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Kolb" 'Team Will Surprise People"

Kolb Era Begins Day After McNabb Trade

By Lance Epstein

One day after the biggest trade in Eagles franchise history, new starting quarterback Kevin Kolb met with the media at his press conference. The first question that Kolb had to answer was whether he believed that the Eagles were in a rebuilding mode after trading away key veterans.

“[Winning the Super Bowl], that’s been our goal since I've been here, since Andy’s been here," he said. "That's not going to change because we're going younger … We will have the same focus day in and day out like when we were when we were trying to make those runs with all the veterans.”

Kolb went on to talk about knowing that this day would come, but he just never knew when exactly it would occur. Then last night he received a phone call from head coach Andy Reid about 15 minutes before the deal would be announced. Reid told him to let the magnitude of the situation soak in before he started making phone calls to his loved ones.

This past season, he had his opportunities to shine against the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs. Not only did he shine, he might have caused the wheels to go in motion on the McNabb trade.

However, he quickly was sent back to the bench after his impressive back-to-back 300-yard performances. Although he put his trust in head coach Andy Reid and the organization to eventually make him the starting quarterback.

"I trusted the organization, I trusted Andy to get me here one day," Kolb said. "The times last year when I started that I felt I was ready, but the team wasn't ready, maybe the city wasn’t ready. I knew Andy would put me in the situation to be the starter."

Today he becomes the offensive leader for the Eagles and is truly excited for his opportunity to take over one of the best organizations in football. Furthermore, he thinks analysts are underestimating his team's ability.

"Everything I've done in my life has led to this," he said. "I'm ready to roll and lead this team."

"I didn't even blink when Andy told me. I really didn't. I'm excited about it. I'm sure it will have a little drama, but it will be a fun ride. I truly have that outlook on it. I think this team will surprise some people.”

Furthermore, he said he knows how big of a change this will be transitioning from being the backup to the starter. Obviously, Kolb understands he has to find his groove as the starting quarterback.

"You have to find your groove as a starting quarterback at this level, in this league -- what fits you preparation wise, rest wide, weight training," Kolb said. "You have to find your own routines week to week and see what works for you. I want to get that ironed out as soon as possible."

Kolb said he learned a lot about dealing with the highs and lows of the NFL. The most important thing Kolb said is regardless of how many fans jump on his bandwagon or off, it is about the players in his locker room and keeping them together.

"You get to sit back and get to watch the peaks and valleys," he said. "The way people ride your bandwagon and jump off. It always comes back to your core -- those guys sitting here on Wednesday morning when we have our meetings. That’s all that matters.

“It's not always most talented team out there that wins the Super Bowl. It's the team that gels. We’re on the right track … We’re going to come together and run with this thing."

Eventually Kolb discussed McNabb taught him a lot about his demeanor affecting the locker room atmosphere and how to lead the team.

“He handles every situation with a smile," Kolb said. "That is one thing I noticed right away. He’s always in a good mood and that affects the locker room. He doesn't let anyone show things are affecting him … It’s something I need to work on and have worked on as a starting quarterback.”

Speaking of McNabb, he has exchanged text messages with him and is expecting to talk to him in the upcoming days or even today.

“Donovan and I have always had a great relationship … I want to wish him the best. He’s been nothing but a 100 percent professional to me and a good friend. I honestly will always look back to way he treated me and hopefully I go can do that for some other kids.

"He's been a great mentor for me. He's a great player and I have learned a lot from him. And I'm glad he's in a situation where, you know, he has a chance to win and proceed on the goals that he's set for himself and for the team that he's with. So, you know, I really am happy for him and hope that - you know, it's going to be fun the next couple of years battling it out with him."

When asked about fans comparing him to McNabb's style of play, he explained that he and McNabb are not the same style of quarterback and no two quarterbacks are the same.

"Something has to change, some for the good, some for the worse," he said. "I'm a totally different style guy ... There are differences but at the same time as long as it leads to the Super Bowl, that's all we're after."

Perhaps the biggest question facing the Eagles now is that their new franchise quarterback is entering the last year of his contract. So how would that affect Kolb this upcoming season?

"There is only one thing on my mind and that's getting this team ready to win the Super Bowl and win football games," Kolb said.

Smart move by Kolb to say he is getting his team ready to win football games and a Super Bowl because he will be a failure if he does not bring home the Lombardi Trophy, which McNabb failed to do. Of course if that happens, he could be the next quarterback run out of the city of Philadelphia.


  1. The Eagles made a trade that will obviously be a direct effect, but in the long hole will benefit them

  2. I agree. But only if Kolb become great, not just good. If he is good but not great then he will be in the same situation as mcnabb. He needs to win a title to do that. If he fails after two years he might be gone. You give him one year as a mulligan, but if he has not progressed after his second season, he might be gone as well because the fans will let him have it