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Reid Blocking McNabb Trade

Eagles Hierarchy At Standstill?
By Lance Epstein

According to ESPN NFC East blogger Matt Mosley, there has been internal discussions within the Philadelphia Eagles organization for weeks about whether to keep McNabb or trade him away.

Some members in the organization are willing, wanting and making efforts to trade quarterback Donovan McNabb but their attempts have faltered because of one man. That man is head coach Andy Reid.

Two reports surfaced today about Reid holding onto McNabb for personal reasons (my guess he wants to prove he and McNabb can win a title together and he feels indebted to McNabb). The first report came from a local TV station Fox 29 in Philadelphia.

The stations web site reported that the Rams are not the team that has contacted the Eagles about the Pro Bowl quarterback. The site portrayed Reid as the ultimate decider when they reported:

"But we're also being told that trading McNabb is not going to be easy because internally the Eagles' brass wants to move him but Andy Reid does not."

One of possible teams being denied McNabb's services is the Cleveland Browns. Earlier in the day, Lane Adkins of "Theobr.com" (a Cleveland Browns web site run by scouts.com) discussed that the Browns were having discussions with the Eagles regarding McNabb.

Adkins went a step further in detailing what type of compensation the Eagles would get in return. More importantly he reiterated that the hold up was Reid and his "personal reasons".

Ultimately this leads to a bigger topic and concern, is there a rift within the organization between Reid and his peers Banner and Roseman?

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Eagles let former GM Tom Heckert walk away to the Browns and replaced him with Roseman. Maybe a reason that Heckert was allowed to go was not due to a rift between he and Reid but with Joe Banner.

Think back to last year around this time, Reid reiterated a week before Brian Dawkins was expected to hit free agency that he wanted the All Pro safety back with the Eagles. At the time there seemed to be a disconnect between Reid and Banner, since rumors swirled that Banner made little effort to keep Dawkins.

If the rumors are true that the Browns are interested in McNabb, it looks like Heckert would have probably sided with Reid and not Banner, if he remained with the Eagles; something that Banner definitely did not want to deal with. And thus a theory on why the Eagles hired Banner's protégé, Roseman. Since he is Banner's protégé, Roseman is more likely to side with Banner and formulate a trade offer.

Think about this as well, Roseman is widely known for being a outside the box thinker and aggressive, which makes sense in that he would want to shake things up and put his own mark on the franchise.

This is just pure speculation but having Roseman in Banner's back pocket makes it easier for Banner to exercise authority over Reid. Ultimately at the end of the day, the Eagles may have a power struggle between Reid and Banner on their hands. Again not saying that there is a rift, but do not be surprised if this issue bubbles to the surface over the next couple of weeks or year.

However, if the rift is valid and Reid manages to retain McNabb but the Eagles fail in 2010, Reid and McNabb might both be shown the door.

1 comment:

  1. This makes perfect sense.
    There certainly appears to be a disconnect in the orginization.They act like they are rebuilding Think all the long time players that have been let go. Yet they keep Donovan. It doesn't make sense to not make the move to Kolb with the young skill players on this team.