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McNabb On The Move....To Niners?

Meeting Of the Minds On McNabb In Orlando?
By Lance Epstein

As the owners fly into Orlando today for the annual owner's meetings, the hot topic for the Eagles will not be whether there will be a change in overtime or a new collective bargaining agreement but if McNabb will be playing in Philadelphia for his 12th season.

Each part of the Eagles hierarchy-- Owner Jeffrey Lurie, head coach Andy Reid, GM Howie Roseman and president Joe Banner-- will be attending the meeting and discussing with other franchises about their complex quarterback situation.

While Reid has reiterated numerous times that he is happy with the current situation at quarterback and that McNabb being his starter in 2010, no one believes the Eagles will hold onto all three starting caliber quarterbacks.

Again logic says that with three quarterbacks each in the last year of their contracts that one of them will most likely be gone. Furthermore, this off-season rumors have swirled that Michael Vick, 29, has been shopped around the league for a second round pick.

In my opinion, they would be lucky to get a fourth round pick. But the Eagles are stubborn and might hold their third-string quarterback until training camp when a starting quarterback becomes injured.

Another rumor that has been reported this off-season is that members within the organization do not want McNabb back (my belief Roseman and Banner) next season. According to a couple league sources, the only reason McNabb has not already been traded is because Reid has nixed any trade.

Even though Reid has state McNabb will be back, a trade is not that far fetched and is very possible. Tim Kawakami, a 49ers beat writer for the San Jose Mercury News, stated earlier this off-season that the Niners might make an attempt to trade for the Pro Bowl quarterback.

He speculates that the 49ers might press even harder now for a quarterback ( I think if the Niners are still going to go after a quarterback it is going to be a proven commodity like McNabb since they have an unknown in Smith) since they fired Scot McCloughan as general manager. Kawakami reported that McCloughan was one of the last supporters of Alex Smith as a starting quarterback.

Also, Kawakami said if you look at the past couple of off-seasons with the Niners, you will see a pattern with the team's president Jed York. Kawakami reported that last year York was the instrumental force behind the team wining-and-dine former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.

After that failed attempt, York urged the team to inquire about the availability of both Jay Cutler and Brady Quinn. Obviously the Niners stayed the course with Smith but with no one in York's way now (like Kawakami has been reporting), he has the full power to go after another marque quarterback like McNabb and to a lesser extent Vick.

To be honest, the Niners should take a gamble and roll the dice with McNabb. In a division in flux, the 49ers could have it for the taking. The Cards have unproven Matt Leinart starting (or Derek Anderson who has played awful the last two years) and lost Antrel Rolle and Karlos Dansby to free agency. The Seahawks appear to be rebuilding under first year head coach Pete Carroll. As for the Rams, they are two or three years away from competing.

San Francisco has a chance to win the division and make the playoffs for the first time since 2002. The playmakers are there are on offensive with wide receiver Michael Crabtree, tight end Vernon Davis and running back Frank Gore. In addition, the Niners have two first round pick in the 2010 Draft to get McNabb with one and still make an significant upgrade to their offensive line with the other.

While McNabb has failed to win a championship, he has never had a true running game like the Niners possess. Brian Westbrook was a better back then Gore, but Reid has never consistently committed to running the ball (except when Jeff Garcia was at quarterback).

More so, with Crabtree's abilities and Davis finally reaching his potential, McNabb could flourish like he did this past season with Desean Jackson and Brent Celek. More importantly, with an actual commitment to the running game and the other dangerous weapons, the addition of McNabb makes the once proud Niners organization a legitimate Super Bowl contender again.

For the Niners to get McNabb away from Philadelphia they would probably have to give up a first round pick.

Now you say, the Niners can go another route and find a veteran quarterback without having to lose a first round pick. Although that well is beginning to dry up on them. The most coveted quarterback on the market, Charlie Whitehurst signed a two-year $10 million contract with the Seahawks. Moreover, veterans Derek Anderson and Jake Delhomme have signed with the Cardinals and Browns.

Besides the cupboard being bare, the Rams and Bills are desperate for a starting caliber quarterback as well. Remember Buffalo is not too far away from where McNabb played his college ball in Syracuse.

I understand McNabb will demand a new contract wherever he is traded and the Niners might be hesitant to pony up that type of cash along with giving up a first round pick. Nonetheless, the Niner fans deserve to see a winner. The have stuck with the team through eight horrifying seasons. Without McNabb, San Francisco is a middle of the road team, but with him they are a contender.

So far the Eagles claim that no team has come up with a offer in the vicinity of what they want or even made an offer for McNabb. Nevertheless, this week in Orlando do not be surprised if you hear that York and 49ers head coach Mike Singletary give Reid a very enticing first offer.

Other News at the Meetings:

When the owners meet and they will be voting on if their will be a change to the current overtime format. If approved, the team that loses the coin toss in overtime will be able to get possession, even if the other team marches down the field and kicks a field goal. If the team that won the coin toss score a touchdown on the first possession, then the game would be over. Finally, if the game happens to be tied after both teams kick field goals then it becomes sudden death.


  1. Nothing but speculation. This isn't news

  2. It is relevant news that was reported in the San Jose mercury News and also espn. So saying it is speculative when there is fact to back up the speculation that is called a story.

  3. I agree it is a story, and hey what is wrong with speculation. I actually thought I would throw some more speculation to the fire, and this isn't a solid log but a big one how about McNabb to the Steelers? Things aren't looking so good right now for Big Ben, if things to turn ugly McNabb to the rescue doesn't really seem that far fetched.

  4. While McNabb to the Steelers would be a huge move, I believe if Big Ben situation turns ugly they will try to go younger then McNabb and through the draft. Also, I think they would look to the Seahawks for Matt Hasselbeck since they just gave Charlie Whitehurst starter's money. He would be much cheaper then McNabb. I think if we find out in the next two or three weeks leading up to the draft that Big Ben is in more trouble you might see the Steelers move up for Clausen or a QB in the second or third round to groom. And bring in a guy like Hasselbeck (who is on the block).