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Vick A Possible Person Of Interest Now?

Vick Story Takes Another Strange Twist: Might Be Suspect

By Lance Epstein

Every day, minute and hour, the story seems to change on Eagles quarterback Michael Vick's involvement in a shooting that took place outside his 30th birthday party.

In the soap opera, "The Days of Our Vicks," a new juicy twist has developed as Virginia Beach police and spokesman Adam Bernstein have changed their stance on Vick.

"Right now, we don't really have a title for him," Bernstein said.

When news of the shooting was first reported last Friday, Vick was “not a person of interest” in the case. Since that day, Vick, his attorney Larry Woodward and former teammate Roddy White have being caught in a lie about what time he actually departed his birthday bash due to Club Guadalajara's video surveillance. Furthermore, more evidence has surfaced and eyewitnesses’ accounts have altered their stance.

In addition, facts have shown Quanis Phillips, a co-defendant in Vick's dog fighting scandal, was inside the club and was later removed for causing a disturbance. It is still unknown if he was invited to the party or managed to sneak his way through the door. However, Phillips received his invite and RSVP’d before hand than Vick is in violation of his probation by hanging out with ex-cons.

Nevertheless, the Virginia Beach police will not classify Vick as a person of interest or even a witness just yet, but it is starting to look like they are headed in that direction.

"We didn't know anything," Bernstein said when referring to when the incident was first reported. "Since then, we have viewed this video. And more people have come forward, giving information."

While the police do not know how to exactly classify or what title to give Vick in this investigation, the Eagles are probably feeling the same way about him with their organization. What title can they give a man that is on probation and has his federal probation officer in Norfolk (VA.) examining his part in the shooting.

And it is not just his probation officer investigating him; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is also paying very VERY close attention to the situation. Even if Vick's probation officer finds him to be off the hook, Goodell might not and could punish him for violations of the player conduct code.

Before reinstating Vick into the NFL, Goodell stated to Vick that he was going to be under the microscope. Lying to the police about leaving the scene of the shooting way before the incident occurred, being in a location where things could go wrong and putting the NFL in a bad light could lead to an indefinite suspension.

Yes, that is a harsh punishment for Vick since he might not have had anything to do with the shooting when all is said and done. However, Vick had the knowledge that the entire world was watching his every step. Vick could not afford the slightest mistake or slip up. Instead of using that valuable information and keeping a low profile, he put himself into a bad situation.

So what do the Eagles ultimately do? Should they rely on him and call them their backup and "Wildcat" quarterback? Do Andy Reid and general manager Howie Roseman assume he is no longer flying with the Eagles and call him a free agent? Can the franchise just walk away from the Vick saga behind and pick up a veteran quarterback to replace Vick? Is it really that easy?

Even if Vick manages to escape punishment by the NFL and the United States government, the Vick experiment should be over in Philadelphia. It is not because of a lack of talent. It is because the Eagles franchise cannot trust that Vick. He is not dependable and they cannot monitor him 24 hours a day.

More importantly, they cannot afford to put all their eggs in Vick's basket and allow him to be Kevin Kolb's backup. Currently he is the only quarterback on the roster besides Kolb with NFL experience. If Kolb happens to struggle or get injured, the Eagles would be forced to rely on a guy that was given a second chance in life and the NFL, but risked it all for a birthday bash at a nightclub.

A Craigslist description of that the Eagles need out of a backup quarterback would say reliable, dependable, knows a west coast offense, makes smart decisions and is intelligent. Each day it seems that former Eagle Jeff Garcia is closer to filling that description and receiving the title Eagles No. 2 quarterback.


  1. I don't know what to think about Vick other than his time as an Eagle has to be about done. I think we are all jumping on the Garcia bandwagon a little to quickly, I wonder if there is a young QB darkhorse we should be considering instead that would put the pressure on Kolb to perform.

  2. Why don't you post the rest of the Police statement that shows they won't name him anything because they are sick of the media bugging them to do so and nothing has changed?
    stop playing word games and trying to make a story out of nothing

    Media you keep reporting on the potential probation violation. I know you're a social outcast, but being in the same public place is not "associating."
    Anyway, you will soon see that you're not powerful enough to push Vick back into prison, I know you believe you are - you aren't.

    I haven't gone by anything Vick has said. /boggle I worked with common sense, reality, logic, and what physical evidence has shown. anyway /boggle as the Media does, stop trying to spin things to fit your conclusions.
    At first you said was he within 3 or 6 feet of the felon and now it’s he lied to Goodell about 6 minutes. Gone is gone.
    You weak @$$ HATERS GOT EGG IN YOUR FACE!!!! You weak @$$ HATERS GOT EGG IN YOUR FACE !!!! You weak @$$ HATERS GOT EGG IN YOUR FACE!!!!

    A test for all of you haters and bigots. Leave your house and drive in any direction for 3 minutes. Then ask yourself "do I know what is happening at my house right now?" Now have one of your friends call you up and blame you for what happen when you left. What would be your response? Thought so. Case close end of story. Get off the man's back. Face the facts. He is a black man that served his time for nothing in the first place and........he still is making more money than you. Live with it!

    It's called media racism. Have you noticed you never ever ever hear anything bad about hockey players even though they beat the hell out of each other on the ice? They all go home and just eat cookies and drink milk according to the media.

  3. I don't cover hockey so i wouldn't know about them beating other people up. If another player on the eagles were arrested and being investigated for the same thing I would be doing the same story. If kevin kolb happened to go out and have a shooting happen at his birthday party that he left 3 minutes before it happened then I would write about it.

    Also it is not bigotry when the GUY LIED TO POLICE ABOUT WHEN HE LEFT. ADDITIONALLY THE POLICE ARE NOW THINKING HE MIGHT BE A SUSPECT BASED ON OTHER WITNESSES AND EVIDENCE. Sorry it is not racism when the police start putting facts together that starts to lead in the direction that he had something to do with the shooting.

    Honestly, stop playing the race card. it has nothing to do with race. It has to do with a Eagles organization that cannot afford to have a person that lies, cannot be trusted and THEY CANNOT COUNT ON HIM ESPECIALLY IN A KEY POSITION LIKE BACKUP QB. Get it through your head this is not blasting Vick cause he is black. It is blasting him because he was not supposed to be at a nightclub partying after he promised to keep a low profile. He has shown poor judgment, if you want to be naive and over look everyone that is you. No one is singling him out due to race in this situation.

    Obviously, you do not get it, he does not respect authority. He lied to Goodell straight to his face the first time, the federal government and this time he did it to the police. Do you really not see that? Honestly, if he was white, asian, hispanic and did this I would be writing the same.

    The problem is NOT THAT HE LEFT 3 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOOTING. No one cares about that fact, but the fact he put himself in a position to have that happen. If he was celebrating his birthday then fine, but do not make it a spectacle where something like this could happen. Nightclub things get out of hand; not smart to do that. Vick was on a short leash to begin with, this makes him look like he has not change and VIOLATES THE PLAYER CONDUCT CODE OF THE NFL REGARDLESS OF HIS RACE. That is why he should not be a eagle because he is probably going to be suspended and therefore cannot be counted on.

  4. I would agree that this really doesn't have anything to do with race, I know plenty of people that think Ben Roethlisberger is worse scum than Vick and I would agree. Get used to the fact that people judge you on your actions! Vick has to me always seemed like a somewhat decent guy who had a poor choice of hobby and his major problem is that he lied to everyone after it was found out. The 3 minutes thing is a very relevant problem and the fact he was there is a very relevant problem for him. Clearly you have never been involved in anything bad happening in your life which is great for you but often times people have other people help them do their dirty work or important people are notified to stay clear, Vick can still easily be an accomplice to this and that is what people are scared of. It doesn't take a big jump of imagination that someone who tortured dogs can order and or be a part of a shooting. As for the three minutes if a Mafia boss left the scene of a shooting three minutes before it happened I am pretty sure you could agree that looks fairly suspicious. I guess my point is you don't know jack and I don't know jack but at the least it doesn't look good and that isn't because of any media distortion.