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BY Nick Scala
This offseason for the Eagles will be much like the last; despite all the moves in the front office the two most familiar faces of the franchise will remain the same, Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. Reid was given a contract extension through 2013. At the time of the extension, the Eagles had won four straight games with a record of 9-4 and it seemed as if they were rolling at the right time and looked to make a deep run into the playoffs and perhaps appear at the ever elusive Super Bowl. They would go on to win 6 straight and then be dismantled by the rival Cowboys in the season closer with a first round bye at stake. They ended with a respectable 11-5 record (2nd best record in Reid era behind the 13-3 record in which the Eagles made an appearance in the Super Bowl) unless you consider all 11 wins coming to non-playoff teams respectable, and 4 of 5 losses coming to the competition that awaited them in the post season.
So you could pretty much guess what happened. The birds got blasted 34-14 in the wildcard round against the same opponent that beat them 24-0 a week earlier and 20-16 in a home game in week 6 of the regular season. Obviously the better team won….. all three times! McNabb will be entering the last year on his contract, a contract that was renegotiated so he’d be making more money this season, which means one of two things. He will be traded this offseason or he’ll receive another extension, or worst possible scenario for Donovan, he will actually play out the rest of his contract with the team which is very rare, and would leave him uncertain of his future especially considering there is a strong chance that no football will be played in 2011-12.
Many decisions await the Eagles in this offseason and perhaps the biggest will be what to do at QB. Everyone in Philly has his or her own opinion. Whether it’s trade McNabb and start 3 year backup Kevin Kolb or continue one more season with McNabb under center, in our minds, ultimately providing the same outcome next season, one step short. And perhaps if you’ve looked at next year’s schedule which includes Indy, Minnesota, Green Bay, Tennessee, Houston and the always tough NFC east, a few steps short. Yet in the back of my mind I wouldn’t want McNabb to go to Arizona or Minnesota because those teams would be legitimate Super Bowl contenders and would be in the Eagles conference. In saying that, the Eagle’s problems do not reside at QB, although he could be better at times, nor with the coaches, although they could call more run plays at times, but in the rest of the roster that was self proclaimed via Jeff Lurie to be the most talented in all of the NFL last preseason. Go tell that to the Saints or Colts!
Are you confused yet? Good, that makes two of us and the whole city of Philly as to what the answer is. So let’s see if Reid, who is getting his 13th crack at this thing can come up with one in the ever important offseason!

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