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McNabb Trade Prevent Skins From Getting Bradford

McNabb Prevents Skins From Getting QB Prospect Bradford

By Lance Epstein

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, one of the reasons, upon the many, that the Eagles decided to trade Donovan McNabb to Washington was to eliminate the possible selection of Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford by the Redskins.

Certainly the main reason Andy Reid and Howie Roseman pulled the trigger on this blockbuster deal was because the got the best value. However, even though this sounds like a ridiculous conspiracy theory, it makes a ton of sense that the Eagles would try to pull the wool over the Redskins eyes.

Considering that Bradford is rated as the No. 1 quarterback heading into the 2010 draft, he could potentially give the Eagles headaches for the next decade or more.

On top of that offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg attended Bradford's Pro Day and was blown away by his workouts. According to sources close to Mornhinweg, he had Bradford ranked as one of the best quarterback prospects in the last 10 years.

Additionally, rumors had surfaced that new Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan was tempted to trade up from their fourth overall pick with St. Louis. With their top overall pick, they would select Bradford as their quarterback of the future.

The scary part is that the Redskins had the ammo with the 37th overall pick and their first round pick to entice the Rams into the trade. Since the Rams have gapping holes all over the field, another high second round pick could fill those needs.

Besides all that, McNabb has about three to four good seasons left in his career and then Skins will then need to groom a quarterback of the future. However, the Skins will need to invest a ton of money in McNabb, which prevents them from taking one high in the draft over the next couple of seasons. This means that any QB they go after will have to be a project and probably does not possess the same type of talent as Bradford.

While this plan could backfire on the Eagles over the next two seasons, in the long-term it might benefit them.

They potentially keep a future Pro Bowl quarterback out of the division, got excellent value for McNabb, who seemingly worn out his welcome and might acquire young player at 37 who becomes a starter.

If this story turns out to be true (which none of us will truly ever know) and Bradford becomes an elite player then trading McNabb inside the division might look like one of the smartest move in Eagles history.

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