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First Annual Eagles Droppings

Eagle Droppings: News and Notes
By Lance Epstein

Everyday I will be doing a little Eagles news and notes section called " Eagle Droppings". The articles will include of small happenings or stuff dealing with the team.

Eagles Won't Go After DE Alex Brown:

On Thursday, the Chicago Bears released the defensive end Alex Brown. Brown was a fourth round pick of the Bears in 2002. In 107 starts (127 games) he recorded 43.5 sacks, which is fourth in Bears' franchise history.

Before his release, Chicago was trying to deal the 6-3, 260 pound, but were unsuccessful according to the team's official web site.

Even though the Eagles have only four defensive ends on the roster, do not expect the Eagles to target Brown according to Geoff Mosher of the Wilmington News-Journal.

Mosher went a step further in saying that Brown is not even on the Eagles radar. This makes a ton of sense for the Eagles not to pursue Brown. Brown will be 31-years old next season and the team is moving towards a younger and speedier defense.

Of course Brown would be the best DE on the roster not named Trent Cole, but 2010 draft is very deep at the defensive end position. The Eagles are probably thinking they could get a younger and cheaper defensive end that could match the production they'd get from Brown.

Scouts.com Greg Cossell Says Eagles Need Upgrade over Sheldon:

Earlier today on 97.5 FM in Philadelphia, scouts.com's Greg Cosell said one of the Eagles' draft needs is to get a right side cornerback. He claimed that Sheldon Brown's play was below average last year and the team needs an upgrade at the position.

I tend to agree with him. While Brown played through with a partially torn hamstring, his production
drop dramatically. In the past two post-seasons, teams have burned him deep and it has become noticeable.

Although, Brown still could be a good player, it is just not at the cornerback position. The Eagles have flirted with the idea of moving him over to safety in the past. Switching him over now might add a couple of years onto his career. By moving him over to free safety, it would eliminate a potential hole the Eagles may have if Marlin Jackson cannot recover from his ACL tear. Additionally this would allow the Eagles to spend a high pick on a corner.

John Clayton Say Eagles are Interested in Seattle Guard:

According to ESPN Senior NFL reporter John Clayton, the Eagles along with the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears have shown interest in Seattle Seahawks' guard Rob Sims. The restricted free agent signed his $1.101 million tender on Thursday in hopes that he will be traded.

Sims has started 34 games (45 games) and can play either the left or right guard spot. The casual fan will ask who he is, but this is a good pick up if the Eagles are able to get him. Many scouts round the league think he could be a bargain for any team.

The 6-3 312-pound former Ohio State star could replace Max Jean-Giles, who the Eagles were disappointed with last year.

Also, Nick Cole has not signed his tender offer. If he fails to do so, the Eagles might be trying to get Sims as his eventual replacement.

Warren Moon Goes Off on Eagles Trading McNabb, No Respect:

In a USA Today article on Thursday, former NFL quarterback Warren Moon said the Eagles have treated Donovan McNabb with no respect. Of course the Eagles have been accused multiple times in the past by the media about treating their veteran players poorly.

I cannot disagree with Moon or the media that the Eagles make moves that appear to show little respect to their veterans. However I can say they have been one of the most successful franchises over the course of the last decade and there is a reason for that. The NFL is a business and in a business you have to be cut-throat to succeed.

Anyway here are some quotes from Moon:

"It's mind-boggling they would put Donovan in this position. He's hearing about things second hand, which I don't think shows him a lot of respect.
"It really surprises me because the Philadelphia Eagles have already made very strategic and very smart personnel moves that has gotten them in position to win championships. This one really baffles me, especially because of how important that position is."
"I don't know why you would get rid of a quarterback who is in the prime of his career in Donovan and go with an unknown in a young quarterback like a Kevin Kolb or a Michael Vick,."
"If they're going to make a deal with the Raiders, go ahead and make the deal. What are they waiting on? It seems the longer they wait, the worse deal they're going to get closer to the draft."
"I don't know if he'd be able to go back and play for that organization after all he's endured. Then, again, I wouldn't be surprised if they keep him as a starter and he goes right back out there and doesn't miss a beat."
"It seems like every year Donovan is the topic of some type of conversation about something, whether it was the Michael Vick thing last year, T.O. a couple of years before that; the NAACP coming after him during the season one year, all kinds of different things always swirling around him. Yet it doesn't seem to bother him. He goes right out there on the field and performs. That's what I love about the guy. He doesn't let all the controversy affect him."
"The Oilers told me the reason why they were trading me. They made sure I approved of where I was going.
"What Donovan's done for that organization, he's never been a problem there. It seems like they'd give him more respect than have him hanging out there like this.”
"And maybe that's where (the Eagles) are with Donovan. They just don't feel they can go all the way with him. He's taken them to five NFC championship games and a Super Bowl. I still feel he's got a couple of really good years left."

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