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Eagles Droppings 5/11: Jackson Calls Out Coordinator and Clarifies McNabb Comments and Trade In The NFC East

Eagles Droppings 5/11: Jackson Calls Out Mornhinweg and Clears McNabb Comments, Dallas Draft Board and NFC East Trade

By Lance Epstein

Jackson on Mornhinweg and McNabb:

Since last week, there has been no Eagles player that has made more news as wide receiver DeSean Jackson. This week has not started out any different.

Today, more comments have emerged from the interview Jackson conducted with The Sporting News Magazine. This time he discussed offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Jackson stated that Mornhinweg questioned his toughness after sustaining a concussion, which cause him to miss a game this past season.

"I can remember we went up to New York [Week 14] - that was a huge game for us," Jackson said. "The week before, [the Giants had] beaten Dallas and I didn't play [at Atlanta] because I had a concussion. It was iffy if I'd come back and play. Our offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg, said some things, trying to question my toughness. I was like, 'Coach, I just got a concussion. This [is] my brain. If it's anything else, my shoulder, whatever, I'm going to play.'"

These comments are much more serious than his Donovan McNabb comments that the media blew out of proportion. Commissioner Roger Goodell made it his mission to prevent players from taking the field after suffering a concussion until the players are cleared by doctors.

This means that either Mornhinweg has gone to medical school to become a offensive coordinator/doctor or that the Eagles need to re-read [or should read] the NFL guidelines regarding concussions. Additionally, why would the team send out a young star and only to have him be lost for the year with a severe concussion?

Besides dropping the bombshell about Mornhinweg, Jackson appeared on ESPN's television show NFL Live. On the show, Jackson said his comments on McNabb were "mislead a little bit." He also stated he has no beef with McNabb and the interview was to show that the team is behind their new starting quarterback [Kevin Kolb].

"I never had no problem with McNabb," Jackson said. "The interview was basically to give support to the quarterbacks in the locker room with me now."

Jackson also touched on his relationship and the success he had with Kolb in the two games this past season.

"Well I think the biggest thing with Kolb and his opportunity is that he was in the system for two years so it is a lot easier for a guy to come in. Especially when you backed up someone like McNabb. FInally getting the opportunity to play and he was just ready for it. Like I said, I have a lot of confidence in Kevin Kolb," Jackson said. "I think he is mature enough to be ready for this situation.

"We are doing the best we can to support him, but be patient with him at the same time because you have to expect for a guy starting in his first full year in the NFL there is going to be a lot of ups and downs. But we are here to support him and doing everything we can to get offseason workouts with him."

Jackson did not go into great detail about the comments McNabb fired back at him, but ensured fans that he is solely focus on his job.

"I wish him all the best in his career. Nothing ill," Jackson said. "I just have to focus on what I have to do here and not get caught up in anything else...People are going to make it seem like something else but I know what it is."

Additionally, Jackson talked about getting a contract extension.

"Honestly, I have a job to do, which is to play football and better myself. It is hard for a athlete to go out there and negotiate when my contract says to play football," Jackson said. "I just left that in the hands of my agent. Hopefully the relationship works out with the team and myself and we were out a contract smoothly .Right now I am just focused on working hard, taking care of my job and playing football."

It is unsure how fans feel about Jackson running his mouth on all these topics [the concussion one is ok by me-- Mornhinweg should have a stern talking too about the seriousness of concussions], but if he keeps doing so, the Eagles organization will not take kindly to it.

Remember most players that have bad mouthed the organization, usually do not have long tenures with the club. Just ask Sheldon Brown, Lito Sheppard, Terrell Owens and John Welbourn. So if Jackson really wants a new long-term deal with the Birds, he probably should keep it on the down low.

Dallas Makes Trade:

On Monday, the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams completed a trade, which saw the clubs exchange two underachieving players. Former first-round linebacker Bobby Carpenter [18th overall in 2006] was traded to the Rams for former first-round offensive tackle Alex Barron [19th overall in 2005].

At Ohio State, Carpenter thrived in a 4-3 defense. He finished 10th on the school's all-time sack list with 14.5 sacks and recorded 191 tackles. In Dallas, Carpenter registered a mere 2.5 sacks and 98 tackles in four seasons. Going to St. Louis and playing under a Steve Spagnuolo defense might rejuvenate his career and he could ultimately thrive in the scheme.

The part of the trade that affects the Eagles is Dallas acquiring offensive tackle Barron. Barron was drafted by the Rams to be a starting caliber left tackle. However in the last two years, the Rams have decided to replace him with Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold.

One of the reasons he failed at left tackle was due the high amount of penalties and the 14.5 sacks allowed during his first two years. Since then, he has moved over to the right tackle position, where he has been slightly better. Still he has not become the player the Rams envisioned when they took him at No. 19.

For Dallas this makes a ton of sense considering Doug Free is the starting left tackle and only has started seven games in his entire career. Additionally, Marc Colombo is getting up there in age. However, with the Giants and Eagles vastly improving their pass rush this offseason, it is hard to imagine a team with Super Bowl aspirations counting on Free or Barron to be the answers at left tackle.

Of course, Barron has started 74 of 76 games in his six-year career, but that was for a putrid Rams team. That same team permitted Marc Bulger to get beaten down. This means Tony Romo might be running for his life if Free fails and Barron has to step in.

Dallas Draft Board Released:

On sturminator.blogspot.com, the site has posted pictures of the Dallas Cowboys draft board for the 2010 NFL Draft. Apparently the Eagles got a second-tier safety in Nate Allen and a second-round defensive end in Brandon Graham.

Here is a link to the rest of the article:



  1. Jackson needs to learn what should be said in the media, this Mornhinweg stuff doesn't need to come out right now. He should take it to Eagles management, and frankly they should deal with it harshly if it is true but the media should not be the forum until he tries other options. I hope he doesn't expect people to be loyal to him when they get asked a question regarding him by the media.

  2. it was said tongue in cheek mornhinweg wasnt really serious theres a subtext next to a picture that proves this in the magazine and it has also been clarified by other sources

  3. I think Lance Epstein needs a new editor. The writing here is awful!

  4. Holy spelling/grammar errors Batman.

  5. The headline was a little bit more dramatic than his actual statement guys! However, this is pretty much in line with the provebial mountain that was made of the comments between Donovan and DeSean last week. DeSean wanted to show confidence in his new QB, despite Donovan's need to push blame on youth in past seasons.

  6. Jackson is right on target to express what was said to him by Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg..., it's Jackson life that is put on the line at every game that he is playing in not Mr. Mornhinweg..., what was said to him by Mr. Mornhinweg was outright selfcentered and insensitive to the history of head concussion injury to it's players..., Mr. Morninweg remember that's this game of football is only a game...., Keep up the good work Mr. Jackson