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Mama knows Best...Vick Able To Play

Vick: Should've Listen To Mom

By Lance Epstein

Earlier today, the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell completed their investigation in the shooting that occurred at Michael Vick's birthday party in Virginia Beach last month. According to a league spokesman Greg Aiello, Vick has been cleared to play.

This is huge news for the Eagles because the league could have punished Vick (up to four games) under the current player personal conduct policy even though Vick was not actually guilty of any crime.

Multiple reports have surfaced over the past week stating Vick and commissioner Goodell met. It has been confirmed that at the meeting Goodell told Vick to be more careful with whom he decides are his close friends and family. That was the only information leaked from the conversation as the NFL said it would not comment on private conversation between players and the commissioner.

Vick arrived at training camp today (as a selected veteran) and addressed the media on the situation. The first topic that Vick discussed was his feeling on the shooting.

"I was devastated because I knew the events that were happening that surrounded that," Vick said. "I knew it was unfortunate situation for it to happen at my 30th birthday party, what was going to come out of it, for his safety. You never want anyone to get shot. You never want anyone to get harmed... Like I tell everybody, if certain people never showed up it never would have happened."

Additionally, Vick remains by his initial story that he told police, which was he did not know that Quanis Phillips would be shot.

"I won't sit here and say I knew something was going to happen," Vick said. "I knew the events surrounding what happened and what took place outside. But that was about it."

The most important words that came out of Vick’s mouth was his understanding of this opportunity being his last chance. Vick reiterated that he put himself in a position where something like this could happen and he cannot do that ever again.

"I'm definitely on my last chance, I know that. I was just hoping that the truth would come out and everybody would hear that I had nothing to do with the event. But I know I'm on thin ice," Vick said. "I know this is it for me. I know I have to walk a fine line. Just the smallest thing could get me kicked out of this league or banned forever. So, it's a tough situation to be here, but I know and I'm confident that I won't put myself in harm's way."

In fact, Vick stated he should have listened to his mother about keeping the party private and not making it public.

"If I could reach back and do it all again, I would listen to my mom and have it private, let her orchestrate the party, and I didn't do it. And that goes to show that momma knows best and we all think we know certain things, and want to do what we want to do but you have to start listening to your mom at a certain point because she isn't going to tell you anything wrong," he said.

As we all suspected, this confirms that mom really does know best. Also this news means Vick can be counted on as the team's lead backup to Kevin Kolb and Wildcat extraordinaire this upcoming season.

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