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Defensive Players Talk About The D

Defensive Players Quotes

By Lance Epstein

Everyone in Philadelphia will focus on the negative, which was the offense from this game. However, the Eagles starting defense did some nice things out there today. Dimitri Patterson made an interception and was involved in the other Eagles turnover. Stewart Bradley rang Chad OchoCinco’s clock.

Furthermore, rookie Brandon Graham registered his first sack of his brief NFL career. While there were not a lot of positives on the offensive side of the ball, the defense held the high-powered Bengals offense to just seven first half points.

Here are some quotes from the defense:

CB Dimitri Patterson Quotes:

On the two turnovers he was involved against the Bengals:

“The first one was just a pattern read. They tried to high-low me, so I tried to bait them in to think that I was going to sit high and not just sit low. He just threw the ball and anticipated tat Chad (OchoCinco) was going to break a route and it went right to me. So it was kind of a gift to be honest.”

On the second turnover:

“It was a side adjustment. We were blitzing and he seen that we were coming from that side so I saw him pointing to Chad to be ready and the ball was coming your way. Like you’re the hot side. So I just sat on it and tried to give a punishing blow.”

On the bend but do not break mentality of the defense:

“That’s football you know. You got downs, you are going to get bad field position. I mean at the end of the day you cannot be considered with what you cannot control. You can only control what is on the field. When you are on the field you have to have a dominant mindset. If you get the ball on the minus one, it is what it is. If they get the ball in the plus territory and they don’t get in the end zone that is the mentality. That is the mindset you have to have regardless of the situation. Nothing is going to be smooth. It’s never going to be a smooth process. It is football and at the highest level so there are going to be some tough situations and good teams perceiver.”

On playing with the first team defense and proving himself:

“My mindset is when I go out there in the first quarter or the fourth quarter I just want to put good stuff on the film. That’s the bottom line at the end of the day. Ya you know you get opportunities to go against named guys like T.O. and Chad and those guys and you want to show that you can play with those guys. Not only play, but dominate. That is my mindset and whenever I get the chance to get on film period, whether it is the first, fourth or overtime, it doesn’t matter. I am just trying to put something good on film that is the mindset.”

On his thoughts on his performance:

“I still got to go look at the film. You never really play as good as you think and you never really play as bad as you think. When I go look at the film that will confirm how I played tonight."

LB Ernie Sims Quotes:

On his impression of the first team defense against the Bengals:

“I think we played pretty solid. I think we left some plays out there where we were exposed and we need to get better on. For the most part I think we did good, but there is still more to come.”

On the two turnovers:

“Yeah we definitely did good on getting turnovers. We made big plays and that is what it was all about. We still need more. We left some big plays out there and once we get those we will start establishing ourselves.”

On the tough Bengals offense:

“ On that first series, they came out with that boot and the misdirection. On the running game they gave us a lot of misdirections. We really didn’t game plan this game so next time we will be game planning.

On playing more than six plays unlike last game:

“It felt real good. I was really eager to hit somebody and talk trash. It was really fun to play against T.O. and Ocho. Just being on the field having fun.

On the LB corps progressing:

“Its comings along pretty good. We are making plays left and right. But it isn’t just on the linebackers, it is D-linemen. The D-linemen made some great plays. The DBs are making a lot of interceptions and turnovers. As a complete defense I think we are making a lot of plays.”

On tweaking the defense next week and improving on this week:

“Just making plays. Don’t give up the big plays. Those are things we have to eliminate.”

Rookie DE Brandon Graham Quotes:

On getting his first NFL sack:

“ It felt good to break the ice and do it. I am just happy that I got better this game.”

On this tackle for a loss:

“It was a called slant. The linemen did a movement so we knew that by watching film. So we slanted and I saw the opening and took it.”

On playing with the ones and being part of the base unit on third downs:

“It felt good. I was kind of winded out there because I got more plays then I have had. You just want to make sure you are in good shape, but the emotions came today. So you can never really do nothing, but hope to get better with every week.”

On working the inside as a rusher:

“It felt good because you get a lot of one-on-ones in there and most of the time on the run you get double-teamed. I feel like I hold up well in there just because of my leverage and most of the time that's where the plays are headed anyway, so I like that."

On approaching rushing up the middle compared to the middle:

“You just gotta just focus on one man. If you are over the center, that is who you got to beat. Most of the time they come down hard on you. That is how they get you. They suck you in and one time I got sucked in by both. And I could not move because both of them had me by each side. It is like you want to defeat one block and work on the other one when it comes.”

On the first team defense’s performance:

“I think we did good. It was a close game and it was good both ways. We did not do anything, we didn’t do anything but get better today. One more step toward for the first game.”

On not winning in Ohio again (Michigan never won while he played there):

“It felt good. Even though we lost out there you felt good that you got better and could’ve done more if we played longer.”

MLB Stewart Bradley’s quotes:

On his impressions on the first-team defense:

“We left room for improvement. That was a good offense we played out there. A lot of weapons, good offensive line, good quarterback. SO it was a good challenge for us for sure.”

On the bend, but don’t break mentality:

“ I do not think that is really our mentality going into the game. They are going to make plays; they are good players over there. We just need to be resilient and bow up. I wish we could take that touchdown back, but we are going to look at film and see we did some good stuff out there.”

On how fun it was to play an entire half after missing last year:

“It was nice. Last week was such a tease, only just six plays. To get out there and kind of get in the swing of the game. I mean I still wish we could play the whole game, but that is the nature of the preseason and works out that we get to play a little more next week and get onto the regular season. ”

On not game planning and playing a vanilla defense:

“I mean the preparation is definitely different. First of all, if we were playing a regular season game we would have four preseason games to break down film. It is tough when you have only one preseason game. They actually had two, but both teams that faced them were 3-4 defenses so it is really hard to see what they are going to do against us. It is still that training camp mentality where you are trying to prepare yourself and focusing on getting everything install so you are taking care of you base defense and stuff before game planning for the preseason.

On giving up a lot of yards, but only giving up seven points:

“ It is the preseason. It is almost like you are trying to win the game, but you are also trying to improve and take a step forward into becoming the defense you want to be game one, for the opener.”

On playing more:

“ There is definitely stuff to work on. We saw some funky stuff, different scheme than we are used to in training camp. A lot of those zone back plays and split zones. Stuff that we really don’t run, so we don’t see it in training camp. So it was good for us to see that.”

On the hit he delivered on WR Chad OchoCinco:

“We had a blitz and I started dropping. I checked the slant and I was surprised they were running the slant so I just got over there and tried to hit him.”

On whether he expects to here from the league about a fine:

“I hope not. It’s tough when you look at the play I am so low to the ground by the time of contact. He is shrinking down, shorter and shorter, so it was really an unavoidable collision. I mean if he ran the route like he should’ve I would have hit him in the chest.”

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