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Eagles and Kansas City Working On Deal For No. 5 Pick?

Report: Chiefs and Eagles Working On Deal
By Lance Epstein

According to WarPaintIllustrated.com's (run by scout.com) Nick Athan an NFL source told him the Eagles and Chiefs have been discussing trade over the past weekend. The clubs would exchange the Eagles 24th overall pick and multiple other picks for the Chiefs fifth-overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

At No. 5, the Eagles would get the player that they truly covet in University of Tennessee safety Eric Berry. The league source said that the Eagles believe Berry is the missing ingredient to the Eagles defense, which fell apart in 2010 and that the team has tried to revamp.

Of course for this deal to go down, the Eagles would have to give up at least three picks of the 10 selections that they currently hold.

Two of the picks would have to be at least a first rounder and a second rounder just to come close to the the NFL Draft point value chart for the fifth pick in the entire draft. The report also stated that the Chiefs are hopeful that they could acquire both second round picks from the Eagles (37th and 55th overall).

However, the major holds up in the trade is that the Eagles refuse under any circumstances to give up the pick they acquired in the Donovan McNabb trade with division rival Washington. That pick is the 37th overall selection.

Ultimately, either the Eagles or Chiefs GM manager Scott Pioli will have to blink or not deal will happen. For the Eagles, giving up both second round picks and the 24th is a very steep price to pay. Essentially, they are trading one elite player for three possibly very good players. With the Eagles lacking playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, they could use as many high draft picks as the can get.

As for the Chiefs, the must consider whether moving back 19 spots and receiving a second rounder and possibly a third or fourth-round pick is enough compensation. Also, they have to consider whether a player they truly like will be there at 24.

Still, it would be a very surprising move if the Eagles could move up to No. 5 and get perhaps the best player in the entire draft in Berry. If they do manage to pull off this mega deal, the Eagles would finally have their replacement for free safety Brian Dawkins.

Many fans are still upset that the organization let him leave after 13 stellar years in Philadelphia. This move would bring a lot of praise to the Eagles from their fans. More importantly, it gives the franchise a player that could be the face of the defense and leader for the next decade.


  1. This would be awesome if they can get Berry without giving up #37

  2. The Eagles are holding firm on keeping that pick. i think it is more realistic that they would have to give up the 37th and 24th just as a start to get the number 5 pick. Tp be honest, I think with the 37th and 24th they might only have to give up a 4th to get up into position to take Berry.

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  4. I think this is just crazy talk, you don't give up all that to get a safety. I could see Berry being a "bust" fairly easily. If you are going to do all that break out the big guns and go get like Suh.

  5. KC is looking for a QB. If they think Vick can be a fit, this deal could happen. The birds would need to give up at least their 1st and 3rd, but more likely their 1st, later 2nd, Vick, and possibly a 3rd from next year would do it.

    Before the weekend is over Vick will be a starting QB, but it won't be in Philly. KC or Pittsburgh can happen.

  6. Pittsburgh just got Leftwich so I do not think they are involved. Plus, they like Dennis Dixon. As for KC they have Cassel. Too much invested to give up this early on him. I just did an article on why dealing McNabb to Washington makes the Eagles look smarter now. Big ben will only be traded for a top 10 pick. Only the Redskins and Raiders will do that type of trade. Washington has McNabb so they are probably unlikely.