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Sporting News, Schefter Says McNabb Era Might Be Over

Sporting News, Schefter McNabb Era Coming To End?
By Lance Epstein

From today until the April 22 draft, there will be experts and analyst stating that quarterback Donovan McNabb's days are numbered in a Eagles uniform. Over the past two days however, a popular sports magazine, The Sporting News and ESPN's Adam Schefter have thrown more fuel onto the fire.

Yesterday on ESPN's Sportscenter, Schefter stated that sources close to him believe that McNabb will most likely be gone by the end of the month or the beginning of April. This a big change on Schefter's part, who reported earlier in the off-season that McNabb would most likely be the Eagles starting quarterback in 2010.

If Schefter's report was not enough, on Tuesday, The Sporting News claimed that McNabb's days in Philadelphia might be numbered as well. They further elaborated the exact reason why he might be gone. The fact that McNabb does not carry over his regular season success into playoff success was their pinpoint reason for a trade coming soon.

In their report, they stated McNabb has only a 9-7 playoff record with an 80.0 percent passer rating and 17 interceptions (an average of over one per game).

Furthermore, they claim city has turned on McNabb (might be in the organization as well) about losing four out of five times in the NFC Championship games. The magazine asked ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley his thoughts on the developing situation with the 11-year veteran quarterback and his city.

To their fans, they're always winning silver medal with him. After a while, when you can't win the gold, it's like they would prefer to not be in it at all.
While Wiley has a point, most Eagles fans are divided on bringing back McNabb. The majority wants to see McNabb comeback because they believe he gives them the best chance to win next year.

Another part yearns to hand over the reigns to back-up Kevin Kolb and go through the growing pains in 2010, but be ready in 2011.

Others sit on the fence as to who they desire at quarterback next year. Those fans feel that if the Eagles could get great value for McNabb (a first rounder and other picks) they would give Kolb a chance. On the other hand, if they do not get good value, they will let McNabb play out his contract. And in 2011, the Kolb Era would begin.

Despite all of this, there is no way the Eagles can function with all three of the quarterback on the roster next year and for numerous reasons. First, McNabb is a lame duck quarterback this season by playing on the last year of his current contract. If you thought the media situation was bad after the benching was bad, it will get worse. Everyday the fans, organization and the team will hear NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders giving us" inside information," which distracts the team.

Second, all three quarterbacks are free agents after 2010. While Kolb can still be a restricted free agent in the 2011 offseason. He probably will be tendered with a 1st and 3rd round pick, but a team might be willing to pay that for a franchise type of quarterback. Moreover, a team may overpay him or use the "poison pill" to make it impossible for the Eagles to match.

If they manage to lose him, it might get worse. McNabb could be bitter about not receiving a extension and bolt. You may say they will franchise tag him.

Not so fast. Do the Eagles really want to pay McNabb the average amount of the top five quarterbacks in the league? That will be close to $20 million. I cannot see Andy Reid or Jeffrey Lurie signing off on that. Now with McNabb and Kolb possibly both being gone, who is the quarterback of the future? Michael Vick, a player who has not proven to be a consistent passer in the NFL.

The last reason this three-head quarterback monster will not work is because at the end of the year, the Eagles will not be able to get any value for McNabb or Vick. McNabb, 33, will be older and if he struggles no one is going to think about giving up a pick. Even if he plays well, people know the Eagles will not franchise him and can sign him without giving up anything since he is a unrestricted free agent.

As for Vick, he is going to bolt if Kolb becomes the starter or if McNabb comes back. At the end of 2010 season, he will be unrestricted and will leave at his own accord. The Eagles while they could have gotten a fourth rounder before the draft this year, will be left with nothing at season's end.

Despite all of these rumors and reasons, the fans that want McNabb out of here should not be so hasty to run him out of town. While McNabb is only 9-7 in the post-season, so is future first ballot hall of famer Peyton Manning. More astounding, Manning has 19 interceptions in the same amount of games as McNabb. In addition, many say Manning should be thanking his defense for his Super Bowl in 2006.

Even though McNabb has not brought home the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia, he has won nine of the franchise 19 total post-season wins since 1947. Stop and think about that for a moment, before McNabb and including Jeff Garcia's one year run, the Eagles have won only ten playoff games in their history. McNabb almost has that by himself.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with most of this except the part about the majority of the fans want McNabb back. The newspaper polls do not say that... nor do the water cooler conversations here in Philly. My observations show that about 70% do NOT want #5 back.