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Teammates on McNabb, Preseason Schedule Announcer, Vick and etc...

Eagles' Teammates on McNabb, Preseason Games Announced, Vick and Etc...
By Lance Epstein

Of course everyone knows that Donovan McNabb is on the trade block, but over the last couple of days his teammates have come out and given their thoughts on the situation.

Here is what a couple of players have said over the past week.

Wide Receiver Desean Jackson:

"It's hard not to deal with our quarterback situation. But as a wide reciver, and the circumstances I'm at, I have a job to do, which is to go out there and work hard, and play football and catch footballs... no matter if it's [Kevin] Kolb, [Michael] Vick or [Donovan] McNabb throwing me the football. So I just hope everything works out for all their situations and I wish them the best.

"There's definitely curiosity going around but we have a lot of faith in our ownership and our coaches and everything like that so I feel they'll make the best move for our team. But whatever the situation is, I'm ready to roll with it."

Fullback Leonard Weaver:

“I’m surprised. Let the man go ahead and play the last year of his contract out. … Not a knock on (backup QBKevin) Kolb, but I would love for Donovan to come back for another year so we can try to win it all.”

Tight End Brent Celek:

He's [McNabb] a teammate of mine, and you never want to lose a teammate. It's been a lot of fun playing with him. I'd like to keep that going. Right now, they're just rumors, and until something happens, we're still teammates."

Running Back Lesean McCoy:

The thing is we have three awesome QBs, so whatever happens, happens. But I support the decisions that those guys make."

Based of three of the four Eagles players not going out on a limb and sticking up for McNabb, it appears like they are
ready for the Kolb Era to start.

Preseason Schedule Announced

Today the NFL released the Eagles and every teams NFL preseason schedule. The first game on the slate for the Eagles is at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars sometime between Aug. 13-15.

Could be an interesting game considering the Jaguars are a possible destination Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Might be a homecoming for McNabb.

The other three games include the Cincinnati Bengals on Aug 20 at 8 p.m. on Fox, at Kansas City sometime between Aug. 26-29 and then they finish up against the N.Y. Jets at the Linc on Sept. 2.

More News...

According to Footballoutsiders.com, Eagles left tackle Jason Peters was graded as the worst player in the league at left tackle. Despite Peters making the Pro Bowl, he was not deserving and also not deserving of his six-year $60.657 million contract.

In 2009, Peters committed 11 penalties (team high), gave up seven sacks and four quarterback hurries. While Peters needs to improve, fans should not be too harsh on him because he had to learn a new technique, played through injuries and came in out of shape. If Peters loses some weight, he could be back at a All-Pro level.

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio had a ton of news to report today. He is reporting that the Eagles have taken Michael Vick off the trading block. Makes sense if the Eagles trade McNabb or wink wink Kevin Kolb wink wink. Vick would be the No. 2 quarterback. Although he must not be happy considering he wants to be a starter in the NFL.

Another piece of information that Paolantonio reported from his source is that currently there is no current front-runner for McNabb. His "senior team official" said that the trade could be made immediately or take up until the draft.

"There is no so-called frontrunner," the senior team official said. "We continue to engage in conversations with multiple teams that initially contacted us. Some of the offers involve draft picks, some involve a player, some involve many players. We are evaluating the offers. But if some team had totally blown us away, we would probably have made a deal already."

His source also said that it is untrue that the Eagles asked for a top 42 pick for McNabb.

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