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Andy Reid On 10 Draft Choices on Day 3

Reid Discusses Each of His Day 3 Selections and More
By Lance Epstein

On day three of the draft (final day of the 2010 NFL Draft) the Eagles started off selecting a position that many experts and fans thought the Eagles needed in cornerback in University of Kentucky's Trevard Lindley.

Along the way they picked up a quarterback in Mike Kafta, a sleeper in Clemson prospect Ricky Sapp, traded up for middle linebacker Jamar Chaney and capped off the draft festivities with Kurt Coleman.

All in all, the Eagles selected 13 players in the 2010 NFL Draft and 10 on day final day. Remember, the Eagles in the past have struck gold in the fourth and fifth rounds. Some of the players they have hit on are Trent Cole, Jason Avant, Brent Celek, Correll Buckhalter, Todd Herremans and Moise Fokou. In fact, do not be surprised if Sapp, Coleman, Riley Cooper, Kafka, Lindley and Clayton Harbor all make the team and play important roles in the team's future.

Here are some of the quotes from Reid closing press conference:

On Going into the draft was the objective to get 13 players:

"The objective was to come into this and Howie (Roseman) set this up and did a phenomenal job with it, was to find where the strength of the draft was. And you set your board up with players that you like and it is important that you do just that. And you are not influenced by and outside influences there are and chose the players that you feel are best for our team. And then you stick to that board. And you evaluate it before the draft and you see what round you think these players are strong and which are stronger than in other rounds and the quality of player and you go from that position to take those players. And so there is some subject decision making that takes place and you gotta decide where these players are going to go and predict what round they are going to go in. Then you can determine the strength of the draft where you think it is strong."

On taking no offensive linemen:

"I think the obvious that we concentrated on the defensive side of the ball. We were making sure we strengthen the defensive side of the ball. We feel pretty good about our offensive line. So we didn't attack that area as much as did other areas. We thought that the other areas were obviously stronger than other other areas were than offensive line."

On feeling good about Jamaal Jackson's recovery:

"Yes I would say that. He is working very hard, things are coming along at a good pace, but i would also say that we have some confidence in some of the other guys playing that position that they can do a good job there."

On players they drafted contribute as starters and special teamers now:

"The best way to answer that is all the players that we draft, we look at as a potential starter. So we do not sit there and say this player is a backup player, but we look at it from the opposite side. This guy will start either this year, next year, the following year. However, long that takes to project and then we go after that player. So to answer that I think this gives us good special teams depth particularly with all the defensive players. Then two, we also thing we have drafted some potential starters."

On gearing towards defense and making a overhaul since the end of last year:

"We'll see. I would never call it a rebuilding process that is not how I look at things. I look at things and see players that I put in position to go make plays. Whether the are young guys or older guys we'll see as we go. We got a good nucleus of defensive players so we know that. Still somewhere we got to bring in some younger players to replace some of the players that possibly got a little bit older and have moved on. We think we have done that, time will tell. We feel pretty good about it today."

On improving the pass rush:

"As you know in the National Football League, you gotta be able to put pressure on the quarterback. You put pressure on the quarterback it makes everybody else better. It makes the secondary better, it makes the linebackers better. And I believe it makes the offense better because they get the ball back and an opportunity to score the ball more. So we went out and brought in some guys that we think can rush the passer...They are all high energy guys that love to play football. Which I really like. I think Howie did a good job accumulating those kind of players. And going and getting them. These are guys that can do it on the defensive line. It all starts there. It has always been that, we have felt that way and continue to feel that way. We got a great nucleus of players. As you know Victor Abiamiri is a little banged up so it is going to take him a while to get back in the mix so in the meantime these young guys learn the defense and cut them loose and let them play."

On getting faster linebackers that can guard the tight end:

"We went into training camp last season and thought it was pretty strong and then we just got banged up. So we added speed all cross the defense. Speed and quickness and that heart. Even though they are not the biggest guys they have heart and they can move so. At the college level they got to the football so that can be important in both the pass and run game. So we say that as collectively as a group here."

On cornerback depth:

"We got some guys that have played corner. Between the Jacksons, the Machos and Demps did a little bit, although I think he is better off at the safety spot, but he did play some corner at the college level. So you add (Nate) Allen in that. So it gives us a little flexibility there. Little bit like what we do with the offensive line. So it gives us a little bit extra flexibility if we need a corner or a nickel we are fully loaded there now and can do somethings."

On NFC East Draft and Team concern his drafting:

"Listen what we do is try to take the best football player up there. I don't get too concerned with anybody other than us and what we need to do to get better. And that is kinda how I feel bottom line. I don't concern myself with other teams. And to become a better football team. I don't focus on other teams and what we need to o to be the best. I think that's what were focused on."

On Akeem Jordan at SAM:

"Akeem Jordan and Omar Gaither, both can do all three positions. Omar more with the MIKE position. Whereas Akeem is more of the outside position."

On fourth round Keenan Clayton, linebacker out of Oklahoma:

"I think Clayton can play both the outside positions, both the SAM and the WILL. Right now we have him at the WILL linebacker spot. Again, you're looking at a guy who made the transition from the safety position down into the box to play linebacker and all he did was make plays. He has tremendous speed, range and everything else. He's got a real knack for finding the football, good in pass coverage, somebody that can cover a tight end with his athletic ability, so we feel good about him."

On seventh round Jamar Chaney, linebacker out of Mississippi State:

"Chaney can do a variety of things. We felt that he could play all three (linebacker) positions along with the MIKE. (We felt) that he was a smart kid that had a great understanding of their defense there and we brought him up here and we would expect that that would transfer into learning ours once he gets his mitts on it. We know he's a good blitzer. We feel that he's a good cover man. He's able to take on fullbacks. He''s good enough and quick enough to get on and off blocks from offensive linemen."

On fourth round Mike Kafka, quarterback out of Northwestern:

"Well that is a little bit of a catch 22 there. We liked him and so, going into the draft, we had to see how we worked things here Now we accumulated a bunch of pick..I can't tell you that we absolutely knew going into the day that we were going to come out with him, but we after we got all these picks together and did everything that we needed to do these last couple days, we were able to do that. Right now he's a number three quarterback. The thing I saw, you saw the accuracy, leadership, size, good mobility, strong kid. I mean you can look at the stats. I look at the throwing motion, can he throw with the ball and arm at different angles with accuracy. I think once you meet him, I think you'll get a feeling for a smart guy that has some of the intangible things, the leadership. He's a tough kid, a Chicago kid. He's got a little grit to him; I think that's important when you - you have to be wired right to handle (the Philadelphia media) and play in the city of Philadelphia. I think he's wired right. He likes to compete."

On fifth round pick Ricky Sapp defensive end out of Clemson:

"Sapp is a player that can play both the bucky position. The strongside linebacker position and defensive end. Whether it's down on third down or on first and second down, he can do that. He'll start off as a defensive lineman, and then he'll learn some of the linebacker stuff. We have the joker position where he can stand up, like Chris (Clemons) did. We'll just see how he does. We'll see how he handles some of the linebacker role within that position and then we can work from there."

On fourth round pick Trevard Lindley, cornerback out of Kentucky:

"Lindley has a phenomenal year (in 2008) and then he got banged up (in 2009). You have seen that from our players but our season is a little bit long so players can recover from that. He had a high ankle sprain and that can kind of put a little damper on a college season. Well that's what happened to him. It happened early and he really never got over that thing but he never really wanted to stop playing, which showed me something. He's a quiet guy, tremendous desire to play the game, loves to play the game so he stayed out there. I had a chance to talk with Rich Brooks, who was the head coach there and is now retired. Rich said that he's one of, if not the best, one of the best corners he's ever coached and the best one that he's ever coaches (at Kentucky). So we went off of (Lindley's) junior film. Or last years film and it was, the Percy Harvins, there were three big time receivers that he shut down and did a great job against. He's got a lot of potential. We'll see how he does, how he handles this here and I think he's a good football player. Well here will start as a backup. Nothing is goingt o change with that we will open up the competition and see where it goes."

On seventh round pick Kurt Coleman, safety out of Ohio State:

"He's a heck of a football player and, again, he loves to play the game. If you watch Ohio State play, you'll see him back there and he conducts it, he orchestrates the whole secondary, talking to the linebackers and he flies around the football. He was a little bit smaller. He's another guy that played corner and played safety and was able to drop down in nickel position and cover receievers. If you watched the Senior Bowl, the one-on-ones there, he had a chance to play against some of the good wide receivers there and I thought did a nice job in one-on-one competitions. I really felt like he was a very, very intelligent football player. And then he's very aggressive. He is a little bit smaller, he's under 200 pounds, but he will add value to our football team."

On fourth round pick pick Clayton Harbor, tight end out of Southwest Missouri State:

"We watched his tape obviously and we thought he was a good football player even though it's a little bit lower level. He's a good football player and I think what he gives you is he gives you somebody that can, he's big enough that he can work in-line, at the line of scrimmage. And I'm not saying that he's an offensive lineman playing there, but from a tight end standpoint, he can control a defensive end and/or linebacker and he's willing to stick his nose in there and do that. And I think when you see him run his routes, I think you'll see a very skilled athlete."

On seventh round pick Jeff Owens, defensive tackle out of Georgia:

"We watched his tape obviously and we thought he was a good football player even though it's a little bit lower level. He's a good football player and I think what he gives you is he gives you somebody that can, he's big enough that he can work in-line, at the line of scrimmage. And I'm not saying that he's an offensive lineman playing there, but from a tight end standpoint, he can control a defensive end and/or linebacker and he's willing to stick his nose in there and do that. And I think when you see him run his routes, I think you'll see a very skilled athlete."

On sixth round pick Charles Scott, running back out of LSU:

"He had a couple long runs, so I wouldn't call him a short-yardage guy. He's a running back and that's what we're going to do with him. He's a big old kid that's got quick feet and likes to play a physical game so we'll let him do that."

On fifth round pick Riley Cooper, wide receiver out of Florida:

"Coop is a big, strong, physical receiver. He did a tremendous job in the red zone. He's got great body control and can go up and get the football. He's a tenacious blocker; he's really a tough guy. "

1 comment:

  1. I think Mike Kafta could be a bit of a sleeper, a guy who could actually develop into a starting QB for this team in 3 years. It is pretty exciting overall to draft 13 players, except of course if you are an existing player on the roster but this franchise is going to improve because of the draft class of 2010. I like the fact that they tried to add speed across the defense as well, they needed that.