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Eagles to Add QB Before Minicamp

Roseman Says Eagles Will Acquire QB

By Lance Epstein

According to GM Howie Roseman, the Eagles will add another quarterback to the roster before the start of the April 30 minicamp.

Today, Roseman met the Philadelphia media to discuss his first ever draft and some of his thoughts leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft. One question that he was asked was whether the draft would have any impact on the team’s decision to bring in veteran and former Eagle Jeff Garcia to backup Michael Vick and starter Kevin Kolb.

"Jeff's agents have some players on our team and obviously in those conversation his name has come up," Roseman said. "But we also think that there are some good opportunities to get a third quarterback, whether it's a young guy or other guys that are available.

"We'll look at all those options as we go forward here. We will obviously add a quarterback before our first minicamp."

Another question that was asked of Roseman was if Vick would get his wish of becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL by being traded from the Eagles.

"We'll field offers for anything," Roseman said. "We're open to any situation and any circumstance for multiple players on our team. You have to be open to that."

However, fans should not read too much into that because Roseman expects Vick to be back in an Eagles’ uniform next year.

"We anticipate Michael Vick being here," Roseman said.

There are two things to take from this report. First, the Eagles appear to be desperate to trade Vick and bring back Garcia. Over the past couple of weeks, the Eagles have been flirting with and brought in multiple quarterback prospects (John Skelton, Zac Robinson and reports say Tim Tebow). It is becoming obvious that if a team offers any type of compensation, within reason (my guess a 5th round pick) that the Eagles would pull the trigger on a Vick deal.

However the question that has failed to be answered is if they do not want Kolb looking over his shoulder or if they just do not believe Vick is a capable backup.

Second, it was interesting that Roseman said he would field offers for anything and multiple players on the team. While some fans just read that and move on, it makes sense that a couple more veterans could be on their way out.

One name that has been reported this offseason that could be on the move and that fans laughed at the possibility is Asante Samuel. Last year, he refused to listen to defensive coordinator Sean McDermott and Sheldon Brown hinted he hurt the team’s chemistry. Additionally, he called out he Eagles front office to also get better. Usually it is not very smart to call out your boss unless you do not want to be working there anymore. Maybe he does not want to be an with Eagle since there will be growing pains with a very young defense (avg. age is 26) and new quarterback. Remember when he signed with the Eagles, he came here to play with Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Do not be shocked to see guys like Samuel, Mike Patterson and Omar Gaither move on draft day.


  1. I completely agree that Samuel is another player that could be traded away, I think the Eagles are going for shock and awe this off-season by getting rid of the parts they don't want longterm all at once. If you saw what Mike Holmgren was saying for the Browns you realize that you can't believe a word what these guys tell the press anyways.

  2. While I don't disagree that Samuel could/will be traded, I don't see how this defense is going to be any good after trading both of our starting cornerbacks. Its not like we have 2 pro-bowl caliber players just sitting around waiting to play. They better plan on drafting at least 1 cornerback very high in the draft if they are going to trade Samuel.