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Rams Have Impressive Offer for McNabb

Rams Offering Pick and Player for McNabb
By Lance Epstein

The past couple of days in Orlando have brought numerous amount of rumors involving quarterback Donovan McNabb being traded, but there has been no definitive offer from any team.

However according to a league source today, the St. Louis Rams would send their second-round draft pick (33rd overall) for the 33-year-old quarterback. Another league source has said the deal is far from complete, but free safety and restricted free agent Oshiomogho Atogwe could be part of the package headed to Philadelphia.

Furthermore, a deal could be imminent since another source close to McNabb and the Eagles confirms that McNabb would be willing to play for the Rams only if they extended his contract. The same source eliminated two potential destinations in the Bills and Raiders, from possible destinations. Even so, the real news is McNabb blogging that he is willing to leave the city of brotherly love.

"My position hasn't changed," McNabb blogged. "I've said all along that I would like to win a Super Bowl and finish my career in Philadelphia.

"I understand the situation well and just hope whicheve direction teh Eagles decide to go in, they do it quickly. I think that would be best for me, Kevin [Kolb], Michael [Vick], the Eagles, and any other teams involved. No matter what happens, I've already begun preparing to have an outstanding season in 2010."

Personally, I believe if McNabb would decline to go to Buffalo or Oakland because they are not close to competing for a Lombardi Trophy, then he would not go to the Rams. Furthermore, McNabb needs to win a championship to soldify his career and to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Lets face it, the Rams are no where close to competing for a championship and the 33-year-old McNabb is not getting any younger.

The smart money and team that should be in line for his services is the 49ers. They desperately need an upgrade over the incumbent Alex Smith. With their young talent on offense, McNabb makes San Francisco the favorite to win the NFC West and a Super Bowl contender.

On the other hand, McNabb might be willing to play for the Rams because his former quarterbacks coach Pat Shurmur is the Rams offensive coordinator. Additionally, head coach Steve Spagnuolo used to be a defensive assistant under Reid.

Another reason a trade could happen quickly is that a league source has confirmed that McNabb and Reid have not talked in a couple of months. Moreover, Reid seemed to do a 180 earlier today when he said he would entertain offers for McNabb.

While Reid, GM Howie Roseman and Owner Jeffrey Lurie returned to Philadelphia today, team president Joe Banner remained in Orlando. Perhaps to collect some more intriguing offers from teams.

This particular trade is intriguing for multiple reasons if Atogwe is indeed included. If Atogwe is inlcuded it could mean one of three things.

On one hand, it could mean that the Eagles expect Quinton Mikell, who is in his last year of his contract and 30, might be on his way out after 2010.

Another possibility is that the Eagles want an insurance policy in case Marlin Jackson cannot start from day one or is a bust. Yes, Atogwe was injured last year but he should be ready by the start of the season, whereas Jackson might not.

Finally, everyone assumed that the signing of defensive back Jackson meant that the Eagles found their free safety. But today the other big news was Reid hinting that starting cornerback Sheldon Brown might be on his way out of town. Reid confirmed that the franchise had been listening to offers for his reliable and durable corner.

Last off-season Brown went public with his displeasure with his current contract. He went as far as to demand a trade or an extension. For those who believe that is water under the bridge, that is a pipe dream. Behind the scenes, Brown is still wanting more money and probably saying the same thing, but it is just not public.

In addition, Brown is on the wrong side of 30 and over the last two years, he has struggled in the post-season (was beat deep multiple times in all three playoff games in 2008 and down the stretch this season was not the same-- injuries played a part in that).

If the deal goes through and the Eagles get Atogwe, he will most likely be the starting free safety. So where does that leave the Eagles? Jackson would probably be the starting cornerback, replacing Brown who would be traded away for a draft pick (My guess a fourth rounder that might move to a second rounder with incentives).

When Jackson is healthy, he is a playmaker at cornerback but that is a big gamble for a guy with two ACL surgeries in two consecutive seasons. This might be the reason rumors have surfaced about the Eagles taking a corner high in the draft (Scouts.com's Adam Caplan thinks they could go after a corner at 24-- with the 33rd pick there would be some good corners still available-- Perish Cox, Kareem Jackson, Devin McCourty).

This trade scenario of Atogwe and 33rd pick for McNabb seems like a nice package for the Eagles, but Reid, Banner, Lurie and Roseman should think long and hard about pulling the trigger. Kolb is still unproven (two starts is too small of a sample) and will have to deal with the fans as he replaces McNabb.

Some (may be even most) fans would applaud him at first because they blame McNabb for the Eagles downfall. Although they will turn on him just as quick if he folds like a cheap tent and does not live up to their expectations.

Right now, fans are slighting McNabb's accomplishments for not bringing home a championship, but Kolb has enormous shoes to fill if McNabb goes. McNabb is the all-time leader in playoff wins, he went to five NFC Championship games, has a Super Bowl appearance, has gone to the playoffs eight out of his 11 seasons and holds numerous Eagles records.

Ultimately if Kolb fails, the fans would then question Reid and criticize the Roseman for trading away the franchise's best quarterback of all-time.

Before fans start praying for this trade to come to fruition, they might want to think about what life could be like post-McNabb. Too many have rose-colored glasses. They need to take a step back and take stroll back on memory lane. Remember those days of with Bobby Hoying, Ty Detmer and Rodney Peete quarterbacking because those also could occur.

Eagles fans you might get your wish, but you might regret it at the end of Kolb's career.

Update: NFL Network's Jason La Canfora says there are more than three teams (most reported Raiders, Cardinals and Buffalo) that you expect to be in on McNabb and some teams you would think of. He also reported that St. Louis has adamantly denied even having conversations with the Eagles at this time.


  1. Personally, I don't think this is impressive at all. Maybe, if we traded an unproven QB like Kolb for the 33rd overall and a safety, but not a proven Pro Bowler like McNabb. If we trade McNabb, which I hope we don't we better get at least a mid rounder for him. I mean the Broncos got two first rounders for Cutler, who is terrible and not a Pro Bowler. We should resign McNabb and trade the unproven Kolb... he did well against two defenses that aren't good, big whoop. McNabb brought us to 5 NFC Championship and a Super Bowl, I'm not ready to give up on him just yet especially since that is more than anyone got us in the previous years.

  2. Cutler wasn't thought to be terrible when the Bears traded for him, he was thought to be one of the NFL's very elite young QB's. McNabb is getting old which limits the number of teams willing to trade the future for the present, you probably have like 10 teams in the NFL that just wouldn't do it based on philosophy. Then you have to keep in mind that their are a number of teams set at the QB position right now with Pro Bowlers or young stars, my question is how many teams are there do you even think are willing to enter the McNabb trade derby to up the loot for the Eagles. Teams have to want to win now,have a sorry QB,have to be willing to take a hit on the future, and probably not be in the Eagles division and better yet be in the AFC.

  3. Agree with anonymous. The only team three teams that I believe would give up more then a 2nd. Those are the niners, cardinals and Buffalo. The problem with that is though, the Bills are not giving up the 9th overall pick in the draft for McNabb. The cardinals are picking at 26 and the difference in this draft between the players at 26 and 33 is not much. Plus the Eagles get Atogwe, and when he is healthy is a stud. As for the Niners they have two first rounders and that makes a ton of sense. I think the niners as hould trade the 17th overall since they have a 2nd and 3rd. They could still get a starting rt at 13 then improve the defense in the second and third round. Plus they have a quarterback, which makes them a contender. That said, the Niners have said they are going with Alex Smith. So 33rd and Atogwe is a pretty nice offer.