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Aikman And Kolb Best Of Friends?

Aikman Lending Hand To Kolb

By Lance Epstein

Normally Eagles fans will hate any player or former player that wore the Dallas Cowboys uniform. According to ESPN.com's Matt Mosley that could all change since former Cowboy QB and Hall of Famer Troy Aikman has befriended new Eagles starting quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Mosley reported that the two met a couple of years ago before a televised Eagles game on Fox. Aikman and Kolb exchanged cell phone numbers so that Kolb could pick Aikman’s brain about the quarterback position and if he needed any advice.

Time and time again, Kolb claimed did not pay attention to the NFL (does admit to being a Cowboys fan) even though was born and raised in Texas during Aikman’s dynasty. One reason is that his father (also his football coach) had him on the practice field on Sundays. However, he still managed to find time and film to watch Aikman sling the ball around to his favorite wide receiver in Michael Irvin and Alvin Harper.

"I was just watching some film of him a few days ago," Kolb told Mosely in an interview. "His timing and accuracy was amazing. I just sat there in awe of how the ball always arrived on time. I know he's in the Hall of Fame, but quite honestly, I don't think he gets enough credit for how good he was."

In addition Mosley revealed that Aikman sent Kolb a text to wish him good luck as the Eagles started training camp. Of course Eagles and Cowboys fans will be sick to their stomach to hear the news especially for Cowboys fans that will have to see Kolb for the next decade. They do not wish to give any secrets to Kolb on how to be successful in the NFL.

Nevertheless, Aikman is not the only great quarterback that has provided some of their wisdom to Kolb this offseason as he takes over for the departed Donovan McNabb. Kolb sent texts to Super Bowl champion and former Texas high school star Drew Brees. More importantly, he talked with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers: a quarterback who has experienced a similar situation to Kolb as he replaced an eventual Hall of Famer in Brett Favre and has excelled.

Eagles fans may think Aikman is out there to sabotage their young quarterback due to his loyalty is to former owner Jerry Jones (joking), but Kolb relationship with Aikman could be beneficial to the Eagles this season and in the future. In a league where the quarterback position means more to a team's success than anything, it is vital for Kolb to play like a seasoned veteran right off the bat.

With the insight provided to Kolb from these All-Pros, he might be able to flourish sooner rather than later. Certainly, Kolb can only absorb so much from the greatness of others. He still needs to develop his own style and personality on the football field, but it can only improve his game to hear from three Pro Bowl quarterbacks.

Moreover, if Kolb can apply the teachings that Aikman has provided him over the past couple of years and this offseason, then he could make the Cowboys pay for it over the next decade. For Eagles fans, they would like nothing better than turning America's team against their idol Aikman.


  1. Actually, I like when Aikman is the colorman on Eagles' games. I think he always speaks well of the Eagles believe it or not during the game.

  2. Aikman has gotten considerably better as a colorman over the years. I don't think he ever had to big of problem with the Eagles, I remember playing the Packers though and thought the guy must have a personal crusade against Brett Favre though that I thought was a little extreme.