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Fargas Not Expect to Sign Today

Fargas Press Conference Quotes, Not Signing Today

By Lance Epstein

According to Philadelphia Daily News reporter Les Bowen the seventh-year running back Justin Fargas is not signing with the Eagles on Friday. Despite Fargas stating numerous times in his press conference his desire to leave Oakland and play for a Super Bowl contender.

Fargas, 30, as rushed for 3,369 yards and 10 touchdowns with the Raiders. In his tenure in Oakland, Fargas led the team in rushing for three straight years. He is a former 2003 third round pick out of the University of Souther California.

Fargas plans to make more visits that his agent has set up before making his final decision.

UPDATE: Jeff McLane twitter page a league sources says the Eagles are unlikely to sign Fargas.

Here are the quotes from the press conference.

On the situation between he and the eagles:

"First off I am just excited about the opportunity. I had a good experience in Oakland some tough years but that chapter of my career is over. I am excited about what is to come. The opportunity to come here and play for the Eagles, the winning tradition, great tradition, great city, first class organization it would be nice if we could work out."

How tough was it to be on Oakland over the last seven years:

"I have nothing bad to say about my experience in Oakland. There were some tough years, some up and downs. A lot of crazy stuff happened, I have seen a lot, but I gave everything that I had to that organization and I am just looking forward to giving that same heart and dedication to my new team."

What teams have you visited with so far and plan on visiting with:

"Went to Kansas City briefly. Cleveland before I came here. And a few other teams I am looking at. I am taking my agents lead on that but I am here now and excited about this opportunity."

Are you going to be here the rest of the day, stay at the complex:

"I have been here most of the day since this morning. Meeting with all the coaches, taking a tour of the facilities, doing a physical and everything. So it has been good."

On the Raiders saying he failed a physical and what he has told teams:

"Well, I missed some time at the end of the season; the last two games. I was questionable for the last one (game) and they held me out. From there, the exit physical I didn’t pass it because I missed the last game. But I went for a recheck up there in Oakland and they said I was fine and clear. When they released me I was told it was strictly about money. That is where it stands."

What was the injury:

"A bruised knee."

How much of change is it for him to go from Oakland’s offense to the Eagles where they ask the running back to receive and run with the ball:

"They (Eagles) definitely use their running backs here to do multiple things. Put them in different formations and I am excited about that opportunity. The main thing in Oakland was I was a stationary back. I was in the backfield as a running back but I definitely have the ability to come out of the backfield and run routes and catch the ball. I am excited about the chance to do more than I did when I was in Oakland."

Talk about how hard he hits the hole and where that came from:

"I have always played the game the same way. Ever since I first started playing football. I really do not know how to play any other way but full speed and with all out effort. That is what you are going to get with me. I cannot be any other back. Every running back has their own style and the way they get the job done. I just have an aggressive style of running."

At 30 do you feeling like you still have a lot of mileage left considering backs at 30 usually hit a wall:

"I definitely have a lot of football left in me. I feel reenergized with this new opportunity before me. Like I said my chapter in Oakland closed but at the same time it has given me new life on my career. I am ready to have my best season ever and just make the most of my opportunity."

What has free agency been like:

"Well it has been a new process for me. I had the opportunity to explore free agency two or three years ago but I signed back with Oakland before free agency opened. So I didn’t go through the process. So it has been new. Kind of like college recruiting all over. A little bit. It is good to go see other organizations since I have only been apart of one for seven years. So it is good to see what else is out there. As far as the Philadelphia Eagles, I recognize that this is definitely a first-class organization. From the staff, players, coaches, facilities, everything is really nice here."

Where do you and the Eagles stand:

"Like I said I am following my agents lead. As far as what teams I am visiting and things like that. But I am excited about the opportunity here. Personally, I am hoping it will workout."

On the Eagles giving any indication of asking him to get back to them after his visits are complete:

"Yeah from what I understand they are excited about the possibility for me to be an Eagle. They feel like my style of play can fit in well here. This is known as a tough city , a tough team and I consider myself a tough running back. So it should be a good fit."

So why not just get it done:

Laughing by Fargas

Did he expect it to get a deal done when he was here:

"That would be nice. I have been on a lot of planes in the last few days and it can wear on you a little bit. But it is going to be tough to walk away from this situation because after seeing different teams and being here seeing how things are run here it is a special place. Hopefully it will workout."

On why Philadelphia is such a special place for players:

"One, it is a great city. The city has a lot to offer. From what I know and understand, the fans are the greatest fans; very supportive of the team, the expectations are high as they should be because Philly is a known winner. Always a contender. That is very important to me as far as going through this process and looking at other teams. I had seven tough years in Oakland and I want to compete for a championship. And that is an expectation here for the organization and from the fans here. So I want to be part of a winner."

On his role with the Eagles and what the organization told him:

"I will compete. I will compete to play with the other backs that we have. McCoy is a young back with a lot of potential. I think with some of my experience and things we could compliment each other. I can help him out anyway I can with my experience and by leading by example by the way that I work and approach the game. I get the chance to play with a Pro Bowl fullback in Weaver. As a tailback you have to be excited about that. A great offensive line, which should add to my production. It seems like a great opportunity."

On current Eagles players:

"I went to school and played with Mike Patterson and Winston Justice. You know the SC guys. I know a few others like Desean Jackson by just being in the Bay area while he was at Cal. Watching him play and watching how he developed as a pro has been exciting.

"I talked to Mike (Patterson) a little bit over the phone. He was telling me a little about the city and about the organization before I came out here."

On Jamarcus Russell struggles in Oakland:

"Jamarcus is a good player, great talent and just hasn’t had the success that I am sure he expected. The fans and the organization in Oakland had high expectation for him but I do not think he is done by any means. I wish him the best and the Oakland organization the best but I am moving on from there."

On the Oakland coaching situation(s) and how or if it took its toll on him:

"I don’t know. Seven years in Oakland I had five head coaches. And this will be my sixth coach and a news system so I can adapt easily. I think the key to developing a winning organization starts with stability at your head coaching position. You have had that here in Philly and been able to enjoy a lot of success. I am hoping to be apart of that."

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