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Eagles Droppings 4/19: Roseman on Sims, Former Lions GM Millen on Sims and Parker's Charges Dropped

Eagles Droppings 4/19: Roseman on Acquiring Sims, Former Lions GM High Praises of Sims and Parker Off the Hook

By Lance Epstein

Roseman Speaks on Addition of Sims:

Hopefully for fans and NFL pundits, this will be the first of many moves to come this week by the Philadelphia Eagles since the NFL Draft kicks off this Thursday in New York City.

General manager Howie Roseman decided to kicked off the week with a giant surprised as he pulled the trigger on the three-way deal to acquire linebacker Ernie Sims.

Not only did he get the former ninth-overall pick in the 2006 draft, he got him for a mere fifth round selection in this upcoming draft. Although Roseman says he had been talking with the Lions for a while now and have been raving about Sims for a couple of years.

"We've looked at Ernie Sims for a couple years here," Roseman said. "We've talked to Detroit on him. He's a fast, aggressive football player, fits our style of defense. We're excited to get him."

While Sims took a step back this past year due to a torn hamstring and a shoulder injury that limited him to only eight starts and 11 games, Roseman sees him as 100 percent ready to go for training camp.

"We feel confident that he's going to be fine and that he's going to play for us," he said. "He's started a lot of games in this league. This is the first year that he missed some games and we're just excited to have him."

One of the reasons that Roseman believes he will be a key addition and starter for the Eagles is because he started every single game in his first three seasons before the 2009 campaign. On top of that, Roseman and head coach Andy Reid love his versatility, which permits him to play both the weak-side and strong-side linebacker.

"He can play both positions, both outside linebacker positions, and we're just trying to increase competition and get good players," Roseman said. "We do (view him as a starter). He's a starting player in the National Football League, but we're trying to create competition. We have a lot of starters on our defense, on our offense and we think he brings that."

Another topic that Roseman spoke on was if the acquisition of Sims affected the way the Eagles would work the draft board or players that they select. Like always, Roseman said the Eagles would not change their philosophy of being consistent and getting the best players that fit the organization.

"We've always been consistent," he said. "We're trying to get the best players on this team. We thought it was an opportunity to add a really good football player who plays our style of defense and that's why we did this trade."

Roseman was also asked what should the fans expect of the former Florida State Seminole linebacker and his smallish 6-foot, 227 pound frame. He honestly feels like they might be a match made in heaven.

"He's going to have an opportunity to make plays, the kid's a playmaker," Roseman said. "He's been that way in college. He's been that way in the National Football League, just flying around and I think he's going to love our defense.

"I'll tell you what, you just love watching him play. He just plays so fast and physical; he throws his body around. I think the fans of Philadelphia are going to love Ernie Sims."

While some fans are not high on the undersized linebacker, Sims is a rare talent and a steal by giving up only a fifth-round draft pick. One thing that has been overlooked during the whole trade is the affect Stewart Bradley will have on his game. If Bradley is fully recovered and returns to form, Sims could wreak the benefits and be in store of a big season.

Also, Sims is an excellent fit for Sean McDermott's style of defense. He excels in blitzing and flys all over the field. Yes, he is a bit undersized, but he plays much bigger than his small stature.

Former Lions GM Millen: ' Eagles Got an Outstanding Player'

Former Lions GM and now NBC’s Sunday Night Football analyst Matt Millen discussed his former first round draft with Wilmington News-Journal's Geoff Mosher. Millen reiterated that the Eagles got a premiere player and for only a fifth round pick from the Lions.

“Ernie Sims, he’s got exception skill. Nobody is going to outrun him,” Millen said.

In addition, Millen said that the Eagles fans would love the mean streak he plays the game with and will fit in well with the Philadelphia crowd.

Again, Millen praised Andy Reid for pulling of such a deal and expects that Sims will be back to where he was before injuries and a change in defensive philosophy knocked him off track.

“He had problems with hitting so hard, he knocked himself out a bunch of times," Millen said. "Three short years ago people were talking about Ernie Sims being a Pro Bowler. Then he got beat up and they changed defenses, but that’s the same Ernie Sims drafted just a few years ago.

"I think Andy Reid did an outstanding job of getting himself an outstanding football player.”

However, one obstacle that has not been discussed since the trade is the reason why the Lions would let such a good player go. As Millen explained, the change in defensive scheme and Sims entering the last year of his contract plays a significant role.

“It’s no so much [Detroit] giving up on him. They weren’t going to re-sign him,” Millen said. “He’s at end of his contract, the last year of his deal. The style of defense he was drafted for they’re not running in Detroit.”

Of course, people will say who cares what Millen thinks and he is the worst GM in the history of the NFL, but Sims has the talent to thrive on the Eagles. Even though the Lions were awful (might be an understatement), Sims was a highlight when healthy.

One major dilemma that could potential face the Eagles down the road is if Sims takes off. The Eagles normally do not like investing big money in linebackers. Both he and Bradley will be coming up for new deals soon. It will be interesting to see if the Eagles give new contracts to two up-and-coming linebackers. However, if this comes to fruition, it is a very nice problem to have for the team.

Pot Charges Dropped For DE Parker:

Last season, Juqua Parker was one of the Eagles best pass rushers as he recorded a career high with eight sacks. However, today might have been his biggest victory.

Prosecutors in eastern Pennsylvania dropped a possession of marijuana charged that was filed against him last summer while the Eagles were at training camp in Bethlehem.

Parker was being charged with a misdemeanor count of marijuana possession, but Northampton prosecutors dropped the charges because of the Aug. 5 search that led to his arrest. District Attorney John Morganelli reviewed the case and felt that the search would most likely not be upheld.


  1. You can never have enough guys on your team that you feel are playmakers, this trade makes the Lions look as clueless as when Millen was the GM drafting a wide receiver "stud" a year.

  2. It is an OK trade for the Lions like was mentioned in the article they are going to a different defense, why keep him around another year and have him unhappy and not sign and get nothing for him? Eagles are lucky to have him though.

  3. this has zero to do with the lions being clueless. your comments shine light on your lack of knowledge.

    most likely a good deal for all the teams involved