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Reid Gives Herremans, Maclin the Green Light, Jackson Stuck At Yellow And More

Reid Says Herrremans To Play Against Chiefs, Maclin Practicing And More

By Lance Epstein

Back on the practice field and running routes today was WR Jeremy Maclin, who left the Eagles/Bengals preseason game early with a shoulder contusion. Maclin was knocked out of the game after Bengals CB Jonathan Joseph delivered a blow to the young receiver’s shoulder. An x-ray revealed no structural damage or a broken bone. Nevertheless, Maclin made it through practice this morning and looked like the shoulder was not bothering him that much.

However, that was not the biggest news to come out of head coach Andy Reid’s press conference today. Reid confirmed that starting left guard Todd Herremans was “full go” for the game at the Chiefs this Friday.

Herremans has missed most of training camp and was placed on the PUP list due to a sore foot. The same foot that required surgery last year during training camp. For Herremans, he believes that his mere presence will help the struggling interior offensive line (actually manhandled against the Bengals).

"Bringing experience on the field, a little bit of leadership, and just an attitude,” he said.

Nevertheless, Herremans was not the only offensive lineman that Reid discussed during his Sunday afternoon press conference. He also touched on center Jamaal Jackson and when he would be ready to play. Additionally, he talked about the retirement of former Eagle (LT) Tra Thomas, Nick Cole and Stacy Andrews.

Here are Reid’s press conference quotes:

Injury report:

"Those guys that did not practice today were (DE) Victor Abiamiri, (G/C) Nick Cole, (CB) David Pender and (C) A.Q. Shipley, who was hurt in the game with a knee contusion. Everybody else was out there and played."

Opening comments:

"I had a chance to look at the film. Obviously we saw some good things and we saw some things we need to work on. I thought the ones, particularly on the defensive side, did a very nice job. Always room to improve, but they played very emotional, aggressive football. Had some turnovers in there against what I consider a pretty good offense there. Offensively we've got a couple things we need to work on and we started that today. We will get better. The things I mentioned to you before were turnovers, penalties and then just overall execution on all phases of the game; special teams, offense and defense. As coaches, we can do a better job and the players know they can do a better job, too."

On Nick Cole's knee getting any better:

"Nick's a tough guy and I know that. Nick will go out there and push himself through, really, anything. That's just the way he's wired. This is me backing off of him. To make sure we keep the swelling out of that knee, that he continues to just rehab it and get that area strong around the knee and then we'll go from there. Until I feel that, myself and (head athletic trainer) Rick Burkholder, feel that that's where it needs to be, I'm just going to hold back. I know what Nick can do. He got enough work in there. He's in good shape and all that. He lost some weight and he's in very good shape. That's not what I'm worried about. I just want to make sure we're smart with that knee."

On Cole receiving an MRI on his swollen knee and what it revealed:

"Yeah, they looked at it and have done everything that the doctors needed to do with it. Now it's just a matter of letting him relax here for a little bit."

On C Jamaal Jackson performance in practice today:

"He did some good things. Again, it was a 10-10-10, but he was able to get out there and move around. We wanted to do some contact, as much as you can do with shells on."

On the next step in his recovery and return to the field:

"Just add some contact to it; some restriction to it. It's not like (LG) Todd Herremans. Todd, right now, is full go, where Jamaal we're just kind of treating him as contacts, very slowly and ease him into it."

On Jackson practicing means he will play next week:

"He won't be able to play this week. He only did parts of it. He won't play in this game."

On Jackson playing in the preseason finale against the New York Jets:

"Well, we'll see. We'll just see how he progresses here and where we're at."

On getting Jackson some reps during live games before the start of the regular season:

"Well, I think he'll tell you the same. If possible, he'd like to do that. The most important thing is that he's comfortable with his knee and that it's strong and that we feel like he can keep himself out of trouble and function and do the things he needs to be able to do to play in the game."

On needing to see Jackson in a game situation to tell if he is ready for week one:

"No, not necessarily. We'll just see and we'll play it by ear and see how it all works out."

On the knee being good to-go structurally and Jackson’s state of mind:

"Structurally the knee is fine. I'm not going to tell you it's psychological. Structurally the knee is fine and I think it's important that you just ease him back into the contact part."

On Herremans playing in Friday's preseason game:

"Todd will play in this game."

On Stacy Andrews' apparent knee injury:

"Nope. He's fine."

On Andrews playing well enough to be a starter on opening day:

"I think he needs to keep getting better every day, like he's doing. And if he continues to do that, then that's a good thing."

On the improvement in Andrews game this season compared to last year:

"He's getting better. He is understanding the scheme better and he's working hard. He's getting better every day."

On the interior offensive line being outplayed by the Bengals on Friday:

"I think, collectively, we can all do better. That's what I think. So that game wasn't about the offensive line. It was about everybody doing a little bit better on the offensive side. That's me and the coaches included."

On QB Kevin Kolb's facing relentless pressure all night versus the Bengals:

"He's okay with that. A couple of times he was just buying time. He had protection in there and he was just drifting toward the side of the receiver that he wanted to utilize. Maybe there was pressure on a couple of the other ones, but normally he just was buying time. I thought he threw the ball on the run very well. He was very accurate. That throw to (WR) DeSean Jackson was a beautiful thing right there and he had a couple other ones. The touchdown that got called back that was to (WR) Jason Avant, that was a nice play."

On the numerous amounts of illegal formation penalties called on the offensive line:

"During the preseason I have to call things very close. They pick a problem area and so this one happened to be the depth of the tackle. And this has been going on for the last couple of preseasons. They got their point across, the officials did, and then (T) Jason Peters talked to you about it. He didn't make any excuses and that's how he is, so he knows. During the preseason they're going to get you on a certain part of the game and that was it for this game."

On officials talking to the club before the game kicks off:

"Yeah, they warn you."

On evaluating the red zone during the preseason:

"I'm going to tell you this. If you execute properly, then you're probably going to get the touchdown. So, it's a little bit of a chicken and the egg, here. Everything's faster and quicker down there and we spend a lot of time during the season on the red zone practicing it against whatever team we're playing. I can't tell you we do that during the preseason. I'm not making excuses or anything, but that's not what we do. The thing that we have to do is we have to be better down there and a little more precise and accurate. I'm not talking about all positions when I say accuracy, there. I'm talking about blocking, throwing, catching, running routes."

On being more balanced during the preseason to not reveal anything:

"Yeah, you know to go to your base stuff. That's what you do and then try to work through you're progressions and do that."

On WR Jeremy Maclin practicing today:

"Maclin went today."

On RB Mike Bell's status:

"Mike Bell practiced today."

On the importance of seeing Bell play before the start of the season:

"He should be able to play this week unless there's a setback, and I would tell you the same thing with Todd. Unless there's a setback those guys are going to play this week."

On backup QB Michael Vick regressing somewhat in the West Coast Offense:

"No. Michael will be fine. He's done this for a lot of years and again, he will be the first one to tell you he goofed on a couple of those plays. He rushed it instead of just being patient, and reading the keys that he normally reads. He's normally very accurate with that kind of stuff. So, he'll do better the next time he gets in there."

On LB Ernie Sims good performance against the Bengals even though he recorded no tackles:

"I thought he played a heck of a game. I saw the same thing when I went through and looked at the stats afterwards. He is a tempo-setter and he's always right around the ball. There were a lot of times where (LB) Stewart Bradley was running free because Ernie absorbed either a lineman, or a fullback, or a tight end. He's a physical guy."

On S Nate Allen getting run over by RB Cedric Benson and his overall performance:

"You saw some great hits that he had in there. He learned a good lesson, right there, and it happens. It happens to the best of them. He got caught behind the pile and all of a sudden he didn't know if the back was going left or right. The back goes right and he has to stick his head out there to look and then it was a train wreck. So, he knows you have to feel the leverage that your linebackers have and that the blockers have and then you just have to sell out to that position. It was a good lesson learned. I was proud of him because he came right back and made some plays after that that were some physical, physical plays. That's a great lesson to learn. He's a smart kid. He'll learn from that and be better for it."

On the first team nickel defense working out the kinks:

"The thing (Defensive Coordinator) Sean McDermott feels comfortable in is that he has a bunch of different combinations that he's using. So, you saw (DE Daniel) Te'o-Nesheim make a nice move on the first one and get penetration right in the quarterback's face and threw the quarterback off. Then they came back and they doubled Te'o. And then, that allowed (DT) Trevor Laws some movement in there and room to work and then he came back and he put (DE) Brandon Graham in there and Brandon made and nice move and they doubled him the next time. So, he has some good combinations that he's rolling in there. The main thing is that you can get penetration on the quarterback and pressure on the quarterback, that's what that group was able to do."

On DE Darryl Tapp and his underachieving training camp:

"Darryl got in there too. He was able to get pressure too. He's part of this combination of players. (DE) Juqua Parker had nice pressure. They're all getting around the ball. I thought (DE) Trent Cole did a phenomenal job in that game. He was relentless and held all those combinations down."

On Graham's physical stature and ability to play at defensive tackle:

"Well, he's small, but if you stretch out his thighs and his gluts, he'd be about seven feet tall. So, he's very big in those areas, very powerful in the core. He plays with leverage and he always keeps his feet moving. A lot of guys will hit and they'll stall. He's hitting and his feet just go faster. He has good instincts with that."

On the Eagles needing to make a roster spot for a blocking tight end:

"Those are the things Howie (Roseman) and I are going through and evaluating. So, we're looking at all the positions, all those type of combinations that you have. Right now, I know (TE) Brent Celek can block and the other guys are learning. We keep our eyes open at all spots."

On former Eagle Tra Thomas’ retirement and his career with the Eagles:

"Jon Runyan and Tra, those are two of my favorite guys. Tra (Thomas), we saw him from being a big kid to growing up into this mature, All Pro football player, and person. He's a good guy. I think if he and Jon Runyan were President and Vice President, I think we would all vote for them."

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