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Eagles Droppings 4/5: Dawkins Says Eagles Made Mistake, Samuel Calls out Front Office

Eagles Droppings: Dawkins Says Trading McNabb Is A Mistake, Samuel Calls Out FO
By Lance Epstein

Dawkins On McNabb Trade:

One year after leaving the Philadelphia Eagles for Denver, Brian Dawkins decided to weigh in on the move that has shocked the NFL world.

"I was very shocked,” Dawkins said. “When you have a guy that’s playing at a level he’s still playing at, to me, you don’t get rid of the guy.”

Furthermore Dawkins does not understand why the Eagles, who finally got McNabb the receivers and playmakers that the fans and media have been asking them to do for years, went and traded him.

“He finally gets the receivers on the outside, and a tight end – the weapons everybody’s always talked about – and then, the next year, they send him off,” Dawkins said. “And it’s not that he ‘used to be’ anything. He’s still playing at a high level. What is he, 34? That’s young for a quarterback.”

When asked if he thought if the Eagles would rue the day they decided to trade away their franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb, he said this:

“I think they will,” Dawkins said.

Dawkins made some nice points, which McNabb supporters have said over the years. McNabb always got the blame when the team lost, but he also went out and played with some mediocre (that is actually a compliment) wide receivers. Todd Pinkston, Na Brown, Charles Johnson, Torrence Smalls, James Thrash and Freddie Mitchell were the main guys McNabb had to throw to for the first five years of his career.

Will the Eagles regret the trade? Of course they could if Mcnabb goes out and leads Washington to a Super Bowl or dominates the NFC East and the Eagles for the next couple of seasons. Or if Kolb does not turn out to be a good quarterback. Also, besides DeSean Jackson, the Eagles have not exactly struck gold in the second round with their picks.

Only time will tell if the Eagles will regret the decision to ship McNabb to their divisional foe.

Samuel Calls Out Front Office:

Last week, head coach Andy Reid told the media that starting cornerback Asante Samuel's needs to step up his game next year.

"I think Asante knows he needs to have a better year than what he had, even though he was a Pro Bowler,"Reid said.

Besides stepping up his game, Reid implied that Samuel has been lifting weights this offseason so that he can help make a tackle. Reid finished by saying that Samuel knows he is good but there is always room for improvement.

"As good a player as he is, he can be even better," Reid said. "And I think that's the way he's handling the offseason."

Apparently, Samuel did not take to kindly to Reid's word choice. Samuel texted CSNphilly.com reporter Derrick Gunn that he is not the only one that needs to improve for next year.

“The whole team needs to improve from the front office, to the head coach to the players. And when that happens, things will be better.

Strong words coming from Samuel and this situation is looking very similar to former Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown's saga from last year. Not on the money aspect, but for the fact Samuel has decided to take his displeasure public.

This is not going to sit well with the Eagles' brass. Even though the Eagles front office said Brown's comments and demands for a new contract were not part of the reason he was traded, you can bet that it had something to do with him going public with it.

Earlier this offseason, PFT.com reported that both starting cornerbacks were on the market. Scouts.com's Adam Caplan reported that he knows of a deal that could possibly get done before the draft.

Do not be surprised if that deal includes Samuel. He is 29, does not like to tackle and is a veteran that probably is not happy that the Eagles rebuilding and getting rid of key veterans.

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