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Preseason Game: Jacksonville @ Philadelphia 1st Half Gameday Thread

Eagles Continuing Thread:
By Lance Epstein

First quarter:

**On the first drive Kevin Kolb lead the Eagles to a field after hitting WR DeSean Jackson for 21 yards. Later in the drive, Kolb connected with Jeremy Maclin on a 29 yard reception. Eventually the drive ended in a field goal, but Kolb did a nice job releasing the ball. He also showed the ability to avoid pressure by running away.

**The defense forced Jacksonville on a three-and-out. The front four knocked down the ball and then cornerbacks Ellis Hobbs and Asante Samuel wrapped up the Jaguars receivers after short passes. The defense looked like they were gelling and with a ton of confidence. Good to see Samuel making a tackle and Hobbs was in great position as well.

**The Second series for the Eagles offense saw Kolb on a 3rd and 8run to his left and hit TE Brent Celek over the middle of the field for a first down. Once the Eagles picked up the first, Kolb hit Jackson's again for 26 yards. Again the Eagles struggled in the red zone and settled for a field goal to make the score 6-0. However, RB LeSean McCoy picked up the blitzes well and broke off a nice 8 yard run. He seems to be finding his holes and making defenders miss.

** The defense is flying all over the field. On first down, Maurice Jones-Drew lost two yards in large part to the defensive tackles penetrating and MLB Stewart Bradley. On the next play Jaguars QB Garrard hit a receiver who was wrapped up by Ellis Hobbs and FS Nate Allen. Finally on third down CB Asante Samuel forced WR Mike Sims-Walker to drop the ball. Additionally, Trent Cole and Brandon Graham got a lot of pressure on Garrard. The Eagles defense is clicking right now and the speed is clearly giving the Jaguars problems.

** Kevin Kolb is in for a difficult task. Starting at the own 2 yard-line. The Eagles ran the ball for a minimal gain on first down, which was followed by a 4-yard reception by Jason Avant. The play of the drive was Kolb's quick release of the ball to Maclin, who drew a pass interference, which moved the ball out to the 18. Under McNabb, Maclin might not get that call since McNabb would hold onto the ball or be inaccurate with the throw.

** After the pass interference, there was back-to-back running plays for McCoy to pick up the first down. On 1st and 10, Andy Reid reached into his bag of tricks and called a end-around to Jackson, who juked his way to a 17 yard pick-up and a first down.

** Kolb had a nice debut. He was 6-11, 95 yards and lead three impressive drives. He still needs to improve on his red zone efficiency. The Eagles cannot rely on FGs.

Second Quarter:

** Michael Vick replaced Kolb and the offense did not miss a beat. Vick hit rookie WR Riley Cooper for a 46 yard reception to get the Eagles into the red zone. On first down, the Eagle were penalized. However, Vick used his legs to get the Eagles inside the 10 yard-line, but on third down he fumbled the ball. The Jags returned it to just around the 42 yard-line.

** Jacksonville still has their starters on offense out there for the start of the second quarter. After a first down by the Jaguars, the Eagles defense stepped up. On a 4th and 3, rookie safety Kurt Coleman had a huge hit to break up a pass and the Eagles took the ball over at the 35 yard-line. Coleman has been on tackles and has been cracking running backs and wide receivers.

** The second unit offense has come in. After a short pickup by Eldra Buckley, Vick hit Jordan Norwood to pick up the first down. Nice route by Norwood to get open downfield.

** Buckley is just a hard-nosed runner. He does not avoid contact and lowers his shoulder. Vick just missed a huge pick up to WR Kelly Washington, but Buckley picks up 5 to make it 3rd and 5. After Cooper picked up a first down with a defender draped all over him (a penalty called), Buckley takes a swing pass for 15 yards to just outside the red zone.

**It has become the Buckley show, after a nice 15 yard gain, he was hit over the middle for a gain of eight. Unfortunately, he left the field with a injury, but he is making a case to be the team's No. 3 back.

** The Eagles again settle for a field goal as Vick threw the ball into the ground on second down and third down RB Martell Mallett lost a yard. David Akers is 3-for-3 tonight. 9-0 Eagles.

** The offensive line, which is basically a makeshift offensive line has held up well. They have given both Vick and Kolb a ton of time to throw. Also they have opened up running lanes as well. Good news, bad news situation. Good news they are playing well, but bad it is just the preseason.

** Moise Fokou makes a great play and wraps up the running back on a one-on-one in the open field for a small gain.

** After the Fokou's great play, CB Joselio Hanson was burned badly on play action and a double-move by Troy Williamson for a 73-yard touchdown. This is not good news for Hanson, who was bad at the end of last year. With Dimitri Patterson and Trevard Lindley having good camps, he could see his playing time decrease if he continues to get burned. Not only did he get burned, he committed a illegal contact penalty. 9-7 Eagles.

** Chad Hall with a couple of moves to get the Eagles out to the 32 yard-line. iF hall can break one, he has a chance to make the team via special teams.

** On second down, Vick had a nice play action bootleg and threw a perfect pass to Cooper who was wide open with room to run over the middle for the field but Cooper dropped the ball. It did not discourage Vick, the next play was a bootleg to the short-side of the field and he ran for the first down.

** On 1st and 15, Buckley breaks a couple of tackles for 7 yards. Another great play by Vick as he looked down field to Kelley Washington, who drew a pass inference. The penalty put teh Eagles in the red zone at the 13 yard-line.

** Touchdown Vick. Vick rolls out to the left side of the field for a 10-yard scamper and the touchdown to give the Eagles the 16-7 lead. On that play undrafted rookie tackle Austin Howard sealed his defender and pancaked him to the ground so Vick would go in untouched for the TD. Howard has been impressive so far tonight as he has manhandled defenders tonight and opened some nice running lanes.

** Special teams has been great tonight. No big returns and no scares. Bobby April has them playing their "A" game. The Jags start at the 20 yard-line for the second straight possession.

** QB Luke McCown hits Williamson again for a 28-yard reception at the 2-minute warning. Again Hanson supposed to be on him, but was lost in no man's land. McCown finds Miller over the middle, but excellent pass coverage by LB Tracy White. just over his finger tips. A 16-yard gain.

** After a penalty, McCown hits WR John Mathews for a 30-yard touchdown. Both Coleman and Patterson were beat in the middle of the field. Coleman should have been there to help Patterson, but Patterson just gave up on the wide receiver. Despite the touchdown, Coleman has played well. He is a rookie and that looked like a rookie mistake.

** Vick at it again. The pressure was there and he uses his legs to get up field for the 20-yard game. This looks like vintage Vick right now.

** As soon as I say that Vick throws a interception, his second turnover tonight. Michael Coe with the pick and returns it to the 25. Good news, Howard pancaked his defender into the ground once again. He is looking nasty on the field, could be a steal for the Eagles.

** Eagles defense steps up again. LB Omar Gaither deflects a pass and Lindley makes a open space tackle to keep the Jaguars from picking up a first down.

** Rookie DT Jeff Owens gets called for a hands to the face penalty and allows the Jaguars to kick a field goal to take the lead 17-16. If he does not commit the penalty, the clock runs out. Bad penalty for the Eagles.

** Halftime Jags 17-16. However, the first string defense and offense dominated this game. Also, Howard is having a spectacular game. He is destroying defenders and might be a lock to be the top backup to Jason Peters.

**The Eagles are rushing the ball very well. THey have out gained the Jaguars by a 123 yards (125-2). While most have come from Vick, McCoy and Buckley have been hitting holes hard and making defenders either bounce off or miss them.

Well be back after the game... enjoy the second half

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