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Eagles Droppings 5/15: Brent Celek's Big Week, Jackson The new T.O., Eagles To Play 3-4 and More

Eagles Droppings 5/15: Brent Celek Makes Appearance On ESPN, Jackson The New T.O., Eagles To Play 3-4 Defense and More

By Lance Epstein

This past week, Eagles tight end Brent Celek saw his stock soar to new heights. Earlier in the week, he launched new promotions and challenges on his Facebook and twitter page. Also, his twitter/facebook allows fans to interact with him on a daily basis.

However, Celek really exploded onto the national media by making his rounds at the ESPN compound. His first appearance was on ESPN's morning show First Take, where he talked about the Eagles. Besides talking Eagles football, he participated in a jalapeno-eating contest. He followed all that up by making guest appearances on ESPN radio’s Scott Van Pelt Show and the daily television show NFL Live.

Some of the topics that Celek discussed while at ESPN were the Jackson versus Donovan McNabb controversy, the new direction of the team and about his new quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Here is a link to here his interview on ESPN.com:



Jackson Thinks Fans View Him As Terrell Owens:

According to Philadelphia Daily News writer Les Bowen, wide receiver DeSean Jackson believes the national perception of him is that he is on his way to becoming the next Terrell Owens.

While at an autograph session, Bowen talked with Jackson about the controversy that he has recently had with his former teammate Donovan McNabb. Jackson feels that McNabb should not be opening his mouth, just like McNabb was implying with his comments. Furthermore, he believes the situation makes him look like former diva wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Alas, DJax, with the McNabb hoo-ha still fresh, didn't think that was anything he ought to be talking about, either. He knows last week's activities reignited fears of incipient divahood among fans who have been on the alert for that ever since his reputation preceeded him into the 2008 draft. Two exceptional seasons as a hard worker and a leader put all that stuff on the back burner, but it will probably never completely go away.

"They think I'm the new T.O.," Jackson said.

Is Jackson right to think this? Yes and No. The reason he has a right to think this way is due to the national perception of highly touted wide receivers being “divas.” Jackson has put in the hard work to be a successful player in the NFL and to be the ultimate playmaker. Unfortunately the paranoia of the fans with players who are flashy and make noise through the media will always be labeled a "diva," and will always scare them. Especially since Eagles fans saw their team go down the drain due to an ego-manic in T.O.

On the other hand, Jackson should not feel like this because the fans have been supportive of his critical comments. Over the past two years, the fans have heard him state it is “team first.” Additionally, he did not overblown his contract situation like T.O. did and he could have easily done that with his agent being Drew Rosenhaus. Furthermore, he is being grossly underpaid for his production.

Honestly, Jackson probably should have kept quiet about being happy with the club's decision to go in the direction of Kolb, but nothing he has said has warranted T.O. status.

Eagles To Play Some 3-4?

Ever since the Eagles stockpiled defensive ends/linebacker hybrids in the 2010 draft, the questions have surfaced about whether the club would be switching to a 3-4 defense anytime soon.

During the post-draft minicamp, defensive coordinator Sean McDermott danced around the question and said, "we're just learning our base defense at this camp."

This week, McDermott met the media and dropped subtle hints that the Eagles are willing install some 3-4 defensive plays into the playbook. First, McDermott said that Brodrick Bunkley could play the role of the massive nose tackle, which is a huge requirement in a 3-4 defense. In addition, he comfirmed that Antonio Dixon is currently at 320 pounds and is "rising."

Moreover, hybrids Ricky Sapp, Brandon Graham and the plethora of talent at the linebacker position makes the team very versatile and could give opposing team's numerous different looks on each down. If the Eagles can implement a 3-4 defense along with their base 4-3, the Eagles should have opponents on their heels and very confused.

Besides the 3-4 defense, McDermott touched on multiple other topics. One topic he went into great detail about was the nickel and dime packages. In those two particular packages, he implied that Marlin Jackson could possibly line up as a linebacker.

However another major subject McDermott touched on was bubble screens. The same bubble screens that Dallas killed the Eagles with in their three matchups in 2009. McDermott hopes to patch that up this offseason so he can sleep better at night.

One small suggestion for McDermott is to teach Asante Samuel to tackle.

McNabb Sorry For No Lombardi Trophy:

Yesterday on 97.5 FM [The Fanatic], former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb had a message for Eagles fans about failing to bring home a title in his tenure in Philadelphia. He apologized for not bring a title home to Philadelphia and that was one of his many goals.

"The things that I set out to accomplish and bring back to Philadelphia, I wasn't able to, and I apologize, more than anything, to the people of Philadelphia, not bringing a Super Bowl to 'em, but it didn't happen, and I look forward to trying to achieve that goal here in Washington," McNabb said.

McNabb also said that he and his former head coach Andy Reid still have a great relationship. In addition, he wishes Kolb all the success in the world and has no hard feelings towards him. 

"I wish nothing but the best for [Kolb]," McNabb said. "I know he's excited about it, and good things can happen for him."

Fans might not have liked McNabb's response to Jackson's Sporting News Magazine comments, but he has been a class act for most of his career and he showed it again on Friday.

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