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Vick Close To Being Released?

Eagles Deny Vick Being Released

By Lance Epstein

According to the Associated Press report, a source inside the Philadelphia Eagles organization says that the club is strongly considering releasing backup quarterback Michael Vick.

In the AP report, the inside source stated that the Eagles would cut Vick regardless of the outcome of the investigation and whatever conclusion that the Virginia Beach police uncover about Vick’s involvement in the shooting that occurred outside Vick's 30th birthday party at Club Guadalajara.

While the police have not named Vick a suspect, he has not been ruled out as a "person of interest" either.

Still the Eagles said they would not comment on the situation until they gather their own facts and evidence so they can make an educated decision on Vick’s murky future. Additionally, head coach Andy Reid on Thursday [while on a USO tour in Afghanistan] said that the team has yet to make a decision either way on the troubled quarterback.

Since the AP article was released, the Eagles franchise was forced to issue a statement denying that the club was or is close to cutting ties with Vick.

"Under normal circumstances, we would not issue a public statement regarding a matter still under investigation," the Eagles statement said. "However, due to the intense speculation that exists, we believe it is important to make a statement this afternoon regarding Michael Vick.

"Following the incident that occurred in Virginia on the morning of June 25, Michael and his representatives promptly contacted law enforcement agencies, the Philadelphia Eagles and the National Football League. The Eagles were provided with very detailed information during that discussion as to what took place at the event. Those details have not changed in any way over the course of the last week. Our investigation to this point has confirmed and has been consistent with the information that was originally communicated to us.

"Furthermore, any report or speculation that suggests the Eagles are considering releasing Vick are not true. We will continue to gather information and monitor the situation and we will not have any further comment until that process is complete."

Even with the Eagles releasing this statement supporting Vick, it is extremely hard to believe the Eagles are going to put all eggs in the basket of a guy that cannot stay out of trouble.

His role as the backup quarterback is too important to the team’s success; they simply cannot afford to hope that Vick stays out of trouble. Especially with Kevin Kolb never playing a full 16-game slate and certainly going to have growing pains this year.

The Eagles might be better off with veteran and former Eagle Jeff Garcia backing him up. Garcia has strived with the Birds and in the west coast offense, but his overall experience in the NFL and his knowledge could help Kolb when he encounters tough times in his first season as the starting quarterback.

Furthermore, Vick has lost all trade value. The Eagles might have planned on trading Vick during training camp when a injury occurs to another team’s starter or if another team's starter struggles, but that is now out the window. Teams do not want the most important position [quarterback] on the field to be in the hands of a guy that makes poor decisions and shows a lack of good judgment.

All in all, the Eagles usually try to hide their intentions and be tight-lipped about any and every situation. However, it is become more obvious with each passing day and with more information being released as well that Vick's days in midnight green are most likely numbered.

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