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Reid Wraps Up First Minicamp

Reid's Press Conference Quotes
By Lance Epstein

After three days of learning the offensive and defense, drills and meetings, the team has ended their minicamp and head coach Andy Reid likes what he saw from his team.

He talks about having a good mix of young players and veterans around him. Furthermore, he discussed the center position, helping Kevin Kolb's demeanor after a mistake and about the influx of youth bringing some energy back to the team's veterans.

All in all, the Eagles learned a lot about some of their new acquisitions and hope that this minicamp is just the beginning to a very long and promising season.

Here are quotes from Andy Reid's press conference:

On the injuries and heading forward:

"Alright, injuries. [Running back Keithon] Flemming has a hamstring strain; he did not practice today. Victor Abiamiri with the knee, Omar Gaither had the foot surgery, Jamaal Jackson had the knee surgery and then Max [Jean-Gilles] had the gastric band. They did not practice today. Flemming practiced the first day and wasn't able to go the rest of the way.

"It was, again, good to get everybody back in here and have an opportunity to meet with them and, particularly, teach the new guys the offense, defense and special teams. I thought they picked it up well. Sometimes you get a massive overload and guys aren't functioning very well, but it looked like things went fairly smooth out there. Guys knew their assignments and were able to maintain a fast pace in practice. When guys don't know what they're doing, they have a tendency to slow down and be a mess. It went well and we have plenty of room for improvement. We'll continue to do that with all positions, veterans and young guys, so we'll continue to work on that over the next few months here."

On being more involved since he has a ton of young players on the team and even Les Bown of the Philadelphia Daily News:

"I've always tried to jump in and I enjoy that part of it. I got in this business to be a coach and so I enjoy that part of it. I mean, I like meeting with you guys. Is [Philly.com and Philadelphia Daily News Eagles beat writer] Les [Bowen] still alive? Where is Les? I was worried about him. That's the first thing I thought about when I heard that."

On whether his philosophy/thinking has changed about winning football games with veterans since he is injecting a ton of youth into the team:

"I still feel that way. This is what I told the team, it's got a neat blend of veteran players and young guys. There's an energy, even with some of the veteran players. It's brought out a little of that youth in them. I like that."

On the infusion of young players gives the team a new look:

"I think it does. I think you see that with the coaches. You can't help it when you get caught up in that energy that they have. It's fun to teach the new guys, it's fun to have an offseason to go back and study the veteran players and give them a little something that even makes them better than what they are now. Those are very satisfying things as a coach."

On LB Stewart Bradley's returning from a torn ACL, how he looked in practices and the next step:

"I thought he moved around well. He made a lot of plays and I thought he was covering a lot of ground. I thought he did very well. I think he'll keep getting better particularly when we put the pads on. I think that will be another test when people are leaning on him and he'll have to be able to extend and shed and all those things. This is a passing camp, so he didn't have to do all that."

On first-round pick Brandon Graham's performance at camp and what the coaches saw from him since he missed a couple of days due to Michigan's graduation:

"Well, he's a smart kid. Listen, I believe he's the first one to graduate from his family, so it was a very important day. [President Barack] Obama was speaking at the graduation. There were a lot of things involved there and he was really looking forward to that. It's been a great weekend for him; last couple of weekends, actually. I think he picked everything up fine."

On if the plan was always to have Graham comeback for Sunday [last day of minicamp]:


On free agent pick up WR Chad Hall adapting to the game after a couple of years away:

"He made a play out there today. He's a unique story. He's not the biggest guy, not the fastest guy; tremendously quick and strong. Having been in the Air Force, he really hadn't played a whole lot the last couple years. Then if you look at his last year at the Air Force Academy, I believe there were four or five games there where he played wide receiver; he had been a running back. Then he comes back and plays running back and [rushes] for 1,400 yards after missing five games. He's a pretty talented kid and we'll just see how he does as time goes on here. It's a new system for him to learn and all that. He's a sharp kid and we'll see how he does."

On the players who were asked to change positions like Alex Hall and Ricky Sapp and the next step in the process for him and the coaches:

"You put them there and then you can go back and re-evaluate. Right now I'm going to go up and have a staff meeting with the coaches and we're going to talk through all that stuff. We'll just see what the projection is. I waited a couple days just for that reason. You have a [DE Ricky] Sapp or a [LB Alex] Hall who haven't played that position for a while and so you get a clean evaluation. You can't do off of a two hour practice or four hours, two practices. You wait a little bit of time and see if things soak in and it makes them improve."

On Mike McGlynn playing the center position in camp:

"It looked like he did a nice job. He did some good things."

On allowing McGlynn to take snaps at center and if he needs anything else to adjust to the position:

"That was the idea behind this, just to give him some reps and see how he handled it. [Offensive line coach] Juan [Castillo] asks those guys to do a lot of things there. It looked like he handled that very well. He was able to kind of keep everything in perspective. He always reminds the huddle of the downs and distance and situations, so he's got his own little role there that he has to command. I thought he handled everything very well."

On Fourth-round selection QB Mike Kafka and his first minicamp:

"He looked good. He did a nice job in the red zone today. He showed me some things."

On a rookie or any new quarterback learning a new system and Kafka's progression:

"You look how he picks it up and then if he can function. Not so much the first day, but as you get into this third day here, that he can handle all the plays and calls and defenses that he's seeing. I thought he was able to digest everything fairly well."

On Michael Vick's dedicating himself this offseason and on his performance at minicamp:

"I think he looks great. You saw him today. He's working with the second group. Any time he gets into trouble, he's out of there. You see his quickness and speed back. He's throwing the ball confidently. He's very hard on himself. Both (Vick and Kolb) are. They beat themselves up over an incomplete ball. Those things are going to happen. At the same time, they don't want that to happen. I like that. I think that's important."

On Vick and Kevin Kolb making mistakes and taking it to heart:

"This is what I think he does well. He and Kolb both do this well. They're letting the offense work for them. If it's not there, if the route is covered, they have the ability to take off and go. Michael does that very well. If there's a breakdown, all the movements, I'm good with, as long as your eyes are down the field when you're doing that. He's doing all the moving in that pocket and things are constricted, but he's always looking for the throw down the field. He's working the offense the way it's supposed to work."

On being on the overall weekend and being on the field with the team:

"I like that part. That's an exciting part of the business. I think for all of us as coaches, that's why we got into it."

On when Kolb makes a mistake and the measures he takes to prevent himself from doing it again:

"He forgets the last play but he's going to beat himself up over mistakes. That's okay, that'll make him good. He's got drive. He is put in a position with great expectations. As long as your expectations are greater than those around you, that's a good thing. He puts pressure on himself and there's nothing wrong with that. You need to be able to do that at that position. He handles that very well, and he gets better. You don't see the same mistake. If he makes a mistake, it's not happening again."

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