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McNabb's Agent Says No Trade is Imminent

Eagles, McNabb Haven't Discussed Teams
By Lance Epstein

The soap opera drama starring Donovan McNabb's depature from Philadelphia has taken a new a new twist and turn this afternoon.

On Friday, McNabb's agent Fletcher Smith told Philadelphia Daily News' Les Bowen that neither a trade for his client appears to be imminent nor has McNabb had conversations with the organization about which teams he would or would not prefer being sent to.

"If we get to that bridge, we'll have to cross it," Smith said.

Earlier in the day, it was reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer that McNabb would like to play in Minnesota if the Eagles are going to ship him out of town. This trade does not seem very likely because the Vikings are waiting on quarterback Brett Favre to make a decision on whether he is going to play in 2010.

Favre's decision will probably come closer to the start of training camp (may be even into camp) and the Eagles, McNabb do not want this situation to linger deep into the off-season.

Additionally, Smith said he did not think that McNabb and head coach Andy Reid have even spoke to each other. This would contradict ESPN's Adam Schefter who earlier today tweeted that they have had a discussion.

"Donovan has been there a long time. I would think they would want to do right by him, reach out, tell him what their intentions are," Smith said.

I tend to believe Schefter in this type of situation because after the excessive amount of rumors and media attention this story has received, it is hard to imagine both men have not talked at all (especially since they been joined at the hip for 11 seasons).

Last night reports surfaced that the Eagles are demanding a top 42 pick for the six-time Pro Bowl quarterback. However some experts believe that with McNabb entering the last year of his contract, he determines whether or not he'll be back in Philly. Since he can refuse to sign a extension with his new club, Philadelphia will probably not get their asking price. Furthermore, when teams are dealing with draft picks that high, they usually want a longer-term commitment from him or any player.

Although a recent report from Yahoo's Charles Robinson says that the Raiders will not require him to sign an extension with the club. Ultimately this means that McNabb could be traded whether he likes it or not. Still, the Eagles would get less for him if he does not sign off on a new deal, so do not expect that to occur.

Despite hundreds of rumors and drama, Smith still adamantly believes that McNabb can comeback to the Eagles because this is nothing compared to other situations he has faced in his career.

"It can't be any more difficult than T.O.," Smith said.

While Eagles fans appreciate the jab at Owens, they should not expect a trade anytime this weekend or possibly until sometime late next week. The reason is that Comcast Sportsnet's Derrick Gunn reported that Reid and team president Joe Banner are out of town (Utah and Florida respectively).

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