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Vick Caught In A Lie

When Did Vick and His Entourage Leave?

By Lance Epstein

Either Michael Vick does not know how to read a clock or time really flies when he is having fun? Today, new evidence surfaced that reveals Vick and “his entourage” left club Guadalajara moments before a shooting that took place and not way before the incident occurred like has been originally reported.

Allen Fabijan, a spokesman for club Guadalajara told The Daily Press (Newport News, VA.) that surveillance videos [which the restaurant/nightclub turned over to the Virginia Beach police on Tuesday] show Vick and his friends leaving Vick’s 30th birthday party only a few minutes before the shooting occurred.

"I'm not saying that Michael Vick did the shooting. But he did not leave [long] before," Fabijan said to the Virginia based newspaper.

The new evidence handed over to the police contradicts what Vick's attorney, Larry Woodward and former Atlanta Falcon teammate Roddy White have said. Both have claimed and told the police that Vick left long before the shooting of Quanis Phillips on early Friday morning. While visual facts reveals that Vick and "his entourage" may have been caught in a lie, Woodward still stands by the original story and gives warning to those spreading rumors.

"I stand by what I said, that Michael was long gone before the shooting, does not know who did the shooting and had nothing to do with the shooting," Woodward said to The Daily Press. "Anyone who says any different better be very careful."

Even with Woodward's strong belief and words to the wise, Vick could be in serious trouble of violating his probation due to the skirmish. The U.S. Attorney's Office failed to comment on the status of Vick's probation, but if he is found to be in the wrong, his days as a NFL quarterback and free man could be over.

Still, Woodward is adamant about his client not having any ties to the shooting, which still appears to be true. However, it starts becoming harder and harder to believe his client when new video evidence challenges his initial story. Furthermore, Vick's image, which was not great before this situation might have taken another significant blow.

Additionally, it is not only Vick's imagine that is only the line and being tarnished with this state of affairs; it is also the Philadelphia Eagles organization’s image as well. Before this unpleasant incident many Eagles and NFL fans hated the idea of Vick getting a second chance after his heinous crimes against dogs. His signing led to multiple protests and the Eagles took the public relations hit.

Now, this incident destroys some of the franchise’s credibility and gives it a black eye because they vouched for the fact that Vick was a changed man. That he had turned over a new leaf and would be a model citizen. To the Eagles' credit, it appeared as if he was rededicated to the game of football by finally putting in the hours it took to improve his craft. Unfortunately, Vick seems to be reverting back to his vintage ways by not keeping a low profile and placing himself in bad situations.

Additionally, Vick has to know that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has his ears and eyes glued to the television set because this shooting does not reflect well on the NFL. In addition, this is not the first time that Vick has tried to lie and weasel his way out of trouble. During the investigation of the dog fighting scandal, Vick lie to Goodell's face about his involvement.

This shooting is not something that Goodell is going to take lightly, especially if Vick did not learn his lesson the first time about lying. For Vick, he should expect a meeting with Goodell over the next couple weeks about his NFL future.


  1. I'm not a Vick fan or Eagles fan, but gone is gone.... 3 minutes, 30 minutes, 3 days. It doesn't matter. If he wasn't there, he wasn't there. And really... if you leave somewhere, how are you supposed to have a timeline for something when your gone? How can you say you left "x amount of minutes" before a fight broke out... when you weren't even there when it broke out?

    Gone before it happened is gone before it happened fool!! A Mercedes Benz with 3 minutes is gone!! Not at the scene of the crime.
    The video evidence proves Vick was gone!!! If he was gone how would he really know the exact time that it happened anyway!!? It just further proves that he wasn't their when the shooting took place if you ask me.

    The video clears Michael Vick is what the post should have said, but a hater probably wrote the post.

    Andy Andy Reid family doesn't have the cleanest slate itself. Get off of Phillips nuts. Their not clean without Vick. Andy Reid's son had a "Drug emporium in Andy Reid's house, but Andy Reid doesn't go to jail. In the hood everybody in the house goes to jail. Especially the owner of the house. Andy Reid was suppose to be the first one to go to jail. T.O. left Phillip and almost overdosed in Dallas soon after. Coincidence, I think not!! Andy Reid's son was selling drugs to the Eagles team!!!!

  2. The media is praying for Mike's down fall!Who knows the exact time they leave the club after a "great party"? His lawyer said he left anywhere between 10 -30 minutes before the shooting, so now were crying over him being 10 -15 minutes off, give me a break......

    How did I know the media would be all over this! The Big Ben rape case got zero coverage from the press, and I mean zero! There were no CNN investigations, no Nancy Grace, and there were zero news papers digging to get the real truth! This too shall pass Mike! Theses people are driven by hate, and there's nothing they can do to stop you from becoming a great football player and man. Now you see that you can't take a crap without them trying to hang you. You can't put yourself in another position where someone else can cause you harm!

    It's amazing how everyone is talking about how Mike could have violated his probation while celebrating his party! No one is taking the angle of Quanis Phillips premeditated actions! He is the one who clearly violated his probation. He crashed a party he wasn't invited too, knowing full well Mike would be there, so this guy was asking for trouble and should be on his way to jail!

    This use to be a country where people could use common since, now where a county of hate and hidden objectives!

    Good luck Vick!!!!

  3. I am not debating that Vick left 30 minutes or 3 minutes before the incident. But he clearly lied about when he left. he said way before the shooting occurred. When someone's story begins to have holes in it, you have to start questioning the other parts they are telling you. He probably had no involvement in the shooting, but can we know for sure now that he had to go out of his way to lie about when he left the club? Little lies lead to big lies. thats the problem. Also, he lied to the commissioner and gov't officials before so he obviously has not learned the lesson to just come clean to begin with.

    I think that is a little suspicious about lying about something that is insignificant like when he left if he left before the shooting. He might have been gone before it happened but if he stayed until it was closer to when the shooting went down, he might not have pulled the trigger or been there but still could've been a part of it now.

    With all that said, I was hoping Vick would turn his life around and be a better person for what he has endured. I thought Tony Dungy would help mold him into a different Vick. Unfortunately, if he was listening to Dungy, he would not have been at the club or even in a situation like this in VA Beach but celebrating with a little party at his house with his family. I hope he had no involvement in this and can resurrect his imagine but it is looking like he doesn't understand the opportunities he has been blessed with. I know if I am on probation and that close to being kicked out of football, I am not getting myself even remotely close to a situation that could escalate and costs me everything.

  4. I am sorry but the first thing that keeps going through my mind is that he left the party because he was told things were going to get ugly, or worse yet he told people they should get ugly.