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Power Struggle: Banner and Roseman Vs. Reid

Is Reid On His Way Out?
By Lance Epstein

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article about a potential power struggle in the Eagles' front office. I reported that when head coach Andy Reid came out a few short weeks ago and said, Donovan McNabb would be his starting quarterback in 2010, the great divide began. Now, it finally has come to fruition.

At the time, reports surfaced that Reid was blocking any trade for his first ever draft pick. Today, Yahoo! Sports columnist Jason Cole reiterated my initial report. He discussed the team president Joe Banner and GM Howie Roseman are actively trying to gain more power within the organization, while Reid is refusing to give up that power.

Although if Cole and I are right, Reid lost a bit of his control over the franchise yesterday as McNabb was traded to Washington. According to Cole's sources, Reid did not want to trade McNabb, but he does think Kolb could be great. However, Reid knew Mcnabb was already great so there was no need to replace him with a question mark.

Obviously, Banner and Roseman won out since it was two-against-one vote. Banner might have been planning on asserting his authority for a while, considering that former GM Tom Heckert left for Cleveland after the season. Heckert was more than likely going to settle with Reid on any decision that was made.

Now, like I reported a month ago, Roseman has been groomed by Banner. This makes it easier to gain control since he has the general manager in his back pocket.

Remember just a year ago, Reid came out days before the free agent period opened and stated adamantly that free safety Brian Dawkins would be back with the team. Instead, he was gone and reports came out that Banner was responsible for Dawkins leaving to the Broncos. Those reports said he lowballed him and did not even trying to make a last ditch effort to retain him.
The reason that this becomes a big story is because Reid might be the next one that is shown the door or he might decide to leave the organization. Head coaches in the NFL do not like when they have their authority challenged and when they do not get to be the ultimate decision-maker. Bill Parcells said it best, when he said "if they want you to cook dinner, they at least ought to let you shop for some of the groceries."

As you all know, Parcells left the Patriots for green pastures of the Jets and gained more control. A similar situation could be brewing here with Reid. He might not want to stay in a place where he feels disrespected and cannot make the final decision.

Even if Kolb flops (should be Banner and Roseman's fault), Roseman and Banner will most likely pin it on the head coach and result in Reid exit.

More significantly if McNabb leads the Redskins back to glory and the Eagles revert back to the mid-90s version (not good) then Reid will take the heat for sending him to the Redskins. Banner and Roseman most likely claim they did not want to send him in the division, but Reid forced their hand by not allowing them to dump McNabb in the NFL wasteland that is Oakland or Buffalo.

In spite of this, Reid will not let this turn into a public soap opera. That is just not how he does business. Even today, he tried to cover up the strained relationship between the front office hierarchy on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the morning. He claims that he had the final say on the McNabb trade, so he was ultimately the one that made the decision to deal the six-time Pro Bowler.

Obviously, this has been bubbling up to the surface for a couple of weeks now since Roseman was brought in as the new general manager. This volatile situation could turn ugly really fast with the NFL Draft approaching.

Imagine what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in the Eagles draft room on the weekend of April 22-24 with those two sides butting heads.

1 comment:

  1. I always say that the most successful teams are the ones that have consistency at the top, the Eagles have lost this big time. We have now lost the GM and our field general and I am worried we are going to have to pay the consequences until consistency can return. At this point I would be OK with telling Reid that we appreciate his services and you are still an outstanding coach but we are in rebuilding mode and are looking for the right fit for the next decade. We will likely not hire a better coach but if we can hire a good enough one that will be around for a decade then this team will someday have another shot at greatness.