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Same McNabb Time Different McNabb Channel

Rams Deny Interest; Cards, Bills and Raiders Intrigued
By Lance Epstein

Yesterday, Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane reported that the Rams had an offer on the table for the Eagles. He reported a source close to the situation told him the Rams were offering free safety O.J. Atogwe and the 33rd overall pick in the draft for Donovan McNabb.

Late on Wednesday afternoon, St. Louis officials adamantly denied contacting the Eagles or even being remotely interested. Today, while at a Cardinals spring training game, head coach Steve Spagnuolo further denied the rumor.

"There's nothing to that (McNabb trade rumors)," Spagnuolo said. "At this time of the year, there are going to be all kinds of things. But no, there's nothing there."

Despite St. Louis denying that they have talked to Andy Reid about McNabb, I still believe they have interest in him. There have been too many discussions reported from various pundits for their not to be something.

Also, the Rams need to bring fans into the stands and that is exactly what McNabb will do. He is a star in the league and people pay to see the Pro Bowl quarterback. With the Rams under new ownership, they are going to try and bring the casual fans to the game.

Another reasons is that the current face of the franchise is Steven Jackson. The same man that is accused of assaulting a pregnant women.

Furthermore, NFL Draft prospect and Oklahoma Sooner Sam Bradford will cost a massive amount as the number one pick. His contract will supersede the amount McNabb would receive with a contract extension.

In addition McNabb is a proven commodity in the NFL, whereas Bradford is a health risk since he had shoulder surgery this past season. Moreover scouts questioned Bradford's durability concerns before that injury and he might also be a product of a good Bob Stoops' system.

While the 33rd pick is essentially a first rounder in this year's draft due to the talent pool, McNabb allows them to compete. Also McNabb has said he would play for the Rams.

Lastly, the division is up for grabs (very mediocre division). With Kurt Warner retiring and the Cardinals being depleted through free agency, the favorite to win the division is San Francisco. However, the 49ers are flawed since they are playing with a below average quarterback in former number one overall pick Alex Smith.

The Rams probably would not win the division this year, but the way the NFL works, they could be competing in 2011. Picking up McNabb also helps the rebuilding process by allowing St. Louis to drastically improve their defense by selecting defensive tackle Ndmanukong Suh.

An added bonus for the Rams is that the trade prevents McNabb from being a 49er. If he goes to San Francisco, they will be the team to beat in that division for the next three and possibly four seasons.

They might be denying it to the public right now, but McNabb makes that franchise relevant and fans to actually attend the games.

McNabb news times two

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports the Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills have been trying to pry the McNabb away from Philadelphia. Along with the Yahoo report, NFL Network's Jason La Canfora has been reporting that the Raiders have been the most aggressive team in pursuit of McNabb (funny since Al Davis has been flirting with Terrell Owens).

That said, McNabb has stated to a source close to him that he would not sign a long-term deal with either team. By not signing a long-term deal, the Eagles will not get full value for their heralded quarterback. Additionally, it makes a trade to those organizations almost impossible.

While Philadelphia Inquirer's Sheil Kapadia believes money talks and that will lead McNabb to accept a trade and sign a extension with a team like the Raiders, I do not. Kapadia did make some interesting points though.

His first point was if Reid went to McNabb and told him that he was going to pull the trigger on a deal with Oakland, why would McNabb stay in a situation where the team does not want them.

My problem with that scenario is that the Raiders would never trade a high pick (which the Eagles want and should be asking for) for McNabb unless he was going to sign an extension with them. So that scenario would probably never takes place.

His second point of McNabb would definitely go due to getting a huge signing bonus, probably the last of the 34-year-old's career. To be honest, I do not think it is all about the money anymore with McNabb. Over his career, he has accumulated enough money that he will never even spend. Along with that fact, the last five-to-seven seasons McNabb has heard criticism about choking in the big game and that he will never win the Super Bowl.

McNabb needs, no must have a Lombardi Trophy to even be in consideration for the Hall of Fame. More so, he wants to prove to the pundits and cynical Eagles fans that he can bring home a title.

Yes, money is still very important, but I think McNabb would take less money to sign an extension with a team like the 49ers (with McNabb they are a legit Super Bowl contender-- still have possibly two first-rounders and a third or a pick in each of the first three rounds) or Cardinals (where he lives) who are instantly contenders with him.

Speaking of the Arizona Cardinals, Ken Somers a writer who covers the team for the Arizona Republic says McNabb's chances of coming to Arizona are not very good. I agree with him on that statement since they went out and signed Derek Anderson. Also, they need to see what kind off player Matt Leinart. People forget Leinart in his rookie year was pretty good. He threw for 2,547 yards, 11 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

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