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Reid: Team Has Flexibility and Energy

Reid Press Conference Quotes Minicamp Day #1
By Lance Epstein

After the first full-day of minicamp, head coach Andy Reid seemed to be very excited about the prospects of his 2010-11 squad. He constantly reiterated about how the energy level was high with his new team and that he likes what they have done so far.

Furthermore, he talked about how multiple defensive and offensive players will give the club more flexibility to the Eagles this upcoming season.

Reid also discussed how the team's first minicamp without Donovan McNabb in 11 year's felt like and how Kevin Kolb has handled being the guy in practice. Additionally, he talked about one player having gastric surgery and he stated it wasn't his idea otherwise he would have had the surgery done as well.

All in all, Reid covered many topics in his first minicamp press conference. Here is what he had to say:

Opening remarks:

“All in all it is good to get everyone back out here and working. It is good to see the young guys move around like they did. It is good to get Kevin [Kolb] in the mix and his first practice as a starting quarterback. I thought they came out and there wasn’t a lot of rust and they came out and practiced hard and aggressive. The news guys seemed to pick everything up. The next couple of practices will tell whether the new guys will tell how far their retention goes. They study for the first practice and another set amount of plays for the afternoon practice. And another load for tomorrow. So far so good.”

On what he is looking for in Kolb’s progress:

“Well we want to make sure he is executing the offense that is obvious. You saw today where the defense had a little mix up on the coverages. Kevin came out and [Jason] Avant was running a vertical and he dotted him with the ball there. I am just giving those as an example. Those are indicators of knowing the offense and understanding the offense. That’s what you look at with any of the quarterbacks is execution of the actual plays, accuracy, footwork and so on.”

On Max Jean-Gilles surgery:

“He had the gastric band. No I haven’t [had a player have that surgery]. No that was his idea. I’d be the first one to get it if it were our idea. I think he is going to be fine. I don’t think it will hinder his play and help him, I would imagine down the road with the weight. Playable weight.”

On rookie free safety Nate Allen:

“Nate had the quad that he had during the workout. We’re just being cautious with him. None of these players got hurt today. It is just things we pulled back on. Nate tried to continue with his workouts, showing the different teams that he could push through and do the workouts, when he should’ve backed off and not been so nice in doing that. We’re going to back him off just a little bit and have him heal up. “

“We will start Nate off at safety. That is what we will do. He did some of the individual stuff with the group install. We just kept him out of the team things. We will keep him in the same role unless something crazy happens here. Right now that is kind of the role were going with.”

On working in Brandon Graham:

“Well we have him working with the two’s right now at the left defensive end spot. This camp is really to get these young guys used to the system and how we do things around here, the process. I give don’t give them so much stuff so they can’t function out there to show a little bit of their talent and work through it. That’s what were doing with him.”

On the players that partially practiced:

“Hobbs had the spin injury that you knew about. Ingram had the knee surgery that he is coming off of. Marlin had knee surgery, Max had the gastric band and Allen had the quad that we talked about.”

“They will be coming back here for the next OTAs here.”

On Victor Abiamiri’s surgery:

"Victor did have knee surgery. Omar had foot surgery. And Jackson had the knee injury. I will have Rick [Burkhalter] come in and explain everything so I don’t say something I shouldn’t say there."

On asking for or finding leadership:

"I let it come naturally. You can’t fake leadership, you cannot do that. They have to be willing to step up on their own and let their leadership abilities show. We got enough guys on this team that are good leaders and that will take place."

On new life of the team:

"I don’t know about a new life, but the guys got good energy. If that translates. They got a lot of energy right now, not that there wasn’t before. I think anticipation on what they can do on the football team. We are just kind of starting that process. Even though we had most of the team up here, but now we have the influx of the young players, so they seem to kind of follow what the veterans do. It has present us with a nice little energy. And I think the guys will build off of that."

On the practices without McNabb:

“I didn’t think much of it when I was out there. You get caught up in the practice and looking at more details at what the guys are doing. I guess it was different obviously by him not being there. There was still good energy and excitement for the practice."

On what he saw from practice:

“I sit there and observe. That is part of my job and to see where things are right and where things need to be tweaked a little bit. So far I like what I see. A little early in the process, but for two hours I liked what I saw.”

On middle linebacker Stewart Bradley:

"I thought he moved around pretty good. He has been up here all offseason so I have had a chance to see him run around a little bit and I have liked what I have seen up to this point. And what I saw today in practice."

On monitoring Bradley:

“Right now he is very strong. He had the other leg done before so he kind of knows what to expect. First one you are a little bit hesitant. You don’t rehab quite as hard because of the unexpected that happens every day. After that second surgery you attack that thing and get after it. Normally that rehab happens quicker as long as it is on a different leg not like Cornelius [Ingram]. What we will do is monitor him. He has been doing very well, very strong and doing well on all of his test. We will keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t overload that thing.”

On Alex Hall at defensive end:

"That is what Hall played in college. He worked a little bit with the linebackers in the offseason program. We put his hand down here and gave him a chance to rush the passer. The thing he does best is rush the passer. He is very good at that and he has a nice feel at the line of scrimmage. He was playing the outside linebacker in a 3-4 [defense] so it gave us the flexibility to go either way with it. I think this gives us a little bit more opportunity to do what he does best."

On Mike McGlynn taking reps at center:

"Nick [Cole] is the starting center as long as Jamaal is not in there. We got to find out about McGlynn, got to find out about Reynolds and Shipley. So that what were doing. We are trying to give them as many opportunities as we can, but at the same time it gives us the flexibility with Nick to play a little guard and the center spot."

On rookie Ricky Sapp now playing linebacker:

"Again he is a guy that we created a position for there. They let him cover tight ends and cover running backs and do those things. So we wanted to give him an opportunity there to see what he could do there. Just like we did with Hall and try to give him a shot. It gives us a little flexibility."

On amount of defensive ends:

"I don’t think you can have enough of them. I think that is a pretty important part of this game. You also have got to play the run, but I think we got guys that can do both. We got a combination of guys."

On rookie WR Riley Cooper:

"It looked like he had a pretty good day today. He had some nice catches and is a big body and is very physical. I think he fits in very well with the style of offense. Well see how he does down the road here."

On RB LeSean McCoy’s Development:

"I think LeSean had a very good offseason. He gained some strength where he needed to both in the upper body and the core area. He has worked very very hard this offseason. Obviously I am looking for good things from him. I do appreciate how hard he has worked over the past few months here."

On rotating Ernie Sims and Akeem Jordan at weak-side LB:

"We will probably have Sims working with the ones and Jordan with the twos. If the reps get all out of wack then we will make sure Jordan gets enough. Akeem gives us some flexibility, he can do a lot of things for us; he can play all three spots [Jordan was mostly at weak this morning]."

On Moise Fokou and Macho Harris gaining weight:

“Well I told you before, macho what he does is that he can play safety. In college he was a very physical and a very good corner. Howie and I actually went back and reviewed him playing corner and compared it to the draft picks, the guys coming out in the draft and he was a heck of a corner. He gives us a little flexibility to play the safety, corner and even move inside and play the nickel spot. For this camp right now he is going to stay at safety. If we need to move him around we have that flexibility to do that.

“Fokou, again he is a gimme. He hasn’t missed any workouts this offseason. He has gotten himself stronger. He always uses his hands very well. You talk about heavy hands with those linebackers that can play the game out in front of him, keep separation and jolt a tight end or running back. He has that ability, it is just a matter of him maturing from one more year in the defense. Right now he is working with the first group.”

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