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Reid Press Conference After First Full Practice

Reid Breaks Down The Eagles
By Lance Epstein

After the Eagles first full practice (no contact) head coach Andy Reid addresses the press about injuries, his squad and expectations. Here are some of his quotes:

On injuries and opening remarks:

"Okay, we've got [DE] Victor Abiamiri, [G/T] Todd Herremans and [C] Jamaal Jackson are on the PUP list. It's good to get everybody back out here today. We've changed up the schedule just a little bit from what we've done in years past. We didn't have the conditioning drill this morning. The guys had gotten that done before they left for the summer. We had a couple guys that weren't there that last part of the last mini-camp. They came up early, they knocked it out and everybody passed and is in good shape. We had a good workout this morning. We did all fundamental work, so there was no teamwork. It was a good time just to get back into the flow of technique and fundamentals. We did that for about an hour and then we had the 10/10/10 practice this afternoon. Obviously it's too early to tell on the production of anybody right at this point, but we'll suit it up tomorrow and we'll get after it tomorrow. I think the guys are looking forward to it. Again, they seem to be in good shape and ready to roll."

On if he needs to change the condition process so injuries do not happen:

"Well, we've done it for the last 11 years. Last year I contemplated on changing it, and so this year I finalized it. We had some nicks coming out of that thing, or in this practice here, or that first practice. That kind of contributed to fatiguing them with their legs and so on. I thought I'd give it a little change-up and try something new."

On if the new strength and conditioning coaches and program altered the change:

"No, not necessarily. Former strength and conditioning coach Mike Wolf and I talked about it last year doing it and head strength and conditioning coach Barry Rubin and I talked about it again this year and talked with head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder about it the last couple of years. I decided it was a good thing to do this year."

On if there will be less contact or changes with contact at practices:
"No. We'll see how it goes tomorrow."

On if he plans on giving returning players with injuries some days off in between practices:

"Well, we're going to watch them is what we're going to do. We'll just see how they're doing. Rick and I will meet on the players twice a day, so we'll have a good feel. We've highlighted a couple guys here that we'll want to make sure we keep an eye on."

On DE Brandon Graham signing and getting into camp for the first team practice:

"Well, a couple things. I think president Joe Banner did a phenomenal job with it and Joel Segal did a phenomenal job on Brandon's side. I think Brandon the whole time wanted to be here. This first round thing was a little crazy this year, so it's good to get him in. It looks like he's been working and we'll see how he does here."

On Graham and his physique:

"Yeah, he added a couple of pounds. I think it's good weight. It looks like he's been working, and I think he'll be ready to go. We'll see how he does."

On the additions and new faces will create more competition than in previous years:

"Well, every year I tell you that we try to strive to have competition at all spots. Obviously when you have established veterans, you present the competition to them and they take it that way. However, it's probably a little bit more solid situation than if you're a younger guy. I guess just with that there might be a little bit more. We're trying to present it at every position and that's what (general manager) Howie Roseman does with his crew and I think there are some situations here where there's going to be good competition."

On the starting LDE job and competition:

"You know my feeling on the defensive line. If I can come out of there with eight guys that can play, two at each spot, I'm great with that. If there's more, the more the merrier. You can't have enough good defensive linemen. So I like to rotate those guys and throw those fastballs at the offense."

On DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim playing inside as a DT and outside as a DE:

"Well, he does both. He did both in college. Again, he had a lot of sacks actually at each position, but probably more on the outside than on the inside. It gives us a little flexibility there to see what he can do."

On WR DeSean Jackson and his quest on receiving a new deal:

"Yeah, I think he just wants to concentrate on football, he doesn't want to be disrupted by any, I guess, questions on contracts or anything else. He's focused in and he's in a good place. You saw him out here today, he had one play here where you felt he read the thing the wrong way and he was very angry at himself, so he's ripping and ready to go. He did a great job on his conditioning test. He's in phenomenal shape, so I think he just wants to focus on football. He loves to play, and I think that's where he's at right now, and he's all business right now. And that's a good thing."

On Jackson still being on special teams one punt returner:

"Right now, yes."

On Max Jean-Gilles' surgery and weight being down:

"He looks like he's ready to pose for Esquire. He's looking good. He looks good and that will help Max. Max is a good football player, and I know about weight problems, so he'll be more effective, even more than what he was before. I think from a life standpoint, it'll help."

On the young players playing a bigger role this year:

"I think we have a stable of them that we can look at them, and how many actually work in the plan, we'll see over the next couple of weeks here, how many work into the rotation. I know we have a number of them. It's just a matter of getting out here and playing now."

On what he observes for D-linemen since they can't touch the QB in training camp:

"You're right, the quarterback's dead in training camp, but then you have the preseason game, so you have that end of the evaluation process, but you can tell if a guy can defeat the player over him and would have an opportunity at least to make the sack and most of these defensive linemen, once they get to that position they're pretty good at that, so it's just a matter of beating that offensive lineman."

On first full contact practice tomorrorw and find answer then:

"Listen, I don't think they'll all be answered tomorrow. That's not realistic, but I think that that situation, day after day, will tell you something. I'm always curious to see when they get into that third and fourth day of camp, and you're tired mentally and physically, and how you respond then."

On when players become noticeable to him in camp:

"They're all different. There are some guys that aren't very functional their first year and they come back their second year and do well, so they're all different. You can't pick one spot. Some guys do better in games than they do in practice, and some guys do better in practice than in games and you have to go through it and evaluate each guy individually. And we do that. We evaluate every play and keep it open with the players, they can know where they stand every day."

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