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Sims Conference Call Quotes

Sims: 'Ready For New Beginning'
By Lance Epstein

Earlier today, the Eagles made the announcement that they acquired Lions linebacker Ernie Sims as part of a three-way trade. The Eagles gave up the fifth-round pick the received as compensation for Sheldon Brown and Chris Gocong.

Sims, 25, is expected to start at weakside linebacker for the Eagles, but he will be pushed by incumbent starter Akeem Jordan. The former first round pick out of Florida State has accumulated 421 tackles, six forced fumbles, 2.5 sacks and one interception over his career. Although in 2009, he only suited up for 11 games because of shoulder and hamstring injuries.

Still, Sims is young and his speed fits into exactly what defensive coordinator Sean McDermott needs to rebuild the defense. Sims is very athletic and uses his speed to wreck havoc in the backfield and get to the quarterback.

For a fifth-round pick, he has more potential and upside than almost any player the Eagles would have gotten with the 137th overall selection. He could wind up being a steal for the Eagles since his skill set fits in extremely well with the defensive philosophy.

Additionally, this trade makes the Eagles much deeper at the linebacker position. Also, his versatility gives the Eagles insurances. If Stewart Bradley falters in his recovery, Sims has played the MLB position and could step to take over. Sims knows how to be a leader and run a defense since he was the man doing so in Detroit.

After finding out about the news, Sims had a conference call where he answered some of the media's questions. Here are his quotes.

On joining the Eagles a successful franchise and going to from the Lions:

"I’m just really excited. That part of my career is over with. And I am ready for a new beginning. I have been watching Philadelphia for a long time. My teammate Brodrick Bunkley, I have been watching him on film and everything and I have seen what kind of success he has had. I am excited to be a part of it."

On how he sees himself fitting into the linebacker rotation:

"The type of player I am and have been my whole life, ever since I was a little kid. I don't expect to come in and just be handed a job. I expect to come in and work for my position. I have no idea what other linebacker’s names are. I do know Omar Gaither cause I have met him over the years. I want to come in and prove to the coaches that I am the player that I am."

More experiences at weak-side or strong-side linebacker with the Lions:

"I can play both sides. In fact, I can play all three of them."

Which did he play in Detroit:

"We pretty much played left and right. It depends on what the formation the offense came out in, so we would be strong-side or weak-side. On third down packages, I played a little bit of MIKE also."

If he covered the tight ends and what other assignments did he have:

"In some case (referring to covering the tight end). If I was to the strong side then I did have to cover the tight end."

On only playing in 11 games this past season and if he is 100 percent healthy:

"I am healthy now. Last year, I went into the season very healthy. I was coming off of shoulder surgery from a couple of years ago and coming into the season I felt very strong. When I got hurt the second game of the season, the Minnesota game with my shoulder again, it was a freak accident like at the end of the game when it was pretty much over. Chester Taylor was trying to stay in bounce to keep the clock running. I wasn’t going to hit him and I lunged at him and he ducked. I flew right over him and my shoulder hit the hard carpet (the turf) and I sprained my AC joint. That was kind of a freak accident.

"I came back strong during the season and then during the Seattle game in the middle of the season, I tore my hamstring. I was running and a offensive lineman pushed me in the back and I hyper-extended my leg. And I ended up tearing my hamstring. That was the first time I have ever tearing my hamstring. Both of those injuries, I came back strong from. I have no problems from them right now."

Taking a physical with the Eagles:

"I plan on doing that tomorrow."

On why things never came together for him with the Lions after being the Ninth overall pick in the 2006 draft:

"I just think, there in Detroit, they just tried to put everything together. They tried so many things. They tried so many solutions. But I think it just did not work. I mean we had different head coaches, different defensive coordinators and I mean even different GMs. I loved it in Detroit but it just didn’t work out."

What the Eagles told him specifically about his role with the team:

"I haven’t talked to anyone. The only people I've spoken with from the Eagles are Howie [Roseman] and coach [Andy] Reid. I haven’t talked any football. Just talked to head coach Andy Reid he told me he was excited to have me. I mean I am just excited to get up there and work. He told me that the players are in the offseason workout right now. I'm ready to jump in and learn as much as I can right now. I'm like a sponge right now."

On his difficult years with the Lions and wanting to be there when it gets turned around:

"Most definitely. Some of the players like Dominic Raiola, Jeff Backus and Jared DeVries, who were there when I first got there and even guy that are there right now, I have worked hard with them. I have shed tears and blood with them and worked long hours with them. To leave them that is the biggest thing that was hard for me because I have been through a lot in that building and them. Yes, I am excited to get out of there and be on a great team, but at the same time it was hard for me to leave also."

On whether he was surprised by the trade:

"My roll last year was kind of fluky. I say that because last year I was injured, new coaches, new things and everything. I was kind of awkward. Talking with my agent he told me there was a possibility, but I really didn’t think that much of it. I went into work today like it was a regular day like I was going into work. As I was heading out of the building they told me what the deal was. I am just really excited."

On his knowledge of the Eagles defense and its scheme:

"No, not really (in saying about knowing the ins and outs of the defense). I do know they are a 4-3 defense and that is what I have been playing pretty much my whole life. I talked to a couple of players on the team that played there and they say they like blitzing a lot. That is something I strive at. Wherever the coaches want me to fit in, I want them to know they got one of the hardest working players. I am going to go out there and give them 100 percent."

Reaction to the trades the Eagles have made this offseason:

"I thought it was a big surprise (trading QB Donovan McNabb). Just as much as I thought that was a surprise, I was surprised when they told me that I was traded also. I just always got to remember that this is a business. "

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