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Reid On Day 2 of Eagles Training Camp

Reid Talks Eagles After Morning Practice

By Lance Epstein

After the second day of Eagles training camp, head coach Andy Reid met the press. Here are some of his quotes:

Opening Remarks:

"It's good to get back on the field and have the opportunity to see the guys run around a little bit. We had one-on-ones with the offensive and defensive lineman which we weren't able to do during the mini-camps, so we're able to see the guys actually pass protect live and it looks like there are some positive things coming out of that. (S) Nate Allen obviously signed. You saw him out here today. Good to have him out. (DE) Brandon (Graham)—we're working on that, again, not a lot of first round picks signed right now, so there's a little stall going on. (Eagles President) Joe (Banner) and (Eagles GM) Howie (Roseman) are working on that, and that will get done here somewhere, I'm not sure exactly where."

On releasing LB/DE Alex Hall after trading for him this offseason:

"Well, you obviously go through the roster and see the guys that you feel don't quite fit in to what you are doing schematically. I think Alex Hall will be a very good outside linebacker in a 3-4 front. We worked him as a linebacker, and also worked him as a defensive end. After the evaluation we just felt like his best thing would probably be a 3-4, and I think Alex can definitely play in this league and be very successful, he's just got to get into the right situation."

On getting Allen into camp and not worried about Graham not being here:

"No. I wouldn't say that. I would say that I want them all here. So, it's good to have Nate here, but I want Brandon here, too."

On past players missing the beginning of training camp:

"Obviously, some of it is opportunity, and those two guys had an opportunity. With Corey's situation, we had an immediate need for that position. With Maclin, and I'm not saying this is different than Corey, Maclin was very intelligent and was able to pick things up very fast offensively, and ended being able to work in and have a positive rookie year."

On what makes Nate Allen a starter as a rookie:

“"I'd probably say a little bit of what I just said about Maclin. Nate’s very intelligent. He has very good ball skills. Somehow he got labeled as not being a physical guy. I think he’s a very physical player off of what he did in college. I’ll be curious how he sustains once the veterans get in here and we start cranking it up.”

On transition to being the starting free safety:

"It's tough from the standpoint that you're making a lot of calls and you got to get people lined up. You can't be shy. You got to be able to recognize what's going on in front of you. You can tell how the players respect him -- at least in the minicamps -- by [how] they knew that he knew how to make the adjustments well. He's making most of the calls back there."

On observations on Allen's first day of practice:

"Well, he didn't look like he had lost much from the mental standpoint. We threw a few different formations at him and he seemed to make all the adjustments well. He's making most of the calls back there."

On who impressed from offensive line and defensive line 1-on-1 drills:

“From a defensive standpoint, [Daniel Te’o-Nesheim] looked good. They all had their spots. [Austin] Howard, [Dallas] Reynolds looked well. Fenuki [Tupou] looked like he was moving around pretty good. He was coming off an injury so I was curious to see how he would do, and he looked like he's done fairly well there. But they've all had their spots, they've all had spots on both sides of the ball where they have been productive.”

On progress of signing Brandon Graham:

“Nothing has taken place so far, and he needs to be here.”

On depth along the offensive line:

"I think (Offensive Tackle) King Dunlap did a nice job of stepping up this offseason, I think he had a very good offseason. We'll see how the others do here. I think we have a little talent there. I thought Reynolds had a good offseason. Some of the young guys, the first-year guys, look like they stand a chance."

On the offensive line being a cause for concern with injuries and young backups in place with little experience:

"I'm pretty comfortable with (Guard/tackle) Stacy (Andrews) right now; I think he'll be fine. I think he's healthy and strong and understands what we're asking. I'm not too worried about Stacy."

On being confident in Stacy Andrews:

“It was just a matter of getting confidence in his leg and getting complete strength back because he’s a big guy and the big guys, they gotta make sure they can get themselves bent down there low. You’re talking about a guy that’s 6-foot-7, so I wanna make sure they can bend. You’re just talking about a couple inches off there and people can get under your pads and drive you back. So he’s back in that position where he’ll be very successful this year. Well he kind of went through highs and lows last year, no pun intended, but he went through periods where it looked like he was strong and can stay down and it was a matter of sustaining it week-in and week-out, I didn't think he had that. I thought he would get himself up, and then he would get into trouble, and then we would back off a little bit, and he would get himself down, and it wasn't until the offseason when he got his full strength and everything back."

On Todd Herremans’ foot injury:

“He had the soreness in it, and so it’s important that we just gradually feed him back in there and see how he does. He missed all of camp last year. I just wanna slow this thing down and make sure we can bring him back gradually and don’t do something to affect the foot. We've seen plenty of that with basketball players, they rush back in there and end up with career-threatening injuries. It's soreness in the foot. Right now, it's good. It's calmed down, and again, we're just going to take it day by day and see how he does (it is related to the surgery he had last year Reid said.).”

On center Jamaal Jackson's and his recovery from the ACL tear:

"Jamaal, I think, is a little bit ahead of schedule, but again, we'll just see how he does. They can work with the trainers and strength coaches, so that's what they've been doing, so we'll just see how they progress. As coaches, we stay out of that and just kind of go off what those two groups tell us. So, we'll see how they do."

On the new age technology that helps players recover from torn ACLs faster than expected:

"I think they're all different. You've seen guys be able to come back really quick, and then you've seen guys that can come back, a little bit of what I said with Stacy, where it was up and down. Then you've seen guys that can't come back at all within that time period. We think that Jamaal is on track of getting back, but we'll just have to see how he does here, but the technology is incredible. It gets better and better and better, with the technology and the doctors."

On Kevin Kolb’s first three practices:

“He looked good these three practices, but you wanna see it with the rush and the first group both offensively and defensively and see how he does there. I’m expecting he’ll do fine. He looks good so far.”

On if coach Doug Pederson helping Kolb acclimated like he did with Donovan McNabb in 1999:

"First of all, I think Doug has a great future ahead of him as a coach, and you saw that, even when he left here and went back to Green Bay. He went to Cleveland, then Green Bay. But when he was at Green Bay, you saw he and Brett (Favre) talking between every series, and Brett had a tremendous amount of trust in Doug, and Doug's opinion on things. And that's not taking anything away from (Eagles QB Coach) James (Urban) and (Offensive Coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg), but he can definitely help them in certain areas."

On QB Michael Vick role in the Wildcat offense and his play so far:

"Yeah, we'll get him in the mix here. We'll have a couple of things with him. I think he's doing good. Michael will be fine. He's been doing this for a couple of years, so he'll be alright."

On rookie WR Riley Cooper and his addition to the Eagles (caught a nice fade route today from Vick in the red zone):

"We liked Riley coming into the draft. I think what you're saying is true, not that we were in great need of a wide receiver, but he was there and he was there, where we didn't think he would be there, so we said 'hey listen, he's the best guy on the board, so let's take him.' It didn't hurt that he went to Howie's alma mater...He's big and he plays big. Very physical, very strong. He's got good hands and he can run, which I'm not sure people believed. Although you can see it on tape, I'm not sure that they believe that, but he plays very fast."

On remembering Jim Johnson:

“We all miss him. I think all of us in the tent here miss him. I guess there’s a couple lessons you can learn. Time moves on, and it’s a crazy thing. Life’s a crazy thing. We all need to live each day to the fullest, and I think we all learned that from him. If we didn’t know it before, we learned it from him. But we all would love to have him here and coaching... He was sincere. You guys dealt with him. He was no different with me or the players. He shot 'em straight."

On teams honoring a fallen player or coach for only one season:

"Well, I don't know that. I can't answer that. You've obviously put in a lot more thought into that than I have. We all remember him and I think everybody respects him. There are more of us here that knew him than even our football team, because we have so many new people here. They just know the legacy that he left. I can't answer that question."

On going over to Afghanistan with other coaches:

“It makes you appreciate everything you have, and you get to kind of see the time and effort and lives that are being sacrificed so that we can have what we have. It’s pretty impressive. It’s harder for all of us, unless we’ve been there, for words to be able to explain exactly what takes place over there.”

On all veterans reporting on time tomorrow:

“I expect everyone to be here.”

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