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CB Asomugha Part of a McNabb Package?

McNabb and Samuel for Asomugha and Picks?
By Lance Epstein

Each passing minute and hour, the Donovan McNabb trade rumors get juicier and juicier. According to Profootballtalk.com's Mike Florio, a "tipster," who has build a reliable reputation with the web site for delivering quality tips (usually come to fruition) has delivered an interesting trade scenario between the Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders.

The tipster is reporting that McNabb and starting Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel will be sent to Oakland, while the Eagles would receive All-Pro cornerback Nmandi Asomugha. The site did not confirm whether a trade offer like this has been made, but did assume that the Eagles would would try to be replaced Samuel with disgruntled corner Sheldon Brown.

For the Raiders, getting McNabb and Samuel would be a nice deal for them. McNabb can replace first-round bust Jamarcus Russell at quarterback. McNabb might actually be able to help salvage his career by taking him under his wing.

As for the Raiders acquiring Samuel for Asomugha, they would be downgrading from possibly the best cornerback in the league to only a top 5 corner in the league. While that does not seem like that much of a downgrade, Asomugha is still head and shoulders better then Samuel.

Asomugha can make a tackle, cover any type of receiver (whether short and speedy or Larry Fitzgerald/Andre Johnson types) and eliminates half the field on Sunday. As for Samuel, he has a knack for the big play, but gambles too much and is not a very good tackler.

One of the main reasons that this trade makes sense for the Eagles is that Samuel refused to listen to defensive coordinator, Sean McDermott, during the playoff game against Dallas and down the stretch of the season. There might be more going on behind the scenes with Samuel then has been let on.

Another reason Samuel's might be included in the trade discussions is that teams have figured him out and are picking on him. In the last three games of the season, teams consistently threw bubble or screen passes to his side of the field. Teams knew Samuel did not like to step up, be physical and make a tackle. Those plays lead to huge chunks of yards and the defense was forced to be on the field for long periods of time.

However, PFT.com is probably right, unless the Eagles are going to get a draft pick in the first two rounds from Oakland, they will try to get Brown to replace Samuel. Remember Brown went to the media with his demand for a new contract or be traded last off-season. This probably did not sit well with the Eagles hierarchy.

Furthermore, Brown is going to be 31 next season (Eagles look to be getting rid of anyone over the age of 30), and his play over the course of the last two seasons during the playoffs and stretch run have not been inspiring. Additionally, head coach Andy Reid has said the Eagles have be entertaining offers for Brown.

If the trade is indeed McNabb and Samuel for Asomugha, the Eagles are not the winners in this deal. Yes, Asomugha is the best player in the deal, but McNabb and Samuel together are worth more than what they are getting back. Samuel and McNabb are no slouches, they both were Pro Bowl players this past season.

Moreover, Asomugha is owed $16.8 million in 2011, which is a big cap number if the new collective bargaining agreement institutes a salary cap.

In order for this trade to include McNabb and Samuel, the Raiders are most likely going to have to give up a first (they traded their 2011 first round pick away to the Patriots for Richard Seymour) or second round pick.

My thinking is that there are three scenarios on how this trade would go down. Scenario "A" is if Oakland agrees to send the eighth overall pick in this years draft. Then the Eagles will most likely send their second or third round (probably have to give up their third rounder acquired from Seattle) draft pick back to the Raiders.

Now scenario "B" is if the Raiders throw in their second round pick, Philadelphia most likely will not have to include any picks.

On the other hand, scenario "C" is if the Eagles slip Brown in the package instead of Samuel, the trade might be straight up McNabb and Brown for Asomugha.

If I am the Eagles, I would be pressing hard for scenario "A". While Samuel is a better cornerback then Brown, you can do a lot with the eighth pick in the draft. Philadelphia could take Florida cornerback Joe Haden, who might be the best pure cover corner in the draft. Pairing him with Asomugha would make a great tandem for years.

Moreover, the Eagles could let Haden gradually catch on over the course of the year and slowly eliminate Brown from the picture.

The Eagles could finally replace Brian Dawkins the ultra talented Eric Berry, who looks to be a star-in-the-making at safety.

Of course, Reid could select either Jason Pierre-Paul or Derrick Morgan, the two best defensive end prospects in the entire draft. Another direction they could go is to take a offensive tackle that falls to them.

Not only that, the Eagles could do multiple things with the 24th overall pick as well. They could trade back and acquire more picks. Or they could take the best available player like an Idaho's Mike Iupati or Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson (based on if they do not select Haden).

Right now this trade is purely speculation, but Asomugha would improve the Eagles defense dramatically. Also and may be more importantly for the franchise, it makes Kevin Kolb the quarterback of now and of the future.

UPDATE: Profootballtalk.com is reporting that the Eagles want at least a top 42 pick for McNabb.

Update 2: Sports Night's Derrick Gunn is reporting the Niners are interested in McNabb. Yesterday I reported it makes a ton of sense for them to get involved in this. They have 2 first rounders, their regular picks. Plus they get McNabb they are a legit Super Bowl contender. I expect he Niners to be very aggressive.

1 comment:

  1. I like scenario A, but how but scenario like G where the trade is as reported but the Raiders give up and throw in Russel. I know people think he is a bust and he probably is but I would still like to see what he can do outside of toxic Oakland.