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CB Lindley Conference Call Quotes

CB Lindley Conference Call Quotes
By Lance Epstein

On the the third day of the NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles finally addressed their cornerback need. The Eagles decided to select Trevard Lindley of the University of Kentucky.

With long-time starter Sheldon Brown being traded to Cleveland, the Eagles have a huge need at right corner. Of course Ellis Hobbs is penciled in as the starter, but it is unknown whether the Eagles can count on him coming back from a neck injury. In addition, Joselio Hanson is the only backup on the team that has significant playing time at the cornerback position in the NFL.

Lindley (5-11, 183) is a smallish type of cornerback, but has the ability to be a steal int he fourth round. Before the 2009 season, many projected him as the best corner in college football.

A high ankle sprain and elbow injury hurt his draft stock, however he has the speed, athleticism and agility to be a playmaking corner. He has natural instincts and reads quarterback's eyes very well.

Here is his conference call quotes:

On the Eagles interest in him:

"I had a little idea that they wanted me. I am pretty much happy to be an Eagle."

On contact with the Eagles:

"No, I didn't (meet with them). I talked to them at the combine."

On himself and the type of player he is at corner:

"I am a cover corner and I guess I can come up and make a tackle too."

On where he expected to go:

"I knew that I was going to be around the third or fourth-round."

On Eagles defense and Schemes:

"I know they like to blitz and play a lot of man. And apply pressure to the quarterback."

On man coverage:

"Yeah that is pretty much what we did in college. A lot of man."

What the Eagles told him:

"Pretty much that I will cover, blitz and play a lot of man really. And when they blitz I can guard my wide receivers."

On playing right away:

"If they put me in, I will be ready to play."

On not coming out last year when he would've went higher:

"I was pretty close to coming out last year if I did not hurt my elbow in the bowl game. I decided to comeback my senior year of college and upgrade my stock. It is good now (his elbow)."

Who he emulates:

"I admire Charles Woodson because he is my favorite corner, plays a lot of man, can make a tackle and cover."

On his high ankle sprain this year:

"The timing was bad because I missed four games, but I had to try and come back after a little bit of games. I can back after it was a little sort, but i tried to play on it. It started to feel better around the last game or second to last game of the season.

On coach that called:

"One of the coaches called and said are you ready to play? I said yes sir."

On knowing anyone on the Eagles:

"Yeah Asante Samuel and I did know Sheldon Brown but he got traded. And Macho Harris from last year."

On if he was surprised he came off this late:

"It was between the third or fourth round where I thought I come off the board."


  1. The steal of the draft!!!!!

  2. Proud of the way Lindley represented the big UK for his career and yes I do think he could be the steal of the draft, still confused on how Micah Johnson did not get drafted though