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McNabb to Rams?

Reports Surface McNabb to STL, Not Vick
By Lance Epstein

Over the last couple weeks, the hot rumor was the Saint Louis Rams trading a third or fourth round pick for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. However, reports today out of the St. Louis-Post Dispatch say the Rams want Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb instead of Vick.

Not only have the Rams been pondering making the significant upgrade from Vick to McNabb, apparently they have had internal discussions. St. Louis-Post Dispatch reporter Bryan Burwell claims to have multiple sources confirming that ""the Rams have had intense internal conversations with the Philadelphia Eagles about a trade for Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb."

Of course, truth of this rumor has been questioned because Burwell's peer Bernie Miklasz is skeptical about the validity of the report. Additionally, Miklasz reported that Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo told him he has not even spoken with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Moreover, the report might be bogus due to the use of the term 'internal'. Usually 'internal' includes the inner circle of your team, so it is odd that the Eagles are mentioned to be in the discussions of the Rams internal conversations. Unless of course, the two teams were in cahoots to make the Rams better.

Maybe Burwell chose a poor choice of words or maybe it is just another false rumor (like Kolb getting an offer for an extension about two weeks ago that was completely false). Either way it is an interesting place for McNabb to land.

Ideally, the Eagles want a first round pick but might willing to settle for a second round pick for McNabb. The Rams currently hold the first pick of the second round, which is oozing with value, considering this draft might be the best in the last 20 years (due to potential 2011 lockout). Also, this allows Kevin Kolb to start and see if he is indeed the quarterback of the future.

This makes a ton of sense for a struggling Rams franchise. Ultimately, it gives the Rams organization the best quarterback and possibly running back in the division. On top of that, they will have the luxury of choosing between stud defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy with the first overall pick.

Furthermore, with Warner retiring and the division up for grabs, bringing McNabb aboard might make the Rams the potential favorite in a weak NFC West.

Even if this rumor is found to be fabricated, the McNabb trade winds should become more frequent as the draft comes closer.



The Sports Bash on 97.3 ESPN Radio in South Jersey conducted an interview with Burwell and in the interview he claimed that those were not his words. He blamed the error on his copy editor (maybe i can apply for that job now). Burwell was quoted as saying:

"I hate to do this, but my copy desk screwed up my copy," Burwell said. "I did not say that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Rams were having intense conversations. What I wrote... and I just noticed it while I'm reading my column now and I went 'Holy crap. I didn't say that.' What I initially wrote was that the Rams were having intense internal conversations about acquiring Philadelphia Eagle Donovan McNabb. There's a difference between having intense internal conversations with the Eagles and having internal intense conversation."

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