. With their last two wins coming in dominant fashion as well, and putting up some big offensive numbers sloppy tacking or gap assignments can turn into touchdowns quickly. But again questions remain for Dallas. Miles Austin has shown for two games he can be a weapon but still a rookie he could give subtle tells to his routs and with two veteran corners I don't think he will be a huge factor in this game. Romo, likes to try and make plays outside the pocket, but as long as the defense maintains their assignments it typically leads to Romo turning the ball over. Dallas really only has one great player on defense in DeMarcus Ware, but he's a beast. Probably the second best or best pass rusher in the NFL along with Jared Allen. He has a motor and he has tremendous physical skills. Newsome is pesky, but he's better on bigger recievers i believe, not the fast speed and quickness that the Eagles should be able to bring.

If both teams play well, not missing tackles, blocking assignments, etc. then it could be a great game, but if both the Eagles play like they did against Oakland and Washington, or Dallas reverts back to a team without an identity like they had early in the year we will be asking ourselves if the NFC East is really an elite division in the NFL, and if being in the division will adequately prepare a team to play against a New Orleans, Indianapolis, or Minnesota.

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