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Redskins After McNabb,

McNabb to Division Rival Redskins?
By Lance Epstein

According to Fox Sports' Jay Glazer a new rumor that has surfaced surrounding Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Glazer tweeted, "Here is a new one. Actually heard Skins made a inquiry (referring to McNabb)."

While fans have a hard time believing that the Eagles would exchange their Pro Bowl quarterback within the division, Glazer took the rumor a step further.

"To clarify, there was more than just mild interest from Skins for McNabb. Hear they even talked players."

However, Washington Post Columnist Jason Reid wrote that a sources close to the situation said if the Redskins were remotely interested in McNabb's services it occurred very early on and not recently. He does not expect a trade to be consummated and the team to draft a quarterback in the first-round. Although the team did not have any comments on the possible addition of the 11-year veteran.

Additionally, Reid wrote that even if the Eagles wanted to trade McNabb to Washington, new Skins head coach Mike Shanahan would have to approve a quarterback that does not necessarily fit his idea of restoring the team to greatness.

"But even if the Eagles were willing to trade McNabb within the division, I'm not sure McNabb is the type of quarterback Shanahan would prefer as he begins the task of trying to restore the Redskins to prominence," Reid wrote. "And from what we're hearing at Redskins Park these days, Shanahan's vote is the only one that really counts."

This is an interesting trade scenario for the Eagles, if McNabb is traded to the Skins, he will get two opportunities per year to face his former squad. Also, it would be a ridiculous circus type of atmosphere when he would come to the Linc.

With that said, the Eagles might really believe his struggles against Dallas are more then just a series of bad games. Perhaps head coach Andy Reid and GM Howie Roseman think that Mcnabb's skills are about to greatly diminish that it would not matter if they traded him within the division.

Also, the Eagles could be talking to the Redskins because if they were to trade him to a divisional foe, they could ask for more or higher picks and better players coming back then they could with other teams.

Still, it is hard to fathom that the Eagles would make such a move that would drastically improve a team within a division.

Besides the Redskins rumor, Glazer reiterated that he "absolutely" thinks that McNabb has played his last game in an Eagles uniform. More importantly Glazer said that the team is trying to negotiate a deal to a team where McNabb would be happy and they have been leaving offers on the table.

One of the reasons Mcnabb has not already been traded to Oakland or Buffalo according to Glazer is because Reid wants to treat McNabb with respect. Reid wants to send him to a club that has a chance to compete for a title and not in obscurity.

Eventually, Reid is going to have to accept the best available offer for McNabb. It is admirable that he is willing to show some class to the quarterback that has made him the winningest coach in Eagles franchise history, but the NFL is a business. If team's know you are unwilling to unload McNabb unless he approves, team's are going to try and rip off the Eagles.

On the flip side, teams such as the Raiders and Bills might up their ante into something the Eagles could not refuse. And if Reid rejects an unbelievable offer, he is hurting his chances for a title.

At the end of the day, the Eagles cannot refuse to accept an offer from the NFL's bottom feeders due to McNabb's displeasure. The team concept is more important than making McNabb happy when he will not be your headache anymore.

Lastly, do not expect McNabb to be traded within the NFC East. In fact, it would be surprising if he is traded to a NFC in general. Any NFC team with him has the chance to get in the way of the Eagles' Super Bowl chances (team like the 49ers could be that team). If that did happen, Reid would never be able to live it down McNabb eliminating the Eagles in a playoff game as his former quarterback (who was thought to be on the downside of his career) marches on his way to a potential championship.


  1. I have looked at Shanahan's record and do not find that he has ever had a black QB, either as a starter or 2nd/3rd string. He has a history of black running backs, white QBs. So, I don't think Mcnabb will be coming to DC -and I don't think Campbell will stay. Expect a trade for the latter.

  2. I do not think McNabb will be there either but not cause he is black but due to the Eagles not getting enough from Shanahan. I think the black part does not matter. Besides McNabb the eagles have not drafted a black quarterback and the same can be said for Lovie Smith and he is African American.