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T.O. And McNabb Sequel? This Time In D.C.

The Saga Continues...Oh The Drama

By Lance Epstein

The last time quarterback Donovan McNabb and wide receiver Terrell Owens were on the same team, Owens was taking jabs at his starting quarterback and was paid to stay at home.

McNabb was forced to answer the daily questions from the media about his strained relationship with his No. 1 weapon. Ultimately, he saw his season go down the drain with a groin injury.

Today in very shocking news, the soap opera that was Days of are McNabb and T.O. lives may be brought back to primetime television. Only this time the story will take place in Washington and under new head coach Mike Shanahan.

According to ESPN's Ed Werner and Sal Paolontonio, McNabb has encourages the Redskins to add the once-heralded wide receiver to the Redskins’ receiving corps. In the report, McNabb and Owens have recently rectified their relationship on the set of Spike TV's, Pros vs. Joes, as they were teammates playing against former NBA players for an upcoming episode.

Owens, 36, is still an unrestricted free agent and is expect to be on the market until after the NFL Draft is over. Some teams like the Cincinnati Bengals have explored the possibility of acquiring Owens, but nothing seems to be imminent. Additionally, the Redskins have denied reports that they are considering going after the Pro Bowl caliber wide receiver.

Nevertheless, this is not the same Owens that has been an elite player in the NFL. Last year in Buffalo, he had his worse season since he came into the league in 1996 (not including his suspension in 2005). He only caught 55 balls for 829 yards and five touchdowns.

However, some will say those are impressive numbers considering that the Bills had no quarterbacks able to throw him the ball and he still managed to average 15.1 yards per catch. Furthermore, he has been relatively healthy over the pass four years, as he has missed just one start during that span.

Of course, this is one of the more bizarre stories to develop over the course of the dramatic NFL offseason. Nonetheless the biggest story of the offseason just seem to keep following McNabb anywhere he goes and even get juicer.

If Owens signs with the Redskins, owner Dan Snyder will be taking a big gamble like Jerry Jones and Jeffrey Lurie did. He will hope that the two can reconnect on the field and make magic happen like they did in 2004 and the beginning stages of the 2005 season.

As teammates, McNabb and Owens flourished as they hooked up for 20 touchdowns in just 21 regular season games. Moreover, Owens had 1,976 yards for the Eagles in his short tenure with the club.

Certainly, the two have the talent and ability to be a deadly combination, but hasn’t this saga already been played out before? Owens will go on to have a tremendous bounce back year and McNabb will put up pretty good numbers. But that is just the short term.

The long-term ramifications for the Redskins could haunt a franchise that has already been struggling over the last decade to just win a playoff game (have won one during the 2000s). Slowly but surely, the drama that is the star wide receiver will shine through. T.O. will start complaining about McNabb's accuracy or costing the team the chance to win the big game. That is the man that is who he is.

After being exiled from Philadelphia, he went to Dallas and stirred up more drama with Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Since Owens departure from Jerry World, Romo has finally won a playoff game and he has even become a cream of the crop type quarterback. Might be because he does not have the pressure on his shoulders that Owens places upon his quarterback to get him the ball consistently.

Before coming to Philly, he got himself a one-way ticket out of San Francisco as he belittled former Eagles quarterback Jeff Garcia. He caused so much drama in that situation that the 49ers took only a fifth-round pick and defensive end Brandon Whiting. Heck the Niners tried to get even with him, by sending him to Baltimore who had no quarterback. Ultimately as everyone knows, that trade fell through.

For Eagles fans, this gives them the opportunity to welcome both McNabb and Owens back to the Linc in unique style. Imagine the reception those two will get together as they take the field at Lincoln Financial Field.

If the reports are accurate and McNabb reached out to Owens, he might be booed mercifully. One reason, the fans will ask why did he not do this sooner? Like after the whole incident started. With him and Owens in the fold for the 2005-2007 seasons, the Eagles might have won the Super Bowl or at least been closer than they were during that period.

Still, the soap opera and fireworks that occur in D.C. would be marvelous for the three other teams in the NFC East. Owens and McNabb would make for a media frenzy, and perhaps lead to a new Owens children's book called ' Little T.O. learns forgiveness.' At the end of the day, the distractions, chemistry issues and hoopla would destroy the Redskins from within.

As for fans of the NFC East, it would lead to smiles on their face. Why you ask? Like every soap opera on television, the drama and dysfunction would be just around the corner.

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