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Eagles Going To Draft QB

Eagles Look To Add QB In Draft

By Lance Epstein

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that the Philadelphia Eagles are still trying to trade Michael Vick before the draft. Today, Wilmington News Journal's Geoff Mosher reported that the Eagles are “inclined” to select a quarterback somewhere in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Mosher reiterated hat most of us already know, which is the Eagles only have two quarterbacks on the roster and Vick might not be back next year. Although, he states trading Vick will be harder than saying they are going to deal him.

Obviously, the Eagles have thought about drafting a young QB to develop even with incumbent starting quarterback Kevin Kolb only being 26. During this off-season, Marty Mornhinweg has worked out and evaluated a couple QB prospects. One of the first quarterbacks he looked into was Fordham's John Skelton. Skelton (6-5, 243) is on the rise according to NFL Network's Mike Mayock.

“I call him Flacco Lite. When you see him, physically, he looks a little bit like Flacco," Mayock said to Philadelphia Dailey News reporter Paul Domowitch. "He’s a big, strong kid that can drive the ball. He’s got to quicken everything up. His footwork needs some help. But because of his arm strength, I don’t see him getting out of the fourth round.”

Besides Skelton, Mornhingweg traveled to Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford's Pro Day as well. More significantly, a source close to Mornghinweg said he thinks very highly of Bradford. He even thought enough of him to have the Eagles to ship six-time Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb to Washington. The plan was to prevent the Redskins from trading up or drafting him and eliminate a potential headache for the next decade. It makes a lot of sense considering the Eagles have no chance at Bradford nor do they need him with Kolb taking over the reigns.

On top of all that, SI's Senior Football reporter Peter King has linked the Eagles to Florida's Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. Whether that report is true or untrue is unknown. Yet if the Eagles happen to be truly intrigued by his intangibles then they probably would pull the trigger with either 24th or 37th overall pick.

Still, there are some problems with the Eagles taking a quarterback too early in the draft. First, how will taking a quarterback early, like Tebow, affect Kolb's confidence? Sure the Eagles will say Kolb is the guy, but they did the same to McNabb in 2007 when they took Kolb. Part of the dilemma in drafting Tebow in the second or even first round means Kolb will always be looking over his shoulder.

The Eagles cannot show or demonstrate any doubt it in Kolb or his abilities. It is his first season as the team’s starter and he needs to know the franchise is not implementing plan B incase he ultimately fails.

Also, this scenario is a similar situation that Andy Reid already has with his club. With Vick backing up Kolb, he is already looking over his should as a possible replacement. If Kolb falters early next year, he fans will demand he be benched. Bringing in veterans on the downside of their career (but can be productive for a game or two) like Marc Bulger or Jeff Garcia, the fans won't be so fast to be calling for QBs that do not have long-term futures with the team.

However, the main reason the Eagles should not take a quarterback early in the draft is because they have more pressing issues. Of course teams should go by their draft boards and who is the best available player.

On the other hand, the Eagles could trade back and pile up more picks for this year or even next year since they have no immediate pressing need at the quarterback (if a QB is the best available player at 24, 36 or 55). Furthermore, the Eagles defense has holes at nearly every position. Philadelphia needs an upgrade at right corner, left defensive end, weak or strong side linebacker and possibly free safety and defensive tackle too.

While a quarterback prospect might be able to get the Eagles a nice return down the line, the Eagles need to rebuild an entire defense. Reid and GM Howie Roseman do not have the luxury like in the past to invest a pick on the future product. They need players that can contribute now.

Certainly, the Eagles should invest one of their 11 draft picks on a quarterback to groom and develop into an adequate back up since Vick will definitely not be back next year.

Still, there is plenty of talent at the position in the middle-to-late rounds of draft. Skelton is one of those players that should be around with the Eagles' early fourth-round pick acquired from Cleveland in the Sheldon Brown trade.

Another name that is gaining some momentum over the past couple weeks is Northwestern's Mike Kafka. Kafka (6-3, 225) is projected to go as high as the fifth-round. Eagles fans might not know about the extremely intelligent and tremendous accurate quarterback right now, but he could become the Eagles diamond in the rough.


  1. This whole idiotic nonsense about the Eagles trading McNabb to DC to block them from drafting Bradford shows incredible gullibility. The Eagles tried to trade him to other teams first - as in the Browns, etc. They made up this Bradford crap to try and look less foolish for making a fairly stupid trade. Plain and simple.

  2. I agree ^^ the trade was dumb and i think they are not even sure they made the right decision. And why they wont give Vick a chance I do not know. But if they wont give him a chance anothe team will. I can easily see McNabb and Vick going else where and doing great and my poor Eagles looking back and saying WTF were we thinking

  3. We don't see Vick in practice. Clearly, if he was a superior option, SOMEONE would have traded for him as he was dangled far longer than McNabb. No one bit. He's just NOT THAT GOOD.