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Kolb Speaks About Crazy Month of April

Kolb Press Conference Quotes

By Lance Epstein

Today the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Kevin Kolb agreed to terms on a one-year extension. The franchise quarterback was entering the final season of his rookie contract so the team needed to workout some sort of extension before he hit the open market. Now, Kolb will be with the club for at least until the end of the 2011, if not beyond.

One of the reasons that the Eagles were eager to get the deal done was because of Kolb's performances in his first two career starts. In 2009, Kolb threw for back-to-back 300-yard games and became the first player in NFL history tackle that feat. More significantly, those games played a vital role in the Eagles turing the page on their six-time Pro Bowl quarterback in Donovan McNabb.

Before the extension, Kolb was the lowest paid starting quarterback in the league. Kolb, 25, will be guaranteed $12.26 million over the next two years. Supposedly, his signing bonus is a lucrative $10.7 million.

This month has been a pretty crazy month for the upstart quarterback as he and his wife gave birth to a baby girl, he became the starting QB for the Eagles and now he is cashing in.

Here are some quotes from Kolbs press conference:

On Getting the new deal done:

"Let me first say thanks to Jeffrey Lurie, Joe Banner, Howie Roseman and coach Reid. And of course the big man up above, God for putting me in this position and letting this happen because without them none of this would have been done. Of course my agent, Jeff Nelly, they worked hard to get this done and I think it is good timing and a lot of good things to come."

On this past month:

"It has been a good month. Named the starting quarterback, a contract extension and of course the baby. It has been a whirlwind. I know there is a lot of responsibility and a lot of things that come with it, but i am excited about it and looking forward to it."

On importance of getting this done before minicamps:

"I was important. We can put all this behind us now and look forward to the most important thing, which is winning football games and getting prepare as possible with the guys that are out there."

On just a one-year deal due to expiring CBA:

"It is an interesting time. This is a way to bridge the gap. I want to be here long-term and I think the Eagles want me to be here long-term. There really is no way to get it done right now and this is a way for both sides to be happy. I am very happy."

On getting $12.26 guaranteed show him something from the Eagles:

"Absolutely. Of course they showed me something when they made the move and named me the starter. This reiterates that and I look forward to proving myself out there and proving their decisions correct."

On why it was important for him to get a deal done now (would have been franchised for $20 million in the offseason):

"Well again, just security. Putting my family in a secure situation and getting it out of the way. Now we can just go play. I think everybody would agree that this organization, these fans and the city is that we win a Super Bowl. So we want to get as many distractions out of the way as possible and get on the road to getting there."

On if a contract issue could affect the way a player thinks:

"Well, i am not sure. On the field I think you do forget about it. It is in between that time [you think about it]. Again, you just don't want any distractions especially at the quarterback position. You want to be able focus on the real things and what's most important like wining games."

On what it means that the franchise trading McNabb and putting him in charge:

"It means a lot. I think the one thing it tells me is that I have a lot of work to do and you never want to let anyone down. You especially don't want to let anyone down when they have put that much faith in you. And they made those moves to make you the guy. So that is a driven force for me. It gives me more energy and emotion to go out there and make this thing right. That is my number one focus to get to the Super Bowl and proving everybody right."

On the young group of players coming up together and being special:

"It does feel very special. I do not think it is because now I am the starter. I think everybody can sense that there is this united feeling between everybody. We are all kind of young and even though we haven't hit the field together as a core group, you have a sense that 'hey man we got this energy that we're going to go out there and prove a lot of people wrong.' Again we looked forward to getting out there and starting to get to work tomorrow."

On the last three weeks of his life:

"They have been a whirlwind, but it has been fun. Now that I am back in the grove of being a starter, dealing with things and getting this out of the way it feels right. Everything has felt right up to this point and I know it will in the future. I am very comfortable here in the city of Philadelphia. No body is more excited than me or my wife about. Hopefully we will stick around here for a long, long time."

On what has happened since his baby's birth and what he has been doing:

"The travel schedule has been a little hectic. I have been here during the week, working with the guys. Then I go back home on the weekends to visit with the family and hangout with the girls. So all that comes with a very good wife and a patient wife. She has been that way. They say behind every good coach is a great wife, but behind every good quarterback there is a great wife as well."

On what he has done with teammates since becoming the starter:

"Just this week we went out there and threw on two different days and just got our own collective thing together. It wasn't schedule, we just did it together. Just get as much chemistry off the bat as we possibly can so I know there is going to be some cobwebs when we get out there tomorrow but we want things to run as smoothly as possible. That is why we have been working together and that is why we have been lifting together. This offseason is very important for those type of things. I think everyone has done a really good job showing up and being around."

On having jitters with training camp opening up:

"I feel very calm and confident right now. Right now I feel like with a lot of the young guys, they don't need to feel jitters. They need someone there as a calming hand. Even though I am just going into my fourth year, I feel as though I have been around here as long as these guys. I look forward to helping them get lined up in the right situation and provided as much experience and knowledge on what we're trying to do as anybody else out there."

On being a different feeling taking the field as a starter:

"It will be a different feel. But at the same time it feels right. It feels right to be the starter. It feels comfortable to being out there doing different things, running the practices that we're running together right now. And of course tomorrow I know it will feel alright. And get things going."

On expectations he is feeling from the outside media:

"Well I am not trying to prove anybody wrong. I am trying to prove this organization right for making this move. I know there are a lot of expectations. When you get an extension and when you get the starting quarterback position on the NFL franchise, regardless of where you're at, there is a lot of pressure and responsibilities. I understand all that, I am preparing myself for all of that and look forward to the challenge."

On whether he feels all eyes are on him inside the locker room with every situation:

"Not necessarily. I want things as much team oriented as possible. So I want all eyes on everybody. That is what we are trying to mold here with this group. I feel like if it comes naturally then there is no pressure or second thought that needs to go into that. I don't let it weigh on me. I just do my thing and I do what I think is right. Hopefully those are the things that lead us to a Super Bowl."

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