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Players Discuss End Of Camp, Team and More

Eagles Talk About Minicamp, 2010 Season and More

By Lance Epstein

As minicamp wraps up, many Eagles discussed their first camp with the club, a new energy and meeting the new faces on the team.

Many new players such as Mike Bell and rookies talked about their new organization and how much they enjoyed the three-day minicamp. Other veterans talked about a newfound energy in the locker room and about their offseason workouts.

Here are some notable quotes from Eagles' players:

Fourth-round pick TE Clayton Harbor on his first minicamp:

"It was great we got to meet all the guys and everything. So just trying to fit into the team and find your spot with the team. Got to learn a lot about the organization, the plays and the stuff that I am going to need to know coming into the season. The tight end group was great. Brent [Celek], Cornelius [Ingram] and Martin [Rucker] were great guys. They really helped me out a lot, so it has been good."

DE/OLB Alex Hall on his experience at Eagles minicamp:

"It has been good. It was a great experience getting out there with the guys and running around and learning a few plays. Just getting to know the team overall."

Seventh-round rookie safety Kurt Coleman on the learning curves and getting help:

"It was a great experience. It was a lot of learning curves that I had to overcome, but with the help of Quintin Mikell, Quintin Demps and a lot of the veterans on this team helped make the transition a lot smoother."

Fourth-round pick LB Keenan Clayton on the key is learning the playbook:

"I have to say it went pretty good. It was everything that I expected. Everybody moving around really fast and the playbook coming at me at 100 miles per hour. I think once I learn the playbook, everything will slow down and I will be all right. I am come back in two weeks and reporting, so I am going to try and keep in shape. Get back in the weight room again and just try to get back into tiptop shape so I can run all day and don't get tired. I mean it is not time off. It is going back home and hanging out with the family for a little bit and right back at it."

RB Mike Bell on loving the team and the chance to get to the Super Bowl again:

"It went good. It went good, it was a extra bit hot out there so I had to stay hydrated. I thought it would be a bit cooler. I was excited. I love the team, the tempo. I love the way everyone practices and what the coaches bring. It is a great opportunity to go to the Super Bowl again. I am in a blessed situation. It is a long way to go. I understand it for the most part, but I want to be comfortable. I want to be comfortable and not have to think about it and react and play like I used too. The coaches do a great job installing it and making you understand the concepts where you don't have to think. So it is just going to take time and repetition for me to get the hang of it."

Safety Nate Allen on having to watch from the sideline:

It was a great experience. It is still a dream come true. Just got in learned as much as I can from the veterans and coaches. It was killing me not being able to go. It was frustrating a little bit. It was just time for me to get some mental reps."

FB Leonard Weaver on energy in the locker room:

"Definitely more. I say that because of the new guys coming in and ready to go. I think even with us veterans, we're more excited because we are the leaders now. So we have to be more vocal."

Linebacker Ernie Sims on the team's vibe:

"You can see it right now that everybody has a good vibe. That's how it was on the field. Everybody was working hard, but at the same time they were having fun with it. That's what you want with a team."

QB Kevin Kolb on the team having too much energy:

"It is very energetic. I think at times and having too much energy. We were jumping around a little bit. I think we need to calm down a little bit, but it was still fluid and I thought we were right on with everything. So it looked good."

Kolb on his first minicamp as the starter:

"I did not want to over do it. Like I said before, I think it is something that we do naturally as quarterbacks. That is what people are used to. They want to see you before yourself and not be something different. So I am just going to be myself and I know that will be enough."

WR Jeremy Maclin on Kolb being in charge:

"I think kevin for a guy that hasn't started many games is definitely the type of quarterback to lead your team. Very vocal and takes command of the huddle-- he was telling us what to do in the huddle. He is just real poised. I think that just gives us real confidence that a guy who hasn't played that much has that much poise and confidence."

Safety Quintin Mikell on everyone getting to know each other:

"It is pretty funny. I think the first meeting was the first time we actually had everyone in the room stand up and say who they were and what schools they went to. It is actually kind of a good thing right now. You got a lot of energy right. Everyone has a clean slate. It is time for us to start coming together. It is a exciting time right now."

DE Brandon Graham on returning from graduation and participating in minicamp:

"I feel like once I get it down, I'll be ready to go. I want to play fast. I'm going to play fast even if I don't know everything yet, because I know that's what (the coaches) want us to do ... I want to learn all the basics that I can. It wasn't that bad, like I thought it was going to be. This practice is a little faster. They just expect a lot from you. I feel like I did real good -- a couple mistakes, but that's a part of it. I want to make all my mistakes now, because in a game, I don't want it to be a problem."

RB LeSean McCoy on being a starting and being in better condition:

"They wanted me in better shape and also, man, I wanted to get a little quicker. Putting that weight on from Pitt, I lost a step. I'm trying to get that step back a little more. Everything I'm doing -- practice, studying -- I'm doing as a starter. Last year was more just trying to learn it and then get through it. This year I'm trying to master it and be on top of it so when guys ask me questions I know what's going on."

QB Michael Vick on year two of minicamps:

“To be honest, last year I thought I had it. Mentally, I thought I had it. As a competitor, as an athlete, you always feel like you are the greatest, but in reality, I wasn’t there...I hit more guys downfield in this minicamp than I did in six or seven practices when I was in Atlanta.”

OG Stacy Andrews on his performance last year and improving in 2010:

"Last year, I was still rehabbing and really was getting no reps. The only thing I was getting was mental reps. This year, I'm there in it and going through everything. Getting a lot of reps, that's the main thing. It was a mixture of things. It was me coming from an ACL [injury], learning a new a system and new technique. And I didn't get the off-season in."

C Mike McGlynn on trying to earn the starting center position:

"It's a great opportunity for me, and I'm excited about it. It's a great opportunity, and these opportunities are very few in the NFL. To get an opportunity to win a position when a guy goes down like Jamaal, opportunity rises, and you've got to make the best of it. It's a very short window, and I'm excited about it...I feel like center has always been a position that came natural to me. I think in the future in my career I'll be more of a center. The only position I don't feel comfortable at is left tackle."

LB Moise Fokou on minicamp and competing for a starting job at SAM linebacker:

"It's like the first day of recess. Everyone's out there flying around, and you get to see new faces, and we're trying to build on what we had last year. Every day, you're fighting for your job, so the competition is always welcome, and it just puts a little more pressure on your back to go out there and compete and be the best you can be."

Stewart Bradley on returning to the field after a torn ACL end his season before it started last year:

"Just walking out and being on the grass was a good feeling. There was a bunch of smiles. I feel good...I think it comes with getting more reps with each other. The more time you're out there, the more you are able to communicate with each other, the easier and more natural everything becomes."

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